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Witness the New X-Men First Class Trailer

What does this say about Sebastian Shaw in the movie?

So Marvel’s released the second international trailer for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS to their official You Tube account and, despite my early reservations about seeing a movie that initially seemed like it’d be entirely about Xavier and Magneto, I have to say that this flick’s winning me over steadily the more I see of it. Stepping back a little, even to somebody who’s grown up on the comics, there actually is a lot of drama to be found in a prequel about the team’s founding and early divisions- - certainly as much as there in Anakin Skywalker’s corruption and in Bilbo Baggins’ discovery of the One Ring. == TEASER ==   
 ...and after. Somehow.

This clip gives us plenty of money shots of Banshee speeding above and below the seas at super-sonic speed, Azazel using his devil tail to whip a bunch of heavies into place and then Magneto suffering some serious emotional torment while using his powers on both German examiners and Soviet battleships. We also get to see an odd shot of Sebastian Shaw seeming to use his powers for the first time we’ve seen. He suddenly manifests an additional set of hands to wrap around a fireball that erupts from his chest. In the comics, Shaw’s x-factor allowed him to “metabolize kinetic energy into greater physical attributes” - - which basically meant he got bigger and stronger if you hit him. I can’t quite say what kind of magic he’s using here (fire control? Time manipulation? Reality warping?) but, considering how Shaw’s powers get random sometimes in the comics (remember when he suddenly got telepathy during Morrison’s run?) I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a whole new set of abilities, here.

What’s maybe more interesting to consider here is what part Shaw will play in the drama. These trailers are making it look like Erik Lensherr’s going to basically serve a similar role to Wolverine’s in the first movie. That is, he’ll be a new recruit to an already-assembled team who walking a line between the attracting forces of good or evil. Given how we see him coping with his trauma (even crying in a shot) and hear him saying that the world will be introduced to mutants, I think the Hellfire Club might become a “third option.” That is, they prefer to be operate in secret, with only their own hedonistic benefit it mind, and they’ll try to lure Magneto into their club… but his righteous rage will force him to reject their offer and pursue his more public, politically-minded kind of operations.

Just some thoughts. See how well they play out while you watch this trailer…  

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Posted by MooseyMcMan

Seems neat. 

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Yes! they need more trailers and comercials on tv tough...
Posted by KRYPTON


Posted by CrazyAsAFox

I'm already loving the way Erik's been portrayed

Posted by azza04

wow that trailer was not put together very well. The music didn't flow in the way it should, and the dialogue, was pretty bad. Not impressed, liked the first trailer better.

Posted by RedK

looks pretty cool

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

This was my idea for Magneto's costume, if they ever did a live action TV series, I thought it should look more like a uniform.

Posted by Decept-O

Can't bring myself to watch this additional trailer just yet, but I have to agree, I am somehow being won over as well regarding this despite everything I'd initially thought. 


It is expected to see the mutant characters get some changes made to their personalities and powers, which, sad to say, Fox has been fond of doing, but they aren't the only guilty parties in that department. 


Thor and Captain America are high on my radar, X-Men: First Class and Green Lantern I am a bit more reserved about seeing right away.  

Posted by Golden Cod

I like the way you're thinking Tom.   Considering how politically-charged the Cold War was, it wouldn't be a surprise to me if the movie features the splintering of the greater mutant agenda as a central theme.   Like you said, there's the secrecy faction (Sebastian + Emma + Azazael), the benevolence faction (Xavier, Havok, Beast), and the war faction (Magneto, Mystique), but there's also the fourth in the form of the science faction (Moira, Banshee).  

This would neatly explain the existence of these mutants without their presence during the X-Men movies; they're off doing their own thing.

It scares me that I'm slowly coming around to being interested in the movie :X

Posted by cattlebattle

I guess Shaws power would look goofy on screen, his shirt ripping and buttons popping when absorbing, whatever they came up with, maybe its better

Posted by The Average Bear
On the topic of Shaw, it seems to me that he is using some form of super speed, with the 'extra hands' being after images
Posted by isaac_clarke

I already know I'm seeing this, I just hope I don't walk into the theater and find myself dissapointed after seeing the movie. I have high hopes. =P

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow I'm more impressed by this movie now that I've seen the trailer.  I think I will give it a go in theatres now.  

Posted by War Killer
@CrazyAsAFox said:
" I'm already loving the way Erik's been portrayed "
Agreed, Magneto is the only reason I'm seeing this movie, he looks freakin' epic! ^_^
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I am not excited for this movie but I am going to see it. But you never know if it will be good or npt
Posted by weaponmaster

I got chills watching this trailer. That hardly ever happens. Looks so awesome. Can't wait.
Posted by PrinceIMC


Posted by MadComics

Posted by Sheep-Kill

Magneto is so going to steal the show

Posted by Crimson Eagle

Looks like the movie (or the trailer) incorporated the concentration camp scene from the first X-Men movie.

Posted by Edamame

I find it interesting how En Sabah Nur is supposed to be Sebastian Shaw's master. So they say.

Posted by guardiandevil801

sweet i can't wait
Posted by shawn87

Got me even more excited for this now

Posted by JonesDeini
Sigh, so basically this reaffirmed that this will blow, thank you Based God! When this bombs I hope they'll sale the rights back to Marvel so we can get a REAL X-men movie. 
Posted by Aqua11500
@JonesDeini said:
" @azza04: Sigh, so basically this reaffirmed that this will blow, thank you Based God! When this bombs I hope they'll sale the rights back to Marvel so we can get a REAL X-men movie.  "
So much negativity..hmm
Posted by Osiris1428

Hey, he does have a point. I still don't get what the cold war connection is.

Posted by jordama

I desperately want to know what is going on with Kevin bacon
Posted by TDK_1997

Looks very cool

Posted by azza04
@Aqua11500: lol i used up all my enthusiasm for Thor, Captain America, and Green Lantern. I just think this X-Men film is going to be the worst of the bunch this year, but i could be wrong.
Posted by azza04
@JonesDeini: I think this film should of been a complete reboot of the X-Men franchise with know ties to the previous films.
Posted by LordTaronji101

maybe there going to make shaws abilities involve "hellfire" that would be cool

Posted by Gambit1024

They should've just made a Magneto movie instead.

Posted by Iron_Lad

I didn't know Sebastian Shaw could blow himself up.

Posted by THEBlaqueBasterd

Sorry to doodoo allover everyones parade... But I thought this was COMIC vine.. not "lets be happy for whatever tripe texecs throw us cause it looks shiny....vine"

I have no doubt.. that because of certain ppl involved this project will be at the very least a good movie with solid performances.. As a comic book movie &more importantly an X MEN movie (esp if u read the script :| ) it will TOTALLY SUCK ASS.. u know it.. I know it.. the korean kid from Walkin Dead knows it...&so on...
I mean I more than most have a REALLY high tolerance for altering canon &strorylines to aid REALISM in the transition from comic to movie.. but THIS..? Come on.. 

Still sayin all that..It still looks quite..shiny
Posted by PhoenixoftheTides

I'm still not impressed. I just think there are enough interesting characters that they didn't have to piss on continuity to make this movie.

Havok could have been replaced by Vulcan w/ a back story about how he is orphaned and doesn't know where his two younger brothers are with little effect, I'm still puzzled over Beasts' inclusion (it seems that they just wanted to show him turning blue, but I'm not sure that A) this can be done on-screen without looking stupid and B) the graphics we've seen really don't justify the inclusion of this scene), Shaw's power actually had the potential to look the best IMHO - how hard is it to show someone getting larger and stronger everytime they are hit? That could have conceivably been the easiest power to bring to the screen, and I don't think Angel or Mystique really should be in this lineup. 

Maybe I'm too much of a fan, but I'm not seeing anything in here that couldn't be better accomplished by adding Mastermind, Amelia Voght, Unus, the Mimic, Selene and other characters that could fit into the storyline of the movies and comics a bit better and maintain some element of consistency. 

I'm a Banshee fan, so I'm glad he is in the lineup, but he should be about Moira's age - he was an adult when the original team were still teenagers.

I'm still feeling 'Meh' over this movie, but X2 and X3 were so bad, it doesn't have to accomplish much to be an improvement over those. At least they have the uniforms.
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau
@Sheep-Kill said:
" Magneto is so going to steal the show

I was going to post the exact same statement.
Posted by Kairan1979

I'm really tired of portraying my people as villains. Bad enough I had to look at ex-con and alcoholic Ivan Vanko in Iron Man II

Posted by Dedpool
They did that with the first movie. Once continuity was broken, going back to it would've opened a hornets nest. I for one wish they had stuck to continuity, but once broken it gave them free reign to play. As long as they didn't mess up thae charactersI'm good (and yeah I know they did with some). The thing is I look at all CBMs as alternate realities to the comic, not extensions of them.
Posted by JonesDeini
Much like the comics did with Second Coming, this was a missed opportunity to set many  a wrong right

Yes, yes  I do, folk. lol I guess sine it's set in the 60's the Cuban Missile crisis will be the extinction level event to force the X-Men to reveal the existence of mutant kind. That's what I can gather from both trailers. 

I am admittedly a man of strong opinion. All my optimism for this franchise was sucked out by the consecutive blows of X3 And Wolverine Origins. The Punisher films were movies I didn't enjoy in the least, but when Marvel got the property back I got a damned good Punisher movie with War Zone. I'm hoping something similar happens with the X franchise. X-Men deserves far better films than they've been given so far. X2 was heading in the right direction, but then well yeah, we've all seen what followed. 
Posted by Son_of_Magnus

Was that Namor

Posted by CrazyAsAFox
@War Killer: Same with me, and for the fact I get to see Havok in a movie.. praying they don't kill him like they did to deadpool in origins..
Posted by Burnstar1230

As regards to the Shaw "Exploding" deal, it actually looks like his body might be stretching to absorb the concussive force from the explosion, which might be a nod to his kinetic energy absorption abilities in the comics. 
If the Origins: Wolverine ties into this, then I guess Charles won't be in a wheelchair until he starts going bald.

Posted by KZR

I'm convinced. Now I want to see this film.

Posted by MrMazz

It looks good and all but I need to see more if you think about it there have been roughly 4 trailers a official English 1 2 international ones and 1 in Japanese all of them show just about the exact same thing if not only showing a couple of new seconds here and there

Posted by HaloKing343

Sweet looks good
Edited by Edamame
@Iron_Lad said:

" I didn't know Sebastian Shaw could blow himself up. "

Well, in the comics, he was able to withstand Holocaust's attacks. So I don't see why he couldn't withstand the detonation of a single grenade in his left hand:
@Son_of_Magnus said:
" Was that Namor "
I thought it was Banshee. 
Posted by spystreak

I'm still on the ball about this one but I am warming up to it I would have prefered them doing a Magneto film by itself as originally intended focusing on his life before he met Charles liike what it was like for him in a Nazi death camp also this film looks like it takes place in the 60s yet in the trailer they show Emma Frost yet in Wolverine which took place after the vietnam war she was seen joining Xavier's school so did Wolverine take places in the sixeties or are they just ignoring that film?
Posted by Iron_Lad

Ohhh, he was holding a grenade in his left hand? I didn't notice that. I thought he just blew himself up, like that was his mutant power or something. Well, now it all makes sense. He can totally absorb that blast easily. Thanks for pointing that out.
Posted by JonesDeini

Ummmm...looks like Shaw has Chamber's powers...

Posted by Aqua11500
@spystreak:  I hope they are ignoring Origins, Wolverine is overrated...

He's half the reason the X-movie verse is screwed up now.Hopefully Vaughn and Singer can correct it and ignore Origins and  X-3.
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