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Witchblade News: Hope Is Lost!

Have you seen this child?

Let's just get this out of the way, if you're not reading Witchblade, you really need to start. I have been consistently enjoying the book month after month since Ron Marz started writing. You might be aware that Sara Pezzini gave birth to a child, Hope, in 2007's First Born. Hope was the result when the Darkness and Witchblade...well, let's just say Hope has an interesting back story. 
While things have been relatively calm for Hope, it looks like something is about to happen. We just received word from Top Cow. A search has begun for the missing child.

Help spread the word. Keep a lookout for her. If you see her or have any information, be sure to post a comment and we can get word to either Sara Pezzini or Top Cow.
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I'll keep an eye out! HOPE! Where are you, Hope? "Scouts The Perimeter"

Posted by Sylar0

Oh noooo not Hope I like Hope why would she go missing how is she lost, I'm starting my search now!

Posted by grifter78

Man, this universe keeps drawing me in further and further! 
Posted by Tim Simmons

Working on getting caught up on Witchblade-- I'm up to Broken Trinity. Man, Marz and Co. are NAILING it. 
For those in the comment section who haven't been reading Witchblade and want to get caught up for FREE: go download Longbox ( -- Top Cow is giving the first trade (of the Marz run) away for free...

Posted by sora_thekey


Hope,the mutant baby
When did Marvel's Hope come into the picture?
Posted by Namor1987

I love that series sadly had to take it off my subscribtion due to money issues

Posted by Saint-of-Arrakis

Hope is missing?! Call the Justice League! Call the Avengers! Call the Deadpool Corps even (wait, I have lost my mind)! Call anyone!

Posted by AngelFrost

Oh My God!
Hope! I will find you girl, don't worry.

Posted by danhimself

Cable took her!!! duh

Posted by Precise

Seeing as how easily she disposed of the Angelus as a baby in First Born.. I doubt she needs much help :p

Posted by Crom-Cruach

Oh no! "raises the bat signal"
Don't worry Sarah, help is on the way!
But seriously... I can't wait to read this

Posted by TheGhostofGarethGraves

These books keep getting better and better. They're just so grounded in that small bit of reality so that when these kinds of things happen, it slaps us all in the face
Posted by DoN`t_KrAnQ_jUsT_PsYcHoO

ohhhhhhh noooooo hopeeee is losstt they must find herrr

Posted by pixelized

I see the Rapture. Oh Tom Judge how I Miss you.
What's the sundial thing next to it though?

Posted by frogger

Top Cow better not release this one late, because Hope just stay missing longer.
Posted by Clara Mass

Can't wait, been loving Witchblade and the Angelus mini.  Whoever swares WB is garbage then you haven't actually sat down to read an issue.

Posted by ASKwhy
@pixelized:  The Wheel of Shadows maybe?
Posted by Lawton

It was Pinchuk,

Posted by Suigetsu

I think that Cable took her to the future.

Posted by theComicAddict

Witchblade has been top notch since Marz came on board and has only gotten stronger with each passing issue.  If you're not reading this series - START!

Posted by 00 Raiser
@Suigetsu:  ROTFLMAO to bloody funny. So this little girl's name is Hope to. Watch she end up being cooler then Marvel's Hope just like DC's Blackest Night is way better then Marvel's Necrosha.
Posted by rasx

I'm really looking forward to Artifacts.
Posted by Crom-Cruach

so am I...

Posted by crazed_h3ro

Holy o_O!! All of the Artifacts are there with hope...what does this mean?

Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw

Ohh no ! She has the gauntlet of her mom in her arms !!! what does that mean ??? And where are all the bearers of the artifacts ????

Posted by Crom-Cruach

maybe hope is like a beacon of some sort for the 13...