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Willem Dafoe: 'Norman Osborn' To 'John Carter'

The actor who played 'Green Goblin' goes to Mars?!

Willem Dafoe as 'Norman Osborn'
I am a big fan of Willem Dafoe; I think he is a phenomenal actor and he portrayed Norman Osborn in the Spiderman film extremely accurately. It looks like the man in green is going to strip down for his next role! That's right the ' Green Goblin's' next role will be ' John Connor of Mars' in his next film, which will be directed by Andrew Stanton (WALL-E) and will be Stanton's first attempt at a live action film. The report, according to Variety, indicated that Dafoe will play alongside two actors that played in Wolverine Origins only recently. Taylor Kirsch wo played the role of ' Gambit,' and Lynn Collins who played ' Silver Fox' Kitsch will be playing the title character who is transported to Mars, and Collins will play the Princess. The film is set for release in 2012. Did you ever read any of the John Carter comic books? Are you looking forward to seeing this film? It seems to have a solid creative team and it should be interesting!
Posted by The_MVPs

I've never read the books and to be honest I'm not all that impressed with Kirsch's acting ability. But on the other hand I'm in total agreement with Babs. Dafoe is an incredible actor who only knows how to make hot movies. I am now curious to find out more about the comicbook series.

Posted by sora_thekey

If Williem Dafoe and Lynn Collins are staring I'm watching.... they are awesome actors....

I've heard of John Carter but I'm not sure what it is about...

Posted by Buckshot

Aw man, I thought Dafoe was going to be John Carter (don't care if he's "old").  Had me all excited Babs. Kirsch? He did not impress me. (That Silver Fox chick didn't either.) Anyway, didn't know they had made comics of the novels. 

Posted by RedK
even the goblin likes Dafoe


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I LOVED the John Carter books - they were my favorite by Edgar Rice Burroghs (Tarzan is OK, but the Martian adventures were so much better)...and Marvel's run on the comics was pretty fun to read. 

I'm going to assume that Dafoe will be Deja Thoris' father (though I guess he could be a Green Martian - hmmm...from the Green Goblin to a 9-12 foot tall, tusked warrior with 4-arms and swords - nice change)...

The idea of Taylor Kirsch as John Carter and Lynn Collins as Deja Thoris is great...this is a movie I will be watching out for...

Posted by Media_Master

sounds interesting

Posted by Bruce Vain

Dafoe is just a phenomenal actor anything he's in I'll watch it. It's a shame he won't be returning for Boondock Saints 2. He was another reason why that movie was great.

Also, read that Thomas Haden Church will be in it but the role hasn't been specificed yet.

Posted by MoonKnightFan123

wuts this?

Posted by NightFang

Cant wait!

Posted by Captain Cascader

Is it wrong of me to hope that this is an entirely campy affair? The John Carter stuff was always hilarious as far as the art style went.

Posted by TheSavageAssasin
@RedK said:
" even the goblin likes Dafoe

Thats Hilarious
Posted by jefprice

Lol I just sold my set of these, they were pretty fun. I'll go see this gladly. 

Posted by Selty

I heard about this film a while back, I am pretty excited to go see it myself, it was a very cool comic.