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Wolverine and the X-Men Final Crisis Trilogy DVD Review

The final trilogy of the series has been released. Is it worth buying?

Last week Wolverine and the X-Men: Final Crisis Trilogy was released on DVD. This is the last three episodes of the cool series that unfortunately has reached its end. Hopefully you've watched the episodes when they aired. As great as these final episodes were, is that enough reason to pick up this DVD? 
If you haven't watched any of the previous episodes, obviously this wouldn't be a good place to begin. If you did purchase the other five volumes, there's no question as to whether or not you should get this to complete your set. While the series may not have been completely perfect, it was a great rendition of our favorite mutants. 
The biggest obstacle this DVD may be facing is the fact that a complete set (which will also be released on Blu-ray) will be released on October 12, 2010. It really comes down to whether or not you have purchased the previous DVDs. 
Despite the usual complaints over incomplete series releases like this, what does this DVD have to offer? 
 == TEASER == 
Let's be honest, this is a bare bones release. All you're getting is those final three episodes. Again, they were great. They are worth seeing. The suggested retail price is $14.98 but you can easily find it online for under ten bucks.  
Since I had recently watched these final episodes, I decided to watch them again with the commentary by Supervising Production Craig Kyle, Head Writer Greg Johnson and Writer Chris Yost. I'm not one that usually gets into watching things with commentary but I have to admit, this truly enhanced the viewing. These guys were hilarious. They did give insight into some of the things that happened such as why on certain episodes, some characters just stood in a scene without saying a word (the voice actor wasn't brought in that day to save money). It's also interesting to hear their explanation on how the Hellfire Club was needed against the Phoenix Force and how their plans compared to Magneto's. It sounded as if they were having too much fun doing the commentary. A sad note is it was mentioned that they would have loved to do a whole series just on the future X-Men
If you have purchased the other DVDs, I would say this release rates close to a 4 out of 5. The quality of the final episodes and the great commentary make it worth picking up (especially since it's not that expensive). If you haven't bought all the previous releases, wait until October for the full set (especially if you can buy it on Blu-ray). It would've been nice if the complete set was released from the beginning rather than these separate volumes and it's sad the series is over. It's just nice that it ended on a high note. 
Posted by Bandito

Final Crisis is a good name for a story.  I wonder if DC would ever want to use it.

Posted by Final Arrow
@Bandito said:
" Final Crisis is a good name for a story.  I wonder if DC would ever want to use it. "
I actually laughed out loud at work XD
Posted by Jake Fury
@Bandito said:
"Final Crisis is a good name for a story.  I wonder if DC would ever want to use it. "

Hahahaha Marvel's fact checking department must have been on vacation that week. Brilliant dude. 
Posted by TheBatman

Funny, us lot in Aus have had the boxset available for ages! I’ve seen the single volumes on the shelves but hell, for the price of volume 1 & 2 you can pick up the whole series! Great buy!  =)

Posted by Iron Fist Angel

Same here in Canada. We had the entire set in a nice tin case ages ago. The U.S. is getting the entire series on Blu-ray before anybody though.
    I was beyond disappointed when the 2nd season was canceled.

Posted by HT101

From what I watched of this series which was the first 5 or so episodes, it was just OK.  It never reached the greatness of the 90s X-Men cartoon and many of the episodes were mediocre to somewhat OK at best.  Maybe it got better as the season went along but for now I'll stick to the 90s version.

Edited by Bestostero

I'm definitely holding out for the complete series... anyways, the final episodes were awesome! 

Posted by BuddyBulson

Why no season 2? Ohhhh thats right b/c they are tooo busy working on other crap that isnt needed!

Posted by Kid_Zombie

It's weird the full series has been out in Canada for a long time. But we are not getting the full blu ray series in October. It really sucks that there wont be a season 2 especially since it ends on a cliff hanger. Season 2 looked like it would have been awesome!

Posted by goldenkey

I thought the show was weak.  It had nothing on JLA, or JLA unlimited. 

Posted by SnottyCane

i didnt like wolverine he was too tall and too american .. give advice the wow a villian or wat we think is a villian and beat the crap out of it pffft !!!!

Posted by Copper

This was the best X-men cartoon yet. The plot was good and they made good use of the Hellfire Club. FYI: For those who don't know, the Hellfire Club is a real organization with a branch called the Phoenix Society. I thought it was an interesting way to use an established comic organization with an actual historic background.

Posted by The Impersonator

Are these final episodes focusing on the Age of Apocalypse story arc?
Posted by RedHurricane24
@Bandito said:
" Final Crisis is a good name for a story.  I wonder if DC would ever want to use it. "
I'm just thinking when is DC going to sue them, honestly.
Posted by Iron Fist Angel
@BuddyBulson said:
" THIS IS BULLSHIT!! I WANT MORE! I HATE HATE HATE THEM ALL!   Why no season 2? Ohhhh thats right b/c they are tooo busy working on other crap that isnt needed! "
   Nah, Marvel had a major falling out with the company doing the animation. Apparently it was kind of ugly and Marvel just sid screw you and canceled the show completely.
Posted by Iron Fist Angel
@The Impersonator: 
   No, season 2 was supposed to focus on the AoA storyline.
Posted by 00 Raiser

Okay Im going to say Marvel has the potential to be great but sadly has lost its glory. To all those who want more animated features from Marvel. Im hear to say as a Ex Marvel fan......THEY SUCK!!!!! They never explore the good stuff and its always focused on overrated characters like Wolverine who literally soley dominates the Marvel Universe. My solution to this problem. Go to your local comic book story pick up the DC comics story arc Blackest Night and go from there. Oh and lets not forget Aspen Comics. Great stories and fresh ideas.
Posted by Jake Fury

Seriously you can get the entire series for $22.50 in October...
Posted by Stormultt

wolverine who? 
Idk him.
Posted by N7_Normandy

i'll be waiting for the blu ray in october

Posted by rouju

No Colossus NO GOOOOD

Posted by roxamilli

Final Crisis? what an original and exciting name. I've never heard of anything with a title remotely similar to that before.
Posted by jubilee042

sigh i miss it