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Will Spock Prime Appear In The Next Star Trek Movie?

Will Leonard Nimoy make another appearance in the Star Trek sequel?

Maybe it was a little cheesey but I thought it was kind of cool seeing Leonard Nimoy as "Spock Prime" in the Star Trek movie.  If you seen it, then you know he is still wondering about in the new established continuity.  What will be next for him?  He was set to try to help the remaining Vulcans find a new home after the destruction of their planet.  Sci Fi Wire has posted bits of an interview Nemoy had with Star Trek Communicator.

I have no illusions on whether or not they need me. They decided that they wanted to make this film using Spock as kind of an anchor for the story, which I think worked very, very well. They don't have to do that again. If they decide they have a role for me to play, I would be very interested in talking to them about it. But I have every reason to believe that they have established a whole new set of characters, and they can sail very well without me, and that's fine. Either way is good with me. I am very gratified that this has happened.

Would you like to see more of Spock Prime?  Do you think it'd be weird to see him and the regular (Zachary Quinto) Spock walking around at the same time?  Will other people know that they're basically the same person or will they think they're just distant relatives?
Posted by HarryF25

i actually would like to see more old Spock, not in a huge role but an appearance would be nice

Posted by War Killer

Doesn't matter to me really, I'm just looking forward to the next movie

Posted by Decept-O

The Star Trek movie was great.  I enjoyed seeing Nimoy in it for his bit role but for the follow-up I don't think it's necessary for him to appear again.  Let's face it by the time the second one rolls out he'll have kicked the bucket--or maybe not.  Live long and prosper?  Nimoy's been doing it, along with most of the original Star Trek cast.  They're worse than the Rolling Stones, but in a good way.

Posted by Venom=sickest

isn't he almost 70?

If he can do it, sure, but I don't know how much longer he's going to be around..

Posted by Bruce Vain

I'm always down for more Spock Prime.

I like how Spock kind of had his own Kahn , it being Capt. Nero.

Posted by HaloKing343

I didn't like him in it. I hope that he stays out of Star Trek 2.

Posted by dondasch

I enjoyed seeing Leonard Nimoy in the new Star Trek as I thought he fit in really well with the concept of the movie, that being alternate history.  I am not at all sure if there would be a place for him in the second one really, as they have already used him as an anchor to the past.  Since the continuity has significantly changed, I think that he may have fulfilled their desired vision.  If this is the last Trek to see Leonard Nimoy, then it will be sad but so be it.

Posted by Green ankh

I hope not. I like what JJ did to revamp ST. But it is time to move on. And distance the first show from this new Trek. I think hte more isee if the the series i love the harder it will be for me to keep interested in the new.

Posted by TheBug

I liked Spock Prime, but I'm having a hard time seeing why he needs to be in the next film.

Posted by Knightwraithe

Spock Prime as the anchor/cross over between the "original" and the "new" was great.  I'm not sure how he'd have a future part (especially as he said they've established their own new characters/stories), but I think it would be good to have Spock Prime/Nimoy continue the role.

Props to Nimoy though for answering the question with class!  He's great.

Posted by Media_Master

He's a fine actor and him being in the sequel or not is fine by me

Posted by King Saturn
Spock Prime should come back... that is if he is still alive by then
Posted by Anderson: Agent of SMITH

Spcok Prime is a cool name. I hadn't heard him called that before.

Anyway, I agree with what Nimoy and what most of you guys said. I think either way would be fine.

Posted by Leliel
@War Killer said:
" Doesn't matter to me really, I'm just looking forward to the next movie "
same here!
Posted by glrayner85

I Feel the same way Nimoy Does if there is a role there for him thats great if not then I feel the new characters were established well enough to go on by themselves as the new class of the enterprise. I really enjoyed the reboot, and spock prime was a real treat. so if hes need great if not it was nice to see a kind of passing of the torch moment go on in the reboot.

Posted by Moomin123

I think that he may return. J.J Abrams has considered the idea of bringing William Shatner's Kirk into the sequel. If Shatner comes back then I think Leonard Nimoy will come back too. I'd like it if Walter Koenig returned as Chekov. Two Chekovs on the Enterprise would make quite a comic twist. I don't think it'll be likely though. It doesn't seem like something they'd do.