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Wonder Woman To Get CW Television Series

The Amazonian warrior could get another chance at her very own television show, but will you want to watch it?

Remember when the folks at the CW premiered the first episode of ARROW to audiences at Comic-Con, and it was a success? Those who saw it had promising things to say about the upcoming new series revolving around DC comics' "Emerald Archer." And although the television series has not yet made its way to the small screen (the show premiere's October 10th) it looks as though it may have opened the door for the CW to explore other DC comics properties to bring them to the small screen. Namely, Wonder Woman. Yes, you read that right! The CW may very well be looking to bring Wonder Woman to the small screen.

Last year we saw a Wonder Woman pilot developed by David E. Kelly that was just a little too over the top for audiences. The NBC developed television show was shut down before most of us even had the chance to see the pilot, but what was wrong with it? Was it Kelly's vision for the character -- that mix of crime-fighting with a dash of corporate head honcho -- or was it Wonder Woman's character herself? Can she be adapted to the small screen, or is the concept of an Amazonian warrior who is likely as strong as the Man of Steel, unrelatable and too unbelievable for audiences to grasp? The CW doesn't seem to think so and neither does Warner Brothers. According to the latest report from VULTURE, Wonder Woman may very well be on her way to the small screen with a little help from Allan Heinberg, who has scripted Grey's Anatomy and The O.C. as well as YOUNG AVENGERS for Marvel comics.

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According to the source, Warner and the CW firmly have faith in Diana's origin story. They believe that a focus on the young Amazon warrior before the days when she met and fell in love with Steve Trevor or joined the Justice League, might make an interesting television show. The big difference here is that the CW wants to keep the bracelets, crown and Princess stuff out of the story. Question is, could this actually work? This is the part where we look to Smallville. The successful CW series that lasted a whopping ten seasons on the network is a great example of the CW taking a super powered character and grounding him, telling the story of Superman before he actually became Superman. We have a feeling that Warner and the CW might take the same recipe that worked for Superman and apply it to Wonder Woman. We like to think it can work, and having a guy like Allan Heinberg scripting (someone familiar with comics and comic characters) might not be a bad idea.

What do you think of all this? Do you think a show centered around the days before Wonder Woman became Wonder Woman could work? Is it something you can see yourself watching?


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Posted by Mega_spidey01

i'll watch it maybe?

Posted by iceman228433

One more thing to add I would pair this with Nikita as well a night of kick ass women.

Posted by druzod2501

HAHAHA Yeah right, it's not like this thing will ever see the light of day

Posted by thebluedragon07

All that is left to do is a new Batman live action series and a justice league series.

Posted by BlueLantern1995

I'll give it a shot if I can find it, but if I do watch I highly doubt I'll like it.

Posted by BatClaw89

smallvile sucked so will this

Posted by Savage_Hawkman

@BatClaw89 said:

smallvile sucked so will this

Why you dirty sonofa..... well you're partially right. It did suck for half of it's run.

Posted by Sovereign91001

@kapitein_zeppos said:

Cautiously optimistic mode ...


Posted by jinxuandi

It could work if done right. Let's see how Green Arrow's series works out first though.

Posted by Sidious

Just do a "Before the Bat" Batman show already. sheesh.

Posted by Jekylhyde14

All they need to do is keep in mind that Wonder Woman isn't the easiest character to work with even in comic books. The Golden Age Martson material worked really well and since then every run that has played up her connection to Greek mythology: Perez, Rucka, and now Azzarello have all made her work this way. From what I saw of the failed pilot, it was cheesy fight scenes with Wonder Woman fighting badly dressed steak heads. This is not a formula that would even fly in the comic books. If they played up the Greek myth material in a way that wasn't self conscious then they could make it work. I hope they do.

Posted by Thor's hammmer

Yes i would definitely want to watch it.

Posted by crazyflashfan11

She kinda looks like Jenifer Lawrence in this photo.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

Well hurry up already!

Posted by Jake Fury

I'd love for WW to be in a quality JLA move but I'd definitely settle for a decent tv show.

Posted by BradyDale

Wait, so a show about Wonder Woman on Paradise Island? Is that how it would work?

I'm all for a Wonder Woman show, but that's not very compelling.

And if she's not on Paradise Island, then how is it pre... Wonder Woman?

I dunno. Meh. I'd watch some. I'd rather see her hopping over cars and magic lassoing stuff, tho.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

I really want a modern Wonder Woman show, but I'm dubious that a W.W. show doing the "Smallville" formula is a good idea. At least, they won't get the same actress who was in the pilot that bombed.

Posted by straightedgejoe

"CW wants to keep the bracelets, crown and Princess stuff out of the story."

I'm Not Sure I Like The Sound Of That.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I hope they do it right this time

Posted by fred9101

It may work, but with a nice actress... Not the horrible thin woman in the pilot last year...

Posted by Vance Astro
@ReVamp said:

You have hope for Arrow?

No, I don't even like Green Arrow but I can't say it sucks until I watch it, right? I didn't like Aquaman before New 52 so maybe Arrow and Wonder Woman will change my mind about Superhero TV series. 
Posted by ltbrd

The pilot for the last attempt was absolutely horrible. There was nothing that worked in that concept. I know it was Wonder Woman but the entire thing felt more like a cross between Power Girl and Iron Man.

Also don't think Diana's origin is in any way a good idea for a Smallville-style show. It's too fantastic a concept and really a shallow one when you look at it objectively. The only real concept is Diana being naive to the workings of the outside world (which they didn't even touch on in the last pilot).

I know a lot of people are going to slap their foreheads in frustration about this.......but the only way I can see a Wonder Woman tv show working for modern audiences and capturing the same feel as Smallville (no matter what you thought about the show it did last for ten season and aided the popularity of these characters as much as recent movies did) is to use an adaptation of the Odyssey storyline but with her original, mystical birth. This way the Diana we encounter is a part of the human world without needing to force her into it, with the twist being she's naive to the mystical aspects as well as the interplay of the greek gods. So as she both learns to harness her many abilities she slowly learns about the world she was born into, why she was taken from Themyscira, and her journey to save her home and reclaim her birthright.

That I think needs to be the biggest difference between this show and Smallville. Smallville was too disjointed because the producers and writers never let go of their original concept (no flights, no tights) once the show became popular and audiences began to accept costumed superheroes in mainstream media. They didn't capitilize on the effect comic book movies had and so they kept the show from truly progressing in a logical manner. They can't make that same mistake with Wonder Woman. So the show needs to have a more natural progression of discovery and growth with a Diana that is trying to be more of a heroine and part of something larger, rather than hiding from the world like the Clark Kent of the Smallville universe.

If I had to put numbers on it I'd say 4 or 5 seasons is the amount of time writers and producers should be looking at to slowly building Diana's character to the full embrace of her mystical heritage and truly becoming Wonder Woman. After that, if the show is still popular, they can branch off into more single season based arcs and concept villains that detail the early years of her career in the larger world.

Now, the second big debate. By the time she's Wonder Woman should she wear the traditional outfit or something with pants and more "realistic"? Personally, for at least a tv show, I'm on the side of something with pants/more realistic than a bathing suit. I'm not saying use the 90's jacket look that the Odyssey storyline did for awhile, but something like this

and simply deleting the arm wraps and neck accessory would work much better for a tv show than her traditional look. I don't think she had boots in this look in the comics, so this with her usual boots. The darker colors would look better on the small screen, the top piece could have small shoulder straps (not on the arm just the shoulder) to make it look more like armor while still being open, and overall the character would look stronger and more like a warrior (which is what the theme of the show should be going for....not the ambassador for peace but the fierce warrior fighting to find her home and then to protect the world from mystical forces).

Thoughts? Would this storyline concept work?

Posted by busterblader

I don't get why DC doesn't lean on the animation department for shows. They've got a flawless track record on TV and have been around long enough that there are people in there late twenties now that grew up on Batman: the animated series. The movies have been a little hit or miss but I like to think that's from the animators trying to stay within the style of the original books. Give Bruce Timm the time and budget and he could make them a franchise that can compete easily with Disney animation

Posted by AskaniSon295

Re-Imagine Wonder Woman, Like they re-imagined Battlestar Galactica & Superboy than you might have something, I'd say get Rachel Bilson to be wonder woman also.

Posted by Vance Astro
@busterblader said:

I don't get why DC doesn't lean on the animation department for shows.

They do. They are ready to do something different now. DC already has a ton of very good and successful cartoons.
Posted by GothamRed

but themescryra is boring, just put her in action without modernizing her

Posted by Funrush

I'll watch if it is in the same universe as the upcoming JL movie and/or is extremely good.

Posted by fps_dean

Maybe this can lead to a movie

Posted by Knight_Justice

@NightFang said:

@RiscazZ said:

Please, stop the moaning already.

If it a movie you all say that there is not enough time to cover all the important aspects of the character. If it is a series you want a movie.

It will just depend on the quality of the freaking thing! Not the format!

You are my new bestfriend! :)

Same here. You my friend are THE man here.

Posted by Zereta

If they are trying to build up to a DC Cinematic Universe, they should stop with these TV shows and focus on the movies. Unless this is all part of some big plan...

looking at what DC's been doing, I really doubt it

Posted by Knight_Justice

What actress is gonna play Wonder Woman? She should be beautiful, gorgeous, and atractive woman. She also needs to be strong and tough. Not just a bimbo with some big tits and gigantic ass with no other purposes than to distract us from the movie or series.

Posted by x_29

When i saw the title, I knew Babs wrote this article. I am really not looking forward to this. Especially if it is coming from the CW.

Edited by moywar700

"no braclets,no tiara,mandate."

Her outfit should be red white and blue clothing.No real costume though.Not even a W symbol. Stars are fine.They probably are gonna make her Wonder Woman once the series ends.Let's not do a Smallville and do 10 seasons and keep the audience waiting for so long.3 seasons sounds good or even 5.

On the first season, we should have a young Diana Price have a dream that she's Wonder Woman.She's destine to be this hero.We have a W logo in the background of the dream.We see her fly and run and super-speed and wearing her iconic costume.

The T.V series will focus on a Diana and not Wonder Woman but she becomes Wonder Woman when the series ends.


Posted by Decept-O

It will probably turn out.......

Posted by ectoborge

Smallville ony worked once. I don't like that people keep depowering superheroes to make the writing easier and to have a smaller budget. Go big or go home.

Posted by Silkcuts
@haydenclaireheroes said:

I hope they do it right this time

Heinberg does Grey's he is a good choice for the chance to get it right.
Posted by tim_mik

I think it can work and Allan would do a solid job since he's done Gilmore Girls (gets the CW stuff) plus a great run with the Young Avengers, so he has the potential to mix it up well.

Posted by cuddles666

Give me a cartoon show or a live-action movie. Half-measures don't seem to work out so well.

Posted by cuddles666

@judasnixon said:

Do yourself a solid, get drunk, and watch the old Lynda Carter series. They're so f***ing funny. It's Wonder Woman Nazi hunter! I sh** you not!

Might just take you up on that, friend.

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Worked for Xena, should work for WW.

Posted by Smurfboy

I think it'll be better had people focus on making a good movie for Wonder Woman. We need that badly.

Posted by modunhanul

If they will make it, they better make it good.

Posted by zachkastner

Glad they are getting a screenwriter who is familiar with the source material's medium. And it's a MAJOR bonus that he's written the character before (Something I plan on investigating to see to what quality)

Here's hoping for something akin to Brian Azzarello's current Wonder Woman series. That on the screen, either film or television, would look spectacular.

Posted by OracleX

Put a restraining order on David E. Kelly from being anywhere near the project and there may be hope. The audience demographic for CW is different (though it might have worked as a clever plot device on Community at some point). I'm almost will to settle for something better than mediocre. Just make sure a live-action version of Wonder Woman appears on screen before a trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy with Rocket Raccoon comes out!

Edited by moywar700

@OracleX said:

Put a restraining order on David E. Kelly from being anywhere near the project and there may be hope. The audience demographic for CW is different (though it might have worked as a clever plot device on Community at some point). I'm almost will to settle for something better than mediocre. Just make sure a live-action version of Wonder Woman appears on screen before a trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy with Rocket Raccoon comes out!

We'd already be living on mars before a WW live-action film comes on.And if that really happens...

Posted by cc1738

I would watch it if it was done right. They should do her origin story and incorporate Themescryra.

Posted by sora_thekey

Hmmmm... You know, this might actually work. There's not a lot of stories revolving around Diana's younger days on Paradise Island.

Greek myths just waiting to be told in that island full of women. I like the idea.

Posted by moywar700

Who will be her love interest with an island full of woman???

Posted by Vance Astro
@Gambler said:

Worked for Xena, should work for WW.

Assuming WW will actually be anything like it..
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

@Vance Astro said:

@Gambler said:

Worked for Xena, should work for WW.

Assuming WW will actually be anything like it..

I mean in the sense that the producers didnt worry about setting Xena in some modernized age theme in which she's a 16 year old school chick or 24 year old reporter who is actually a warrior princesses adapting to the modern World. That sh!t is ridiculous and exactly why the last WW pitch didnt even get past the initial pilot. The article says its going to focus on Wonder Woman's amazonian origin which is a promising sign. Just let Wonder Woman be Wonder Woman and forget all the adaptation nonsense that killed the last attempt.