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Will Mark Wahlberg Play The Crow?

They're still remaking the Crow?

If you're still not aware, let us fill you in, the 1994 cult classic, The Crow, based off the comic book series, is being remade. The original film was about a man named Eric Draven who was murdered. He comes back to life to hunt down his fiance's murderer. Brandon Lee played the role of Eric, but tragically died during the filming. 
According to many sources, including EmpireOnline, Mark Wahlberg has been offered the lead role in the film. The new film will take place in Detroit and it is being written by Nick Cave and Stephen Norrington. So far, Wahlberg has not accepted the role.
It seems the film is not going to be a remake, but more of a new story in the Crow universe. A lot of sites seem to be down on Wahlberg in the role, but I'll be the first to admit that I think it would be awesome. Maybe it's because I really enjoy a few of Wahlberg's films. He's an experienced actor, who has proven many times he has what it takes to pull off great dramatic roles: The Departed, Rock Star, Four Brothers, Invincible, etc. In all honesty, I don't see the point of doing another Crow film, when there has been only one good one (the first one obviously). The sequels were nothing compared to the original, but if it has to be done, why not put Mark Wahlberg in the role? What do you guys think? Would Mark Wahlberg do the Crow justice? If not, who would you like to see play the lead role of the new film?
Posted by Crom-Cruach

I can't see Walberg as the crow, sorry.

Posted by Danial79

Can't really see it...

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I can see him do well in a new film for the franchise but not in a remake of the original. Damn remakes need to stop.

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Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah no.

Posted by dondasch

Nope.  Wouldn't even bother with this.  Brandon Lee already defined the role, no need for someone like Mark Wahlberg to remake it.

Posted by Om1kron

only if they promise that it will be a blockbuster just like max payne.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I am not sure they should make another Crow, and then I am not sure Walberg should be the Crow anyway.

Posted by Aiden Cross

For me there is only one crow. And to be honest, I wouldn't really want to see a new Crow movie because I don't believe they can ever reach the original.

Posted by Darkchild

no...hes a cool actor but no....

Posted by Skogen

Isn't Wahlberg like 5'2? Either way, I just don't see him in that role.

Posted by xerox_kitty

I just can't picture it.  He's too built.  The Crow needs to be tall & slender.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Not really seeeing it... 
Posted by the_fallen11

Guys calm down, its not that big of a deal, the whole idea of "The Crow" is a cool idea I know that I would like to see more from the crow universe, yes I agree Brandon Lee did it the best, but let us remember that we all had the same reaction when Heath Ledger was casted as the Joker I know I was guilty of it, hell I'm guilty of it now, No I cannot see Wahlberg as the Crow, but I'm willing to give him a chance, dont be so quick to close the book on him, who knows if this rumor is true, he might end up surprising all of us.

Posted by Bruce Vain

This is terrible - but it's just a rumor so I don't care. 
I always thought Trent Reznor from NIN would've been a good Crow.
Posted by turoksonofstone


Posted by Green ankh

Just look how good Walbergs Planet of the Apes was.  
oh wait that was total shit.

Posted by AmazingSpiderMike

Well, it can't be as worse as Planet of the Apes.

Posted by Decept-O

Just quit beating the dead horse that is The Crow.  The first movie was sufficient, don't need any more.
Posted by Mumbles

how does he keep getting work? same actor in every film

Posted by Thunderscream

Why do we need another Crow movie? The first one was fine. 
Don't get me wrong, any excuse to bare those abs is enough for me, I'd just rather see them on a character we haven't already seen.

Posted by EdwardWindsor

My opinion on a crow remake in general can be summed up in two words...... Hell No.

Posted by WickedWays
@lazystudent: Well, in their defense, it is not a remake.  Supposedly, it's a totally new Crow story.  BUT, I do agree with you.  For how awful the "sequels" have been, another one doesn't need to be made.
Posted by skaarason

he's a great actor for sure , but leave the crow alone

Posted by NXH

As much as I love Mark Walhberg as an actor, I would prefer to not see his face painted white and looking like a mime man. Hopefully he has learnt his lesson when he made that movie called Max Payne. *shiver*

Posted by ReverseNegative


Posted by Dr. Detfink

Finally a movie to vindicate Crow: City of Angels with Iggy Pop.

Posted by EnSabahNurX


Posted by Ston3face
Im not sure i would call him a great actor but he's ok.
Posted by alex frost

Sorry but just dont see him playing that roll. They need a younger actor.
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Well Mat looks like you need to update this story. Cause Stephen Norrington just left the project after working on it for 18 months. 
Here's a few quotes of what he had said -  

"As I had gotten involved explicitly as a writer-director my exit was inevitable. I was bummed. I had developed a genuinely authentic take that respected the source material while moving beyond it, and Nick Cave came in and added more depth. I think the fans would have been pleasantly surprised," said Norrington.


"I don't know about that story but I can tell you I'm no longer involved with The Crow," Norrington said.  -  referring to the Wahlberg rumor. He also included another big name actor had approached him in being involved with that, but now since Stephen has left, That name will probably be unknown to us.
He did have a comment about Wahlberg if another director could make him work for his vision of the movie - 
"I will say I think Wahlberg could be cool if they take a gritty blue-collar approach. He's a truthful actor. I think he could really ground the supernatural stuff," said Norrington.      
Perhaps this is a sign that they should leave The Crow series alone and move on to something else.


Posted by jamdown

MARKY MARK IS GONNA BE THE CROW!!!!!!! i can't see it happening
Posted by Son_of_Magnus

James O'Barr just had a stroke 

Posted by NightFang

I want a new Crow movie, but not with this guy!    

Posted by Psykhophear

Next thing you know, Hollywood is gonna screw up with the gun blasting sequence. One shot to the guy who plays the Crow and next thing you'll know, "whoops, wrong bullet...again!" 
The remake is unnecessary. It's just a lousy gimmick to make more money and disappoint the fans even more. Thanks but no thanks. 

Posted by the darknessss

a remake is stupid!!  ,another story is more what should happen,but wahlberg??!! pls no,thats just plain wrong,the guy is a ok actor,but certain roles need certain actors,its like arnie playing lead role in the pianist,wouldnt work,,,,,come to think of that adrien brody would work as a crow role,thin,strangely sorta cool,guy,and can act with the best of them,just no wahlberg!!!!!
Posted by _Cain_

no this is it  
1. he's to short and not enough muscle  
2. on the heath ledger comparision well if you are comparing heath to mark wahlberg in the drama department well.......................... 
3. who's with me that we shouldn't let a guy whose nickname was markie mark and his friends the funky bunch play a near zombiefied man hell bent on kill multiple criminals