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Wonder Woman Live Action "Shorts" Look

Check out what she would've looked like without know what I mean.

Sadly, the Wonder Woman TV show won't be happening. People might think that's a good thing since it looked like such a train wreck. Apparently it was indeed a mess. The test audience that it was shown to didn't think too highly of it and NBC decided to pass on making it a weekly show.

One of the things mentioned about the pilot was Wonder Woman had two different looks. We've seen Adrianne Palicki with the "pants" look several times but there was mention of a "shorts" look. In other words, something closer to her original costume. managed to get their hands on the following image (nice job guys!). What do you think?

Is this look better than the pants look? Which translates better to live action? Do you think it was the best decision to simply give up completely on the show or did it have a chance at working?

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Posted by yeopop

Nothing changes.

Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl
totally agree!
Posted by mikeclark1982

i can see a lot of pervs freezing the screen during high kicks to see... um... themyscira toe. 

Posted by sj_esposito

This just makes me wake up to the fact that Wonder Woman's costume is both misogynistic and just generally a horrible superhero costume.

Posted by AFArtist1973

Give up on the show.  Totally.  I would have loved to see the show at some time, but I think the belt would be too gaudy with the shorts look.

My two cents... Jim

Posted by Iron_Turtle

Good grief. The shorts look even worse than the pants.

It's just a crappy costume in general.
Posted by monopolyloser

This is horrible.

Posted by CrimsonAvenger

I wish they stuck with the redesigned pants instead of the "shorts".

Posted by Migz13

I feel rather bad about the guys behind this show.

I guess it really isn't the right time to create a show/movie for Wonder woman.
DC really needs another hit superhero to jump out of the comic books aside from bats and supes.
I just hope Green Lantern is up to it this coming June.
Posted by Deranged Midget
@sEsposito7 said:
This just makes me wake up to the fact that Wonder Woman's costume is both misogynistic and just generally a horrible superhero costume.
Posted by Herx

It looks more like a custom costume that somebody made for a convention (where it'd probably work), but as a tv show costume? no. Just no.

Edited by Namor1987

She looks like she belong in a WWE ring
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Interesting. Must better than what was being considered. And its a lot better than the "adult film" version suit we were originally treated to.

Posted by Xaviersx

I think I mostly have a problem with her.  She's got a Wonder Woman costume on, but I'm still seeing the lady down the street wearing a cosplay con outfit.  I'm neither impressed nor intimidated, nor really titillated.   Don't get me wrong, looking back at the costume Linda Carter wore, it appealed to teenage me, but it has it's flaws as well (the 70's).   Maybe I'm hung up on how much I preferred the look and feel of  Xena... maybe I can only adopt one woman warrior and her garb.

On a side note, the guy in the picture seems more comic book world than she.  Get him on Fringe.

Posted by SC
@xaviersx said:
On a side note, the guy in the picture seems more comic book world than she.  Get him on Fringe.

That guy was in Thor funnily enough lol ^_^

Also, I feel kinda really weird, that there is this hot girl wearing "shorts" on the page and the very first thing that came to my mind when I saw the picture was "Hey, that guy was in the Thor movie" then "Hey, that guy in the Thor movie played a character that is really obscure in the comics" and the third thing was "where is that guys eyebrows" and then the fourth was "Woah, her knees are really low down on her leg" then I actually realized then, that the pants were missing. I am not sure why I said all this either...
Posted by turoksonofstone

Better, but let's face it. You would have to be built like a young Linda Carter to fill out the costume correctly. And how is it after three changes the costume Department couldn't get the look right. Epic Fail Warner Bros. Another failed DC film project. Marvel Studios/Disney should just be contracted to handle these characters as well, the Warner Bros. execs. are batting .000

Posted by obscurefan

To all those people out there who hated the pants look and said "Why couldn't they just have it be like it is in the comics" I give you this, this is why they couldn't do that.

PROOF that just because something works in comics doesn't mean it will translate to live action.

Posted by ImperiousRix

I don't think the suit was ever the problem with the show, I just think that it was fundamentally flawed from a story position from the start.

The "shorts" look is fine in still pictures, but I feel like if we saw her trying to do any action sequences in that thing, it'd look ridiculous.
Posted by Evpraksiya
@Namor1987 said:
She looks like she belong in a WWE ring
+1 more legs less brains
Posted by WW-Fan

i like it :) but it could have been made better
Posted by EnSabahNurX
@obscurefan said:
To all those people out there who hated the pants look and said "Why couldn't they just have it be like it is in the comics" I give you this, this is why they couldn't do that.PROOF that just because something works in comics doesn't mean it will translate to live action.
Actually the current jacket and pants look would actually work well on tv XD Also the top half of this weird bootleg wonder woman costume is actually the worst part of the costume (latex is a bad material choice)
Posted by Seraphim84

NBC, you fools!  We could've had a Baywatch-amount of running on our hands! And in THAT outfit!

Posted by Dark_Phoenix00x

I like the shorts look. Far better than the pants

Posted by GundamHeavyarms

See, the shorts would have been a worse idea for the show.

Posted by Nuec_Sol

@EnSabahNurX: "Actually the current jacket and pants look would actually work well on tv"


I agree. I also think DC if debuted that costume in the show people would realize it is actually pretty good and it makes Wonder Woman look more believeable.

Posted by AlKusanagi

Hotpants make everything better.

Seriously. They let my legs breath and you should see the reactions you get from people.

Posted by SirSparkington

Creepy dude on the left is creepy.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I am still happy that they did not pick it up 

Posted by mark5
@SirSparkington said:
Creepy dude on the left is creepy.
second that.
Posted by Billy Batson


Posted by PowerHerc
@Dark_Phoenix00x said:

                    I like the shorts look. Far better than the pants



Same here.  I don't like the belt, though.

It's too bad, really, that these modern designers can't even come close to matching what the Wonder Woman show of the 70's did. 

Sad for us fans and embarrassing for them.

Posted by DMC

What's with the ginormous belt?

Posted by KRYPTON

Maybe, I think this look would be better, however the pants were modern and I guess if the show is trying to appeal to a newer generation they'd go with pants.

Posted by leokearon

Lame, of course I was never a fan of the Star Spangled Panties
Posted by GLCorps2814

As far as being a potentially possible TV show, sure, it can happen, will it reach the popularity or success of the old 70's show, maybe, we'd not know until someone tried it. That being said, its not the show for NBC, their recent attempts at an original idea super hero show, "The Cape" were in my opinion, just an insult to Super hero fans, and was full of ideas that were in no way original. Wonder Woman is a tough sell for anyone, but if they are looking for someone to take on the show, I bet they will find someone crazy enough to do it, the costume issue makes little difference to me, pants, shorts, whatever, thats not the point, the point is, its Wonder Woman. For the fans of the character, lets just hope Scifi Channel doesn't pick it up and make it into some kinda joke with a $6 budget. Viewers who could potentially watch the show however need to look at this not as being a TV equivalent to Nolan's Batman franchise films, but more toward the modesty of Smallville, its only a TV show, so they should only expect what a TV show can give, that is unless by some miracle HBO picks it up and makes it a short series with a massive budget, but that seems unlikely. 

Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw
@obscurefan: Completely agree ! Some things that work in comics definetly don`t work in live action ! And I think Wonder Woman would generally don`t work in comics ! Just think about her lasso . In the comics it works that she just has to throw it with one hand and the lasso catches the person on it`s own but I can`t imagine that this would work in a live action . It`s the same thing like daredevils rope .
Posted by kitsuneconundrum

Her corset should have been cut higher and for gods sake, havent they heard of cotton? or at least denim.

The supervillian on the left looks genuinely scary though.

Posted by Outside_85

And here it comes...looks like a swimsuit...or something picked up from the naughty store.

Posted by TypingKira

Dude, in the screenshots she had the cutest, perfectest denim pants, i know i saw them. Where did those go?

Posted by dementedtheclown

Lets see it from behind

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

It's not BAD per se, but the pants looked a lot better. Now if only she could keep the pants in the comics too.

Posted by mzzr

She just looks like an average cosplayer. She doesn't have the body for it.
Every picture I've seen of the show just looks amateur, which is too bad.

Posted by -Vigil-

As atrocious as the pants were, they were still better than this.

Posted by bringdeath

They just couldnt get it right could they lol
Posted by War Killer

Wow....I love how when she got pants in the comics, everyone was in an uproar, and then when they give her pants on a show they're in an uproar as well, and then they finally try to show you what it would look like if they did it "by the book" and STILL their in an uproar....*sigh* Comic book fans, will we ever be pleased?

Posted by ComicMan24

I actually kinda like it a bit more than the pants version even though I still think that the overall quality of it, is very low.

Posted by ltbrd
While the pants look was definitely better, overall both costumes look completely fake and plastic.

While the Smallville series didn't always have the best costume designs, even the worst were better than what we've seen from the failed Wonder Woman show. I realize the two were made by different companies but how can DC not do some quality control from one to the next?

At some point DC needs to take back control of its characters and get away from Warner Bros....those guys do not know what they're doing with these characters. I think an interesting take on Wonder Woman would be to use some of the concepts brought out by JMS in his recent run and give Wonder Woman a similar coming of age story that they did for Superman in Smallville.......but instead of completely abandoning the comic book canon bring her origin, abilities and costume (with pants) in early and showcase her more as the new heroine learning the ropes, making mistakes, meeting and interacting with other heroes and just generally growing into the role of the world's leading heroine. Yeah WW can have a boyfriend and pursue love but don't use the cliche of a secret identity, make the character always be WW and use the ambassador aspect of her history to be the reason why she interacts with people on a day-to-day basis. This way you can have people address her as Diana of Themyscira (I wouldn't push the Diana Prince identity except for an arc where she's on the run from authorities, loses or powers, or something like that) and is generally wearing expensive clothing and such befitting her princess status and then when she does her thing as WW she changes into the traditional costume.
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I'd probably have to see any of the show in action before actually judging it at all, but I think the belt looks way to big compared to the bikini bottom.  Its like she is wearing a big belt buckle, they should have made her belt smaller like her tiara for the bikini bottom scenes.  But I guess It doesn't exactly matter now.

Posted by B'Town

I CAN'T be happy that they gave up on the series.  As a certain awesome writer who I love, respect and have a mad mad mad fan crush on - recently said on her Facebook page, '.... maybe it would have got better.'

I am not happy with either of these costumes but that isn't enough for me to want to see the show dismissed.  WW changes over and over, over the years, I can accept that I am not always going to love what she does or what she wears.  

I love Wonder Woman.  
I want to see WW given a chance to gain a new fan following and more exposure will do that.  For those who are unaware the Wonder Woman TV series of the 70's was ridiculous stupid, but quickly it grew on people as a campy, somewhat cheesy pop culture hit.  Much in the way Buffy the Vampire Slayer grew a following.

I can absolutely say I DO NOT want a modern day Wonder Woman TV show, to be the one we had in the 70's, I want better than that.  But now we won't be given the opportunity to find out if it would have been a fun show or if it would have got better. than the critics would have us know.  

 As is now, we long time fans want more respect given her in the media.  Most of the negative press I read is obviously being written by arseholes who have not read a WW book from the last decade - if ever. 

I WANT more WW.  TV, Movies, comics!  
Posted by Mercy_

She looks like a cosplayer. And not a particularly great one.

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