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Wil Wheaton Says Watchmen Is "F###ing Awesome"

What does the self-professed geek think of the anticipated movie?

Look, it's Wil in the Comic Vine office!
You may recall the recent interview I did with Wil Wheaton for his role of voicing Ted Kord on "Brave and the Bold." Wil's a cool guy and is proud of his geekiness.  He's admittedly a big a comic fan as well.  He recently had the chance to see an early screening of Watchmen and posted about it on his blog

So here's what someone that has no stakes in the movie thought:
It's the best movie inspired by a graphic novel that I've ever seen. It could have gone wrong in a thousand different places, and it didn't. I've wanted to see this movie for twenty years, and it was entirely worth the wait. Hear me now, my fellow geeks: you have nothing to worry about. Watchmen is fucking awesome.

You can read his full thoughts and experience at his blog.  This is good to hear.

Posted by King Saturn
I simply cant wait for this movie... they need to bump up the release date like a week or so... the suspence is killing my soul literally...
Posted by Detective

i havn't looked foward to a movie liek this so bad, i cant wait for the release

Posted by Decept-O

Detective and King Saturn are in the same boat as I am,  my geek anticipation level has been turned up to "11" now having read this from Wheaton.  Great news!!