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Wolverine Origins Video Game Trailer

Check out the trailer for the video game based on the movie.

Here's the trailer for the video game based on "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."  It looks nice but like the "Batman: Arkham Asylum" trailer, it doesn't show any actual gameplay.  It seems most video games based off of movies end up being pretty crummy.  Can anyone remind me of the last good movie video game?  It looks like the game will only be released on PS3 and X-Box.  There's a lot more game images over at Giant Bomb.

Does this trailer make the game look good enough for you to buy?


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Posted by Acheron

Pretty good graphics for a cinema.

I wonder what it'll look like in-game.

Posted by Copy

That looked awesome!!! Can't wait.

Posted by xcodebro!x

that game is prolly gonna suck. G-man is right when he says Movies just dont translate to games very well. The only Movie based game I can think of that was any good was in the Early 90's for Sega Genisis.  Freakin' Lion King baby!

Jump Swipe!
Posted by inferiorego

Aladdin was also pretty good for the Sega.

The cinematic looked great, as Acheron said. chances are that it will have broken gameplay.

Posted by Konstantine

looks awesome

Posted by G-Man

Lion King and Aladdin.   That's funny.  I actually had the Aladdin game for the Sega Game Gear, Sega's attempt at the hand held market.  I actually liked it better than the Gameboy that was around at the time.

Posted by inferiorego

I still have Mortal Kombat for Game Gear on my dresser, yet no game gear in sight.

Posted by The_Martian

Looks cool, but most games based off movies suck.

Posted by Fresh Prince
Nobody said:
"Looks cool, but most games based off movies suck."
Posted by wolverines
Nobody said:
"Looks cool, but most games based off movies suck."
And often the other way around too!

Wolverine origins fan and enthusiast!
Posted by King Saturn
The Game looks Pretty Cool