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Wolverine Will Stop At Nothing To "Get Mystique!"

Whoa, looks like Mystique doesn't like wearing underwear.  Then again, is she even wearing clothes?  No I'm not even going to mention whatever they tried doing with the X-Men movies.  That wasn't Mystique.  But the question is, does she even wear clothes half the time?  She can just change so she looks like she's wearing clothes.

This current storyline is pretty good.  Weird to say that about a Wolverine story.  Lately they've just been...okay.  I like how we're seeing a little into the past between Logan and Raven.  I also like how she keeps getting the upper hand over him.  Pretty funny.  She is good at what she does.  It is interesting to see how obsessed Logan's becoming over getting her.  Guess we'll see why in the flashbacks.  And it's great seeing Ron Garney's art.

Bullet-ridden and consumed by a quest for vengeance, Logan has one objective—get Mystique and get revenge for her betrayal of the X-Men! Wolverine #64, an X-Men: Divided We Stand tie-in, continues the critically acclaimed “Get Mystique” arc from writer Jason Aaron (Ghost Rider) and artist Ron Garney (Amazing Spider-Man). Just how does the newly revealed history between Wolverine & Mystique affect their current conflict? And just what favor could the X-man call in to deal with Mystique?

Critics and fans agree—this is the Wolverine story you must read, with Ryan Broussard of Comixtreme.Com saying, “This story has depth, action, history, and just overall impressive writing.”

“‘Get Mystique’ is turning Wolverine into the book I anticipate the most every month,” gushed Bryan Joel of IGN.Com.

Don’t miss any of the x-plosive events in the penultimate chapter of “Get Mystique,” as Wolverine and Mystique head towards what may be their final battle! It’s Wolverine #64—and nothing can stop Logan now, bub!

WOLVERINE #64 (FEB082270)
Written by JASON AARON
Pencils & Cover by RON GARNEY
Parental Advisory …$2.99
FOC—3/20/08, On-Sale—4/9/08