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Will Mary Jane And "Spider-Man" Get Back Together?

How long will it take for Mary Jane to realize that this isn't the Peter Parker she has known her entire life?

Regardless of what you thought of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700 and the events that have followed, most of us can probably agree that it has been a pretty interesting ride to say the least. There's no question about it; Peter Parker has sure been through a lot lately. Not only is he dead, (having died in Otto Octavius' body in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700), but he also has to deal with one of his greatest adversaries running around living the life he left behind. Not only is Otto web-slinging across New York and working Parker's old job, but he is also hitting on Peter's on-again, off-again girlfriend Mary Jane Watson.


In the most recent issue of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1, there is one scene that stood out to many people in particular: the dinner scene. About halfway through the first issue, "Peter" and Mary Jane share a romantic dinner together -- sort of. In this scene, "Peter" is clearly distracted, and he is obviously not acting like himself. Both the writer and the artist took the liberty of depicting a very different type of character than Peter actually is. From his expression, to his body language, but more specifically; his voice. The way the character in the scene speaks to her and bout his current projects is in a complete contrast from the voice of Peter Parker. When have you ever seen Parker refer to Mary Jane as "dearest"? Beyond that, however, Peter is also shown as something of a pig; visibly distracted by MJ's cleavage as opposed to enjoying her company.


This isn't really the most troubling thing about what's happening between them; that comes in the preview for the second issue.

If you have seen the preview for issue #2 of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN (due to hit comic shop shelves on January 30th) then you may have caught the scene where Mary Jane and Carlie are talking and MJ reveals she "might get back together with Peter." Not only is this bizarre because MJ had sworn off all things Peter Parker, but why doesn't she recognize that Peter is definitely not acting like Peter? If there's one thing Peter isn't is a complete chauvenistic jerk. Beyond that, however, If there is anyone in the Marvel Universe that is supposed to know Peter Parker like the back of her hand, it is Mary Jane Watson.


This is the first person ever to have discovered Peter Parker's identity. She is supposed to be Peter's "one true love" and the woman he is meant to be with. There is no Peter Parker without Mary Jane and vice versa, at least not eventually. This is the woman Peter married in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. This is the woman who agreed to trade in their marriage to Mephisto in order that Peter's Aunt May would survive. You would think that this Mary Jane Watson who remembers everything would know who Peter Parker is and would be able to decipher whether or not this is the Peter Parker that she has grown to love throughout these years. That's the weird thing about this series, though, it's as if she can only see what he looks like and can't see that his personality is completely different. It's actually kind of insulting to her character.


One of the things that I I have grown to appreciate about MJ more recently is that she is being written more intelligently. For a long time she wasn't really portrayed as this very smart character, but lately she seems to be written a bit better. She seems smarter. She owns her own business now and she's doing more than just modeling, which is a great change. I think it's more empowering to her her own a business than strut on a runway (or at least manage to do both). So why is she falling for this jerk? Is it that she is blinded by love, or is she being poorly written?

What do you think? Are you hoping to see Mary Jane end up with this guy posing as Peter Parker?

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Posted by AmazingWebHead

It may happen eventually.

Posted by ChaosBlazer

This Peter is clearly not going to be a permanent installment, so I doubt they will actually get back together for good. Once old Peter is back, maybe. Until then I will try to enjoy this storyline, even though it's kinda weird.

Posted by Ghostbusttyler

Probably. To me, the way that her face was drawn in SS #1 and in the preview for 2, it looks like she's distraught or that she feels something is up and doesn't want to believe it.

Edited by Teerack

So far as more of Mary and Otto is seen in Superior Spider-man it just weakening my view of Mary Jane. I no longer think she loves Peter, but more the idea of Peter.

Posted by akbogert

As one who's never read ASM and who also isn't reading SSM, maybe I'm not qualified to have an opinion, but: no, I don't want to see them "together" in any real capacity until/unless Peter outs his mental intruder completely. I'm equally annoyed by how dense MJ seems to be thus far, and the ultimate insult would be to have her so ignorant to the change as to accept it and him back into her life. I share the feeling with many fellow Viners that any intimacy between the two would be a bit too rapey to tolerate.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I think what is going to happen, and I have thought this from 700, Otto/Peter told Carlie that he was actually Peter. Now they can see things are different with Peter. MJ mentions that she might get back together with Peter and Carlie is going to tell her all about Otto/Peter and it will all be revealed.

Edited by animehunter

I totally agree with everything Babs said in this article and I thoroughly believe that not only will MJ figure things out but that she will play, along with Carlie, a big part in getting Peter back.

Quick correction: regarding the release date, according to Marvel Wikia it will be released next week (30th Jan 2013)

Posted by Barkley

its still the dumbest story in comic book history

Posted by InnerVenom123

Peter's essence won't let it happen, methinks.

Everyone really needs to chill about this.

Posted by Dark_Guyver

Poor poor MJ. Marvel sure does like to rape her every chance they can get. And just like Barkley said, this is definitely the dumbest story in comic book history :-/

Posted by TheMatch328

I think the writer of the article is over reacting to this I think he still acts like Peter it just that sometimes he forgets to be Peter and it very rare moments

Posted by dondave

@ChaosBlazer said:

This Peter is clearly not going to be a permanent installment, so I doubt they will actually get back together for good. Once old Peter is back, maybe. Until then I will try to enjoy this storyline, even though it's kinda weird.


Posted by DaemonTheDemon

This peter and mj thing is old, peter needs to move on and find another love interest like carlie. But I hope to god Otto and mj don't end up together

Posted by FoxxFireArt

So, after creating one of the most broken stories in comic history for the purpose of breaking up Peter and Mary Jane. They're toying with putting them back together. Even if it's actually Octo-Peter. It doesn't change the final outcome when the real Peter comes back. Carlie was more interesting.

I used to be a SPIDER-MAN fan as a kid. I really give up on this series. The fact they even try to sell this as a continuous story is hilarious. It's just going in endless circles. That's boring.

I would add that I've often seen many of the women I know fall for a-holes, then I get to listen to the complain and wonder aloud why they can't meet a nice guy. I was help a friend move a few years back, and her boyfriend at the time just sat on his ass watching TV.

Posted by tupiaz

I think it would be awesome if The new Peter gets MJ pragnat and when the old Peter he is all in your face you get a child that you never got, but not really. But that would just be for the lulz the hole BND/MMD does that I don't feel like reading newer Spider-man. So basically I'm whatever do what you will this character has jump the shark anyway. No haven't read it, but that is clearly the feeling a get and don't feel like reading it would probably do more harm than good.

Edited by mrpandopool

I think the one that is going to uncover everything is Carlie because of what peter said to her in ock's body she didn´t believe him right away but I think she is going to start to doubt when she sees something that could shake up her alarms and then the last one is going to be MJ why? because that is a good reason to keep them separated when peter gets to return to his body. You know the old "how you didn´t see that something was wrong with me if you know me" that could really keep her from staying with Peter after the "superior saga"

Posted by CircularLogic

Honestly, I can't even think about the whole Peter/MJ relationship right now. I honestly believe that this entire run is Slott going "oh no, something terrible is gonna happen... no lol just kidiing"

"Oh no, I'm gonna have Doc Ock kill Peter parker... no lol just kidding"

"Peter won't be Spider-man anymore... NOPE lol here he is, 2 weeks later"

"Peter and MJ are getting back together in a creepy rape scenario... Read on and see how I back-peddle out of this!"

It's just lazy, really.

Posted by bsavelli

It will probably happen BUT THAT FEELS SO DAMN WRONG

Posted by Adriell2124

It's the only problem I have with SSM to be honest..

People not recognizing that the personality change coincides with the death of Doc Ock and with the making a high-tech costume. Maybe they think he's feeling bad about his death?

I don't know..

Posted by Superguy0009e

I haven't read the issue, but if I had to guess, I would have to say that she must be so happy to be back with Peter that she is now blinding herself to his new mannerisms.

IDK, just my opinion

Posted by Grey56

Lame Marvel plot is lame. And lame some more.

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

hahah I dunno, maybe after "Dr Spider-Pus" (yes...this is what my 7yr old has grown to call him lol) Stares at her chest ...again, and calls her a simpleton and a ignoramus a few times she will get the hint.

Posted by lykopis

@akbogert said:

As one who's never read ASM and who also isn't reading SSM, maybe I'm not qualified to have an opinion, but: no, I don't want to see them "together" in any real capacity until/unless Peter outs his mental intruder completely. I'm equally annoyed by how dense MJ seems to be thus far, and the ultimate insult would be to have her so ignorant to the change as to accept it and him back into her life. I share the feeling with many fellow Viners that any intimacy between the two would be a bit too rapey to tolerate.

All of this.

Plus, If Slott plans on having MJ play this out as though she's attracted to this new "bad boy" change of personality, I am going to hurl. It's not just a regression in terms of MJ's character (as pointed out in this article) but also feeding the idea mature intelligent women find @ssholes attractive is cheap. Maybe Black Cat, but not MJ.

Posted by FatFriar_16

Woah... Beside the point. But, way to bring back sad memories with Mephisto there... :'(

Posted by StMichalofWilson

How long will it take for Mary Jane to realize that this isn't the Peter Parker she has known her entire life?

When she's *puts on sunglasses* gets knocked the F**** up


Posted by SpitfireINK

@FatFriar_16: Brought this up myself a couple of times already. This is how Peter will get his body back and make a Second Deal in the process of doing so. This is going to drag out for some time before Peter actually takes the initiative to confront Mephisto about the deception - perhaps Aunt May dying (yet again because Mephisto believes Peter broke his deal?). Just not sure what Mephisto might ask for in return this time - ?

Either way - this is how it will happen - "All the Signs point to ... YES !"

Posted by fullmetaladam

Damn!!! Peter didn't act that much of a jackass (Can I say that word here? lol) during Spider-man 3 when being controlled by the symbiote. Though at least this time we don't have to put up with Tobey Maguire acting all lecherous so honestly I prefer this one. I hope "Peter" and MJ don't get up to any hanky panky but I just wonder if maybe once they do she'll know that isn't Peter as during "Spider Island" she was the last person to get powers due to her one time "Closeness" to Peter Parker. Or better yet they let the story run and run for years, MJ gets pregnant and the baby turns out to be Peter. Yet none of that would be weirder or diabolical as Doc Ock taking Peter's body to begin with.

Posted by FatFriar_16

@SpitfireINK: Idk... It's a neat idea. But, I think they can be more original. It would be better if they used some of Strange's magic or some good being/divinity (THEY HAVEN'T BROUGHT UP ETERNITY AND INFINITY IN FOREVER)... If they are going the Mephisto route Pete should realize that Satan really messed him over and go to someone else. And, I'm not sure that they're going to reverse it all (although, I truly hope so and have stopped subscribing to this other Spider-Man). They might just move Ock out of Parker's head instead of remarrying and correcting what should have been the proper space-time continuum.

Posted by blofeld666

GTFO yes while Otto spidey is using his powers to the "max" (intelligence & strength) one has to admit that every one who knew Pete would know the difference or notice the change in personality and ask questions like Logan + Matt, so how is it that someone who knew Pete in / out of the mask like MJ & May can't? Besides MJ has been shown as a intelligent girl b4 SSM but now " we have to dumb her down a bit" so she can't tell the difference? Next thing u know she will be smart again, then dumb, then smart once more lolz Love the way marvel is going around the OMD effect by creating "exceptions"

Posted by BritishMonkey

She better realise it's not really Peter. She's smart enough to pick it up and if she doesn't then Aunt May better notice.

But it probably may not be after a while when Peter comes back they'll be back together. It'll happen though.

Posted by Earth616

I don't honestly get how no one can tell- Isn't Wolverine supposed to be able to smell when people are lying?? Why can't he smell that Spock is lying on a regular basis?!?! AND HOW COULD MJ NOT TELL!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

Posted by saiyan_earthling

It's possible.

Posted by iancoderre3

I want to know why MJ in ASM 700 was taking off PeterOck's shirt and was like "Oh, your Spider-Man." And I know there wasn't a question mark at the end of her sentence. So was her just remembering that he is Spidey because she was caught up in a moment with him? And I think MJ is to blinded by love for him and this will eventually cause her to never love him again when she realizes whats going on.

Posted by MajorHenry

Hell no, I do not want M.J to end up if this peter parker.They are just killing my childhood hero!

Posted by benette_rivera

i was just wondering, what if someone with telepathic abilitites, (prof. X or Emma) happens to read Superior Spider-man's mind? Will they be able to tell if it's really not peter?

Posted by Trodorne

Its a plain and simple fact. Girls like assholes.

Posted by HollowPrince665

I think that it should happen...with Peter being 'back' maybe something will happen with time.

Edited by JoseDRiveraTCR7

@Babs said:

For a long time she wasn't really portrayed as this very smart character

This isn't true at all.

Posted by The_Grey_Queen

please, please, please!!! get Peter back, and not the Doc Ock-Spidey whatever Marvel has concoted, this better not be permanent, and Mary Jane and the real 'Peter Parker' are meant to be together!!!!

Posted by TrueMarvel

Awesome! Mary jane is depicted as an complete idiot(complete insult to women imo) and we get implied rape scenes!!!

This is the best story ever!

/heavy sarcasm

Posted by freeballer

fake spider-man is acting like a world class twat. I hope this ruse doesn't last long and we can go back to good old spider-man. I realize wolverine couldn't just sniff the air and say he's an imposter, or daredevil use his.... uh, whatever that power is called.. But Mary Jane should be able to tell from 50yrs away this jerkoff is anything but peter parker. Especially since she knows of his secret identiy, and the chaos his life goes through.. Or Aunt May. Jeesh what a creepy first encounter that'll be, since doc ock once wanted to marry her.

Posted by roboadmiral

To be fair, the logical jump from "the man I love is acting very strangely" to "the man I love has had his body possessed by one of his greatest enemies" is one of Grand Canyon proportions. It's not the sort of thing you make your first, second, third, or 25th choice to answer the questions posed by unusual behavior.

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

I think Carlie will reveal what Ock told her in 700 to MJ because MJ can see Peter isn't himself. She has wanted to get back with him since before Spider-Island. But not that she can she isn't sure because he is acting different. I think that might be the reasoning for how she is acting. She wants to be with Peter, like Ock said in 700 ("Why do you hang around me?"), but he isn't himself and she isn't sure.

Her conversation with Carlie will lead to her finding out what ock told Carlie in 700 and lead to MJ and Carlie knowing the truth. and being part of Peter's return. Its not that she is acting weak or being stupid.

Posted by thecomicscove

I really think everyone needs to chill about this.

What everyone here seems to be conveniently forgetting is the effect of dramatic irony on our perception of the story. We the readers have been aware of the Parker-Octavius switch for about a month at this point. The characters of the Marvel Universe, aside from Ock and Peter, have absolutely no awareness of what's actually happened. What's been portrayed in the comics with the new Spidey could be condensed into a week or two. Not only do we have the advantage of knowing what the characters don't, but I think it's a fair argument that these events aren't occurring at the same rate of time for us as they are in the comics.

How many issues has the new Superior Spider-Man been portrayed in at this point? We can count them on one hand. (seriously, 5 issues. ASM 700, AvSM 15.1 and 16, Daredevil 22, and SSM 1)

This is the kind of thing that will take time to work out for those who don't already know what's going (i.e., anyone who isn't the reading public). They are missing a VITALLY important piece of information, and are needing to work things out. I don't think it's mere coincidence that in the few appearances of SSM, he's been placed alongside those with enhanced senses, like Wolverine and the X-Men, Daredevil, and so forth, all of whom have noted the surface differences in his personality, but who couldn't prove anything conclusively, because things like his scent, heart rate, and other personal signatures remained the same as when they knew him previously. If these people, with their enhanced senses, can't see a big enough difference to act on it, then why should MJ? It was only when faced with the possibility of Rachel Grey, a psychic, scanning his mind that SSM panicked, and put on a show to "prove" he was the real deal.

(Personally, I can't wait for a psychic to scan him. I think Octavius's fears are well-founded here. He'd be outed in a hot minute.)

Which brings up another point. Octavius, while arrogant and often dismissive, isn't stupid. He uses what he has to rather brilliant effect, including his knowledge of Parker's personality and quirks. He has the ability to cover for his lapses, and at least at this early point in time after the switch, it should be enough.

I also take issue with people's charges that MJ is being written as some vacuous, unobservant moron in the wake of all this. I think if anything, MJ has noticed his changes, and commented on them appropriately. Given that, from her and the rest of the world's point of view, Peter has just dealt with the death of an old foe, it's not inappropriate that she may be withholding judgment of these new quirks for a little while. She commented negatively on his drinking, had to call his attention to her when he was staring at her chest, and has made at least a couple of remarks noticing the differences in his speech. While we may not have seen her fully developed reaction to all of this (yet), I don't think it's fair to get upset because she hasn't kicked him to the curb immediately or called the Avengers to investigate him. Peter is, after all, very close to her, and she feels she owes him the benefit of some time and dialog.

I'd also point out that MJ doesn't exactly seem thrilled about telling Carlie that she's thinking of getting back together with Peter in the panels featured above.

Plus, remember that Carlie is one of the few to encounter Peter when he was in Ock's dying body in ASM 700. He TOLD her that he was Peter Parker, in Ock's body. It was shown that she didn't believe him at the time, but since he mentioned both her and MJ in that little snippet, I'm thinking it might be a possibility that she'd mention that gem to MJ during this conversation. If that happens, you can bet it will affect the existing relationship MJ has with Octo-Spidey in a HUGE way.

We as readers need to give this story time to develop and stop panicking that OMG EVERYTHING IS BEING RUINED!! Hang on and enjoy the ride. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Dan Slott will not fail us.

Posted by Sniper_King

I think that she knows that Peter isn't Peter and trying to find out where is the real one is, by getting close to the fake one.

Posted by akbogert

@lykopis said:

It's not just a regression in terms of MJ's character (as pointed out in this article) but also feeding the idea mature intelligent women find @ssholes attractive is cheap.

@Trodorne said:

Its a plain and simple fact. Girls like assholes.


Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I hope MJ finds out that Pete is not Pete in Superior Spider-man #2

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Eventually yeah I can see it happen. Do I want it to happen? No way.

Posted by Karkarov

Pretty sure it is just terrible writing. In fact everything about that dinner scene is pretty much terrible, including the art. I find it hard to believe everyone in the room wasn't giving "peter" the "Who is that jackass?" stare.

Posted by EscGamer

I don't want it to happen but it just might, let's face it hot girls love the a-holes. it's a fact in everyday society soooo yeah I can believe it'll happen and MJ won't see it till after the "intimacy" issues. We'll pete could be behind the wheels when things go down like he was in SSM 1 and AvengingSM 15.1 and Otto is just caught up in the ride not knowing wtf is going on but who knows. The effect this will have on Pete and MJ's relationship when he does return will make for good stories thou.

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