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Will We See A New Daredevil Moive With Typhoid Mary?

We can only hope that things turn out better if this is true.

Daredevil, to me, is one of those characters that can be really cool or pretty boring.  A lot obviously depends on the writer.  Normally I do like him.  He can be pretty bad ass.  Marvel has mentioned, unofficially, that they would like to reboot Daredevil.  I say, why not?  The Ben Affleck movie was out in 2003.  Rebooting Hulk after the 2003 movie seemed to work last year.  Ben Affleck has stated that he's been "cured" of the desire to play a superhero again.  Now could be the time to start things over.  We don't need another origin.  Just let him go into action, just like Incredible Hulk did.  An origin during the opening credits is fine.

What's the reason for the Daredevil talk today?  The LA comic store, Golden Apple, has some ideas in mind.  It seems Katee Sackhoff, Starbuck from the recent Battlestar Galactica, was in the stores grabbing all the Typhoid Mary comics she could find. 

Now just because an actor or actress buys some comics doesn't automatically mean they're trying out for a role.  Golden Apple did say infer that she has "hopes to get a part for a Marvel movie."  It wasn't a direct quote and it's not clear if that was her reason or their speculation.  A comment on the page also pointed out that she has been involved with Deadpool in the past and we do know that he has a movie planned.

What are your thoughts?  Are you a Typhoid Mary fan?  Would you like to see her appear in a new Daredevil movie?  Do you think that Sackhoff is planning on trying out for the role?
Posted by Buckshot

I think this is great, if it's actually happening.

Edited by Dane

I'm not sure she's the right villain, you'd need a hell of an actress, I'm not that familiar with Ms. Sackhoff but after the last Daredevil movie I'm open to just about anything if its done right.

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How many things can be said about the Daredevil movie which we already know contributed to its failure?  It had potential but fell flat. 

A new Daredevil movie, I'd be willing to see it, sure, with Typhoid Mary, why not?  However, I'd want some more badass villains to give ol' Hornhead a run for his money. 


Posted by Dreadmaster

I think this is pretty cool

Posted by The_Martian

I would love to see a reboot of the DD series.

Posted by Ninja Lad

I think Daredevil needs a reboot to his franchise like Hulk and Punisher got. I'd personally like to see a movie based on Born Again.

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I agree, to hell with the origin. Lets see DD kick some freaking a$$

Posted by Vance Astro

I would love to see this.

Posted by elessar

That can't be bad!

Posted by Magnus/Murdock

I would love to see a reboot with Typhoid Mary or The Owl

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir


Posted by War Killer

I would love to see Daredevil on the big screen again

Posted by Sheep-Kill

Yeah hell yeah!!!!  I dont mind her as a villian but I would also like to see the Hand.  Just make it Dark and gory.

Posted by Anderson: Agent of SMITH

I didn't think that the original Daredevil was that bad, so sue me. It had a lot of references to the comics that were nice easter eggs, and I found Colin Farrel's Bullseye very entertaining. I wouldn't mind a reboot though. Maybe there should be a bunch of minor villains spread throughout in cameos, but I don't know wh the big villain would be. The problem with Daredevil is that the Kingpin is just his mortal enemy, so there is barely a stroy that goes by that doesn't have him involved. That's why DD's rogue's gallery isn't as good as Spidey's. It's either Kingpin is the mastermind, Bullseye is oding something crazy, or some no-name loser or crimelord is the bad guy. Maybe they could have Gladiator in it. That would be sick.

Posted by MrDirector786

If they make a new DD movie, I hope it's much better than the first.

Posted by DMC

since I saw her in action in Avengers : The Initiative as Mutant X, I have definitely become more interested in her. She's a must have for Marvel vs Capcom 3......whenever that comes out.

Anyway, since they already did the Elektra love story, Mary seems like the obvious next choice, though I don't know all of Matt Murdock's former loves.

Remember when Marvel was giving us clues as to Mutant X's identity, that she was well known and even the general public knows her? Well if Marvel puts Mary in the next film, they will.....for a while anyway.

Posted by War Killer

Villains -

Kingpin (a white one)
Mr. Fear
Posted by NightFang

i hope they reboot Daredevil.

Posted by DragonRex1

So Daredevil was a humiliation, but Gigli and Surviving Christmas weren't?

He must be stupid, those others made Daredevil feel exciting

Posted by King Saturn
I think this could work... and Daredevil needs a Reboot... we cant have DD go down with that terrible movie they had with Ben Affleck...

Pon De Replay for a Daredevil Movie !
Posted by SuperXAsh

Well despite my view that the first DD movie wasn't BAD, they really did screw things up with the Elektra spin-off. So yeah, The Man Without Fear can definately use a reboot.

As much as I like Bullseye, I wouldn't mind seeing some of the other characters in Daredevil's rogues gallery get a spot. Like Typhoid Mary, Mr. Fear, the Owl, Gladiator, Insomnia, or even Nuke.

Posted by Sirius

I'd like to see Mr. Fear or Gladiator in the movie.

Posted by King Quisling

My girlfriend should play Typhoid Mary, she looks just like her. :P But I'd love to see The Owl, Purple Man, Gladiator and/or Tombstone in a Daredevil movie. I also think his origin should be redone. That crappy Ben Affleck version left out so much. Like Stick, his trainer. I wanna see the yellow and red suit as well. Something sorta based on how Lee Bermejo draw his suit. The way he crosses an actual circus dare-devil suit with this sorta boxing get up is brilliant. Oh and the way his senses were shown in that first movie sucked. This whole thing should be totally revamped. DD should be rated R and more of "the darker side of the marvel movie universe."

Posted by King Quisling
@SuperXAsh: Ha! You think it wasn't bad?! Your eyes and ears must be broken cuz that movie sucked like a dozen and a half bags of dicks.
Posted by SuperXAsh
@King Quisling:
Well compared to movies like Catwoman, Steel, Elektra, the Spirit, Batman and Robin, Superman IV, etc. etc. it really isn't THAT bad when you get down to it. So what I was basically saying was... there's worse out there. MUCH worse. I didn't say it was a GREAT movie, I didn't fawn over it like some fanboy, just said it wasn't that bad.

So... sorry that I don't find it that excrutiatingly horrible to sit through, but I'd rather see it than have to sit through garbage like Superman 3 or Steel or something like that again. It's like comparing the crappy Van Damme Street Fighter movie to the recent, and utterly more craptacular Legend of Chun-Li movie, makes the previous movie almost f'n shine.
Posted by King Quisling
@SuperXAsh: All I know is I'd take that made for tv Incredible Hulk movie, with the DD in all black and the laughable Thor, over that movie any day. Heck, I could sit through the original Captain America movie, the original Nick Fury movie, the horrible canceled FF movie from the 90's and the 70's B-list Dr.Strange movie. Maybe it's just cuz I value DD as such a deep and conflicted yet utterly badass character that I just can't get pass Ben Affleck boundless pussification of the character. Oh and I get a total stiffy for Bullseye and that one guy who played him just raped the holy hell out of him.
Posted by Korg

The answer is no. No, I will not see a new Daredevil movie.

Posted by Media_Master

Reboot!! Reboot!

Edited by SuperXAsh
@King Quisling:
Ok, fine, good for you. You achieved nothing by telling me any of this, (much less having started on this diatribe) other than prove that we are, in fact, two completely different people. Now you will get off my back for the love of god? Wow, I totally refused to let Ben Affleck's Daredevil movie apparently ruin my entire life. I should totally be riffed on for not completely hating such a movie, when I've seen far worse movies out there in my life that make that the Daredevil movie look like a freaking masterpiece by comparison. 9_9

All I said was that, in my own opinion, it wasn't BAD. That is all... it wasn't a glowing review of recommendation, wasn't me getting a giddy about it, was just me stating... that in the run of things, I've seen WORSE. Maybe next time I'll remember to clarify what is meant so as to not (apparently) insult others by simply using one words to describe my attitudes towards certain movies.
Posted by King Quisling

Lol gotcha man, sorry for getting on your case. I can be pretty critical. 
Posted by AngelFrost

I am a Typhoid Mary fan

But I wouldn't like to see that chick play her!

Posted by aouric

A reboot is a must for DD, I truly felt the movie didn't do the character justice, and we could blame part of it on Marvel for trying too hard to make their dark characters appeal to children to fill the box office. You just can't sugar coat what DD does in Hell's Kitchen, it's the same goes for Ghost Rider and the Punisher movie staring Thomas Jane. 

Think about it... Movies like Xmen - and I mean all of them, and Ironman had the most success out of all of the Marvel Studio movies... Oh and let's not forget the Incredible Hulk also. Those characters to me are more appealing to adults and kids. Your rated R material is the Marvel Knights, there is nothing nice about these guy because their all about justice and vengeance.  

Just imagine some of the elements of Blade (1 & 2) and Sin City place into a DD movie... Man! My thoughts couldn't handle it. It's a recipe for success, for all fanboys who read DD and hardcore action adventure movie fans. Please Marvel - Let the Marvel Knights be who they meant to be.

Posted by aouric

A reboot is badly needed, the DD movie in my opinion hit a low note for Marvel and I don't blame Affleck for it.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

I'm with SuperXAsh on this, DD wasn't all that bad.
On the subject of reboot, not really nessasary, just continue on like the Hulk movie, add some background for his origin (yellow costume, stick, et al), throw in Typhoid, Black Widow, or some other lady love of DD's (Echo!!!) and continue with the story.
Some Gladiator, Mr. Fear, or the Wild Pack thrown in would be fun as well : - D

Posted by Samuraikenpo

she would be a awesome cast pic
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

I don't think she's going to be in a new DD movie. More then likely she'll be in the new Deadpool movie.

Posted by dan1509
Anderson: Agent of SMITH said:
I didn't think that the original Daredevil was that bad, so sue me. It had a lot of references to ... [more]

I'm with you there, I love the way he portrayed him :D
Posted by MoonKnightFan123


Ben Affleck said he wouldn't wanna return cause he's ashmed, if he thinks like that about Dardevil, then he doesn't deserve.

Posted by Vlad Tepes Dracula
@War Killer said:

Villains -

Kingpin (a white one)

what was wrong with the black one?
Posted by War Killer
@Vlad Tepes Dracula said:
"@War Killer said:

Villains -

Kingpin (a white one)

what was wrong with the black one?"
Nothing wrong, I just wanted to see the big guy from the comic book up there throwing Daredevil around
Posted by Vlad Tepes Dracula

: / dont know many fitting actors except the one who plays the thing