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Why You Should Give AME-COMI A Look

We are absolutely loving DC's weekly digital AME-COMI series, and we think you will too.

We don't talk a lot about digital comics, but there a lot of them out there that are really good, so perhaps we should! For those of you who prefer to read your comics on a computer or iPad screen, you have probably been reading comics digitally for a long time now; but did you know that some comics are released only digitally? Meaning that they are not in print and are often available weekly? One great example of this is DC's AME-COMI comic series. The series, released on a weekly basis by DC comics via Comixology and the DC Comics app focuses on DC's most prominent heroines including Power Girl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Batgirl. In the series, the girls join together to fight off a common enemy. Yet, what started as a series that was based on the Ame-Comi collectible figurines has turned out to be a really rather entertaining series featuring some of DC's coolest characters. Not only that, but much of the tone and the feel of this series may remind you of stories you read pre-New 52. If you are not yet reading AME-COMI, here are a few reasons why we think you should be.

One of the cool things about this series is that it takes popular characters in the DC universe and creates female versions of them. Take, for example, Duela Dent. Duela is a central figure in this series, starring front and center as the main adversary to the Ame-Comi heroines. She's banded together Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Catwoman to take down characters like Batgirl, Robin and Natasha Irons. However, the first issue in the Duela Dent AME-COMI series focuses specifically on her back-story. The story opens with a look at Duela's childhood; retracing the importance of her father and how his criminal activity molded her character. Unlike the Joker that we see in Batman comics, there is little left to mystery and imagination in regards to Duela's motives. However, you'll likely find that her character is similar and just as psychotic as Batman's biggest rival.

== TEASER ==

Natasha Irons is like the female version of Steel (John Henry Irons). When we are first introduced to her character in AME-COMI: BATGIRL #3, she's building her very own suit -- much like when we would see Steel in print comics. It's a great moment and her conversation with Robin really showcases both her snark and her intellect. Interestingly enough, although these characters might be very similar to the characters we see in the comics (Duela and Natasha) they are still unique and different from their male counterparts; Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have given them their own personalities, characteristics and backstories.

Yet, a lot of what we see in this series might also remind you of the events, characters and personalities we saw in pre-New 52 DC universe. Take for example the way that Kara (Power Girl) is written in the series. Not only is her costume very similar to the way we used to see her, but she's snarky and really smart. Jimmy and Justin do a great job conveying her personality as a sassy, powered-up, no-nonsense chick.

This universe really feels cohesive too, in that the stories each connect to one another. The series is split into three-issue volumes and each volume focuses on an individual character. The first volume and first three issues of the series focused on Wonder Woman, for example. In it we saw a rather spoiled, temperamental warrior Princess who still has a lot of growing up to do. That volume ended with the third issue and the direction of the series turned to Batgirl. Yet, even though the story moves away from Wonder Woman and those first three issues, it still feels cohesive because there is clearly a bigger picture and story. It will be interesting to see just how Justin and Jimmy bring these characters together.

A complaint some people have had with the Ame Comi line of figurines is that they might be a little bit too risqué. Yet, even though the characters look pretty provocative, the way they are written really changes the perception of their characters. They don't feel overexposed or oversexed. Plus, it's a fun series to read.

AME-COMI is released digitally every week via Comixology and the DC app, which means you won't have to wait an entire month to get your fix. If you do prefer the printed format, the first issue featuring Wonder Woman was released on October 10, with the second due on November 14. Check out the series and let us know if it's something you enjoy. What other digital comics do you enjoy reading?

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Posted by TheCheeseStabber

Well ok then...

Posted by mtbmonkey

I've been thinking about this title. It looks good. Might be an interesting read. Thanks for the review Sara.

Posted by krspaceT

First post, and never thought I'd actually see a comic gal point out the flaws in their dress...

Posted by GR2Blackout

So, it's basically the same thing as that Earth-16 thing or whatever it is?

Posted by anarchyclown

Alright, have to ask Babs, do you mean she's an all new character or new in this context? Because D Dent has been around since the mid 70s

Posted by jrock85

Misandry aside, the Wonder Woman issue was great!

Posted by SmashBrawler

@GR2Blackout said:

So, it's basically the same thing as that Earth-16 thing or whatever it is?

Earth 11; it's similar, but there's no Superwoman, Batwoman or Wonder Man, instead there's Power Girl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman, all of them wearing ridiculous anime-ish outfits.

It's a fun series, though.

Edited by Twentyfive

I got an ipad (1st gen) for free the other day. I'm definitely going to check this out. And I may buy comics more now as well.

Posted by webling

I don't have room in my budget for it, but I have been enjoying reading Batman Beyond digitally minus the awkward endings editorial put in by splitting issues in half into their 99 cent chapters. The plus of the chapters for the consumer is that there is less of a wait in between story, but the negative is that DC is excluding those titles from possible future sales. In iOS the lowest price to charge money for something is 99 cents and by making them separate chapters each priced accordingly they cannot lower the price without literally giving them away.

Posted by bladewolf

I totally disagree with you: this series has been a huge let down. The #1 issues of Wonder Woman and Power Girl were good, but other than that they all felt flat, rushed, and lacking substance. The art is also pretty sub-par (especially in Power Girl). Honestly, use your digital comic money for when DC has its 99 cent sales of classic comics.

Posted by Kneepawn

I actually love some of the designs for this. Especially the one for brainiac. I might honestly pick up this title just for that. Haha

Edited by FoxxFireArt
Ame-Comi: Cassandra Cain Batgirl

Surprised to see you defending anything even tangentially anime related, Babs.

What? These are on Comixology? I just checked my Kindle Fire Comixology App and I can't find these. I can't find any DC comics. You have any idea how weird it is to put "Batman" into a comic site search and get no responses?

I always liked the Wonder Woman Ame-Comi uniform. I loved that it had a lot of the Greek armor design elements. Bat Girl's suit is awesome. Was never too fond of the Catwoman one, but it's hard to compare to what she currently has. I really like how they do the cape on the Power Girl costume.

Posted by Imagine_Man15

I might check this out

Edited by x_29

No thanks.

Posted by SmashBrawler

Not gonna lie, I started out reading this series out of boredom and I'm kinda hooked now. I especially dig the liberties they take with the DCU, it's very refreshing.

That said, I'm still mad 'cause they gave Jade a Rot Lop Fan-esque oath. Not cool.

Posted by RoTheKid

Great article, Sara! Admittedly, I was reluctant to read this because of how provocative the figurines looked. I thought it was going to be all skin, some action, and not much intelligence. Which is funny to say considering I'm a guy, but I like smart heroines, which I think is sexy. But since you're recommending the series, Sara, I'll give some a shot! Thanks!

Posted by evilvegeta74

This looks excellent!

Posted by TheCrowbar

@Babs: Is the artwork for wonder woman done by someone different? It's the thing that killed the PG series for me.

Posted by noj

@FoxxFireArt:it seems like there may be a bit of bad blood between kindle and DC because DC books aren't available on the Kindle Fire. You can still read DC comics on it but it takes a little more work. You have to purchase the comics on either comixologys website or DC's and then go to your purchased comics tab on the Kindle comixology app and download them to the kindle from there.

Posted by 672253

I started reading these because I have 4 of the PVC figures, I reckon this is a great series. Nice breather from all the 52 stuff.

Posted by MisterKetch

As someone who used to be a big anime fan I really shouldn't have been caught off guard by branaiac's tentacles givin PG the squeeze...

AmeComi does prove that plot can exist side by side with fan service. It is also an entertaining read, especially Duela's character, not to mention the female Flash is a very interesting take on the character.

Posted by fodigg

Batgirl looks effing awesome in that.

Posted by Azrael66

The light hearted humour in some of those excerpts actually makes this look like a fun book. Might be worth checking out.

Posted by Nova`Prime`

I am just curious where are all the outraged comic fans when this site previews comics that include Vampirella, Dejah Thoris, or any other scantily clad female comic lead?

Posted by BatWatch

Looks fun.

I can attest that Legends of the Dark Knight is an excellent digital semi-exclusive. (it comes out weekly online. They have only recently released a hard copy. Who knows if they will again?) It is by far my favorite Batman series because it changes creative teams almost every week. You never get bored with it.

Posted by RockyRaccoon37
Edited by Judge_Dredd

I agree, Ame-Comi is cool stuff. I skipped the Dent and Batgirl minis, the previews didn't grab me, but I've read the rest of the minis and the ongoing, all very entertaining.

As for Vampirella mentioned above, she's cool too. As for anime, needless to say there is tons of great anime at all times.

Posted by sora_thekey

I enjoy this series a lot!

@FoxxFireArt: The app for some reason doesn't allow any DC Comics purchases but if you buy them online they do appear on the app listed in your purchased comics for download.

Posted by The_jackolantern

The wonder women ame has just come out in comic like 2 weeks ago

Posted by tyciol

Cool although I'm not entirely clear on where to go read this...

Posted by TheJokerha

Poor Harley! Smacked into a tree like George of The Jungle. From what I see of her costume, I like it better than any of the variants I've seen since her original.

The art style might take a little getting used to, but this seems to have a real sense of fun with out getting too silly. I may have to try it. As much as I enjoy the darker and more series stories I also like to pick up one with a lighter tone that doesn't take itself to seriously.

Posted by Eyz

sounds like a more fun DCU than the DCnU!

And isn't this what entertainment should always be about: FUN!?

Posted by kagato

Nice article! I had been meaning to pick this up for sometime since its been mentioned on the Podcast a fair bit but never got around to it. Ill download the first 5 of 6 tonight, im a fan of anime/manga and dc/marvel so should be a match made in heaven lol, also really liked manga spiderman, manga x men, manga spawn, manga star wars and manga star trek ^_^

Posted by cbishop

It seems there are some cool story moments in this series. Based on the characters' appearances, I had no interest in this series. It seems kind of like Avatar designing for DC characters.

Posted by Agent_Prince

The Wonder Woman Ame-Comi was excellent. The rest was very 'meh'

Posted by cloudzackvincent

hv been reading this since the very beginnin.. great series

Posted by Dedpool

I loved the statues and love the art. I hope this gets released in trade form!!

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

great series!! The wonder woman book was just a lot of fun to read and liked the uniform and armaments they decided to go with for her a lot too. Power Girl seems like she is the big cheese in this universe, while WW may match her strength, Power Girls' brains and confidence puts her ahead of the class, Batgirl and Robin remind a bit of Hit-Girl less violent of course, but spunky and feisty teen heroes.

If your a fan of the classic DC super-ladies this is a great line of books if you ca swing the cash to pick them up

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

You're wrong, this isn't available only digitally, though the print release is REALLY far behind. The Wonder Woman issue just came out.

Posted by Delphic

I can say firsthand that this series is actually pretty good, it's just that a lot of people are put off by the art style. I've been an advocate for this series since it came out though.

Posted by DarkChris

The moment I saw the title of the article, I knew it was Babs.

Posted by bill930505

Even if all of us have different opinions before reading, we should read them and leave our perceptions. I've been already buying and reading each issue each week, and it gets better every time. Do these girls talk about overexposal? NO. Do they talk about oversex? NO. They each tend to have motivational backgrounds that help them beat out the villains of the ongoing universe. If all you haters who don't want to read the book because of those problems (to yourselves), then go ahead and make the series end. Not saying this to hurt the lovers, but those who have no idea what's going on in these books and hate them first, should read every dialogue of each issue. Versions like these have no connection to any other version from the original origins of themselves, even ones from the New 52. That's how they need to be in an independent universe. I hope that unexpected versions of these heroines and villainesses that weren't even figures yet would appear in the story arc, "The Chosen". I'd pick Starfire since many fans want to see her as a figurine helming a Star Sapphire look. This is a fan art as an example;=Ame+Comi#/d5iobgc . The name's within the name, Starfire in a Star Sapphire. Many fans may want to give requests on those versions at . The universe has begun. And the personalities of these females are something to never ever forget. One last note, it would be acceptable for you to not shut me up after reading my comment. Thank You.

Posted by The_jackolantern

This is actually a really fun story I got them in digi style and I'm thinking I might even get it in comic when I see it tomorrow!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Oh I'm signed up for the Ame Comi Girls ongoing in print as well as Legends of the Dark Knight. Can't wait for the first issue when I get my holds on Halloween! :)

Posted by Rumble Man

Peej is still peej

Posted by Spideycap

You make a good argument. I love alternate takes on characters, so I might have to check this out.

Posted by DarthLydia

I read the first WW and Power Girl leading to into Supergirl and I felt like my brain was turning to mush. It was the same kind of dialog you find in a typical episode of Sailor Moon. I could even hear the badly dubbed english voiceover in my head as I was reading it. The only positive thing I can say it the art. The girls are blazing hot.

Posted by whitelantern64

I wanted to get this comic for my younger female cousin, I thought the premise of girl power sounded interesting, which would be different than the comics that I can usually show her (either they're too kid-like or they're male centric). That being said, I'm glad that I read this comic before giving this to her, the girls wear such skimpy costumes, (it was so bad the characters themselves remarked on it) that I felt like I was reading something dirty. My aunt and uncle not to mention her older sister, would have killed me for giving her this comic. Its a good comic for older readers, but not something that I would go out of my way to pick up since I can't give them to my coz and I'm already reading a lot of comics.

Posted by KZR

Female Flash rocks, Power Girl rocks (this is how she should be written). I've said my peace.

Posted by BiteMeTechieToo

I was honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed the initial series of one-shots and I've been buying the ongoing since it launched (haven't had a chance to catch up with those yet, though...) Ame-Comi is ten times more fun than anything else in the DC New 52 right now. I miss Amanda Conner, though. She really brought something special to the Wonder Woman storyline.

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