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Why Can't Ghostbusters Be a Monthly Comic?

If ‘Bustin’ Makes You Feel Good, Why Not Do It Once a Month?

When I make my comic purchase decisions, I stick mostly to the Big 2. I used to get Spawn, but lost interest after he killed the twins and became unto a god. I used to pick up Star Wars, but the expanded universe became too expanded for me and I couldn’t keep up with all the titles. I used to buy G.I. Joe, but after they re-launched and re-imagined it after only a few dozen issues for the umpteenth time in my life, I finally decided to relinquish my greenshirt status.   But there is always one title that no matter what, I pick it up, and then have my heart broken when I find out it’s just a mini-series. Ghostbusters.

  This Mr. Stay Puft's okay! He's a sailor, he's in New York; we get this guy laid, we won't have any trouble!  

So this week I got my hopes up one more time when I saw something that could never possibly destroy us, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, on the cover of another IDW comic. But my hopes would again be dashed, as this time the comic was only the first of two Ghostbusters related parts of a massive IDW inter-brand arc called Infestation. And this made me start to think, why can’t the boys in gray who slug it out with pretty pesky poltergeists get their own regular monthly series?

Could IDW be waiting to see if Bill Murray decides to finally officially sign on board for a third Ghostbusters movie so Columbia Pictures can give it the final go ahead and then IDW in turn capitalizes on a popularity surge?   Maybe, but does Ghostbusters really need that? And do you really want something like the possibility of a monthly comic hanging on the whims of Bill Murray? == TEASER ==

With Blu-ray sales, special edition releases, a hugely successful modern video game in 2009 (it sold 1 million units in its first four weeks of availability) and another downloadable one coming out in two weeks (Sanctum of Slime), you could argue that Ghostbusters has been cultivating its fan base pretty well for a while now. The best time to strike is while the iron is hot, folks.    

 Could a comic following the rookie be the way to go?

If anything, the success of the video game gives even more reason as to why a monthly comic would work after the seeming success of comics based off games like Gears of War. I wouldn’t mind picking up a comic that centered around the rookie from the games working with the originals a little bit more and this would help to keep the title’s storylines fresh and introduce new characters into the canon. Or if you follow the plot of the game to the letter and have the rookie open up his own branch of the franchise in another city, you could actually have multiple Ghostbusters books at once as one follows the rookie and another follows the originals.

 Ghostbusters: Infestation Alternate Cover B 

Not to mention that this in turn could create a way to write off Peter Venkman if need be so Columbia Pictures could move forward with the movie down the line and not have the fan base revolt too much. Make the rookie a wise-ass to replace him. He never talks in the games so he’s like a clean slate and the third movie was rumored to be about training replacements anyway.

Beyond the current worth of the franchise though, something that Ghostbusters has going for it that a lot of those other comic series have (except Spawn) that helps maintain them as moneymakers even today and has these independent comic publishers keep bringing them back over and over is the nostalgia factor.

A lot of my friends and I weren’t even born when the first Ghostbusters movie came out, and yet it is easily the movie we quote the most to each other and I always stop flipping through the channels on my TV when the movie is on Comedy Central. I didn’t know Arsenio Hall because of his late night show, I knew him because he played the voice of Winston in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon. I had a box of Hi-C Ecto Cooler in my Batman lunchbox everyday. I know I’m not alone in those facts so again I ask: After two decades, why can’t we have a monthly Ghostbusters comic? Do I need to tell someone about the Twinkie?

Of course, there is that elephant in the room of figuring out who would write a monthly Ghostbusters comic. We might need to consult Tobin’s Spirit Guide for this one, but with the gritty horror/mystery genre gaining steam with titles like Locke & Key and The Walking Dead, I’m sure there are some people who would be willing to experiment and strike a balance between the humor we’ve come to know and love from the Ghostbusters franchise with maybe a darker tone. Or how about just have the guys who have been doing all these mini-series do it full-time? I’ve enjoyed the mini-series and I think that’s why it is even worse when I know the end is coming so quickly.

 How did Harold Ramis feel about his name being as big as Rick Moranis' on the movie poster? 

And if a third movie doesn’t ever get made, which is the most likely scenario as sad as it is to say, you could have the script that Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis were working on converted into a comic book arc or even have them do a guest arc once every few years. Then again, I might have better luck catching a class 5 full roaming vapor with my bare hands on that one.

Let us know what you guys think. Would you want to see a monthly Ghostbusters comic? Or are you satisfied with these occasional mini-series? As a duly designated representative of the City, County, and State of New York, I order you to cease any and all supernatural activity and return forthwith to your place of origin or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension and comment below! And yes, I am a god.

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I would like a monthly comic.

Edited by Doctor!!!!!

That would be nice chang of pace for them... since the third movie may not get off the ground in some time.
Posted by shawn87

They should have a monthly comic

Posted by CrimsonAvenger

If it become's a full series then I can say I'll be buying because busting makes me feel good.

Posted by G-Man

Yes, monthly comic!

Staff Online
Posted by CasimirAngel

I'd love to see it!
Posted by xMattxxrT


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Who ya gonna call to make this happen? DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!!!!!! 

Posted by Mumbles

it's to silly

Posted by The Impersonator

There's something the neighborhood. Who you're going to call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

Posted by EdwardWindsor

i would buy a monthly for sure

Posted by G-Man

We got a response to this question from Chris Ryall, publisher and Editor-in-Chief for IDW Publishing: 

Staff Online
Posted by Caligula
@G-Man said:
" We got a response to this question from Chris Ryall, publisher and Editor-in-Chief for IDW Publishing: 

that is awesome.

i think they should definitely have a monthly.  i wanna become a writer in tha near future, and that's a series i've had in my head for a while.

Posted by craigbo180

Bustin does make me feel good...

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

They cant make it into a series because no one can handle that much puffyness from the puff Dude

Posted by longbowhunter

Ghostbusters is the only movie property comic I've ever bought.
Posted by Caligula
So you aren't reading IDW's Star Trek?... you are missing out.
Posted by longbowhunter

Nope the only IDW book I read besides Ghostbusters is Locke & Key.
Posted by hitchcock

all about monthly ghostbuster series. 

Posted by LikeableZombie

Ghostbusters was everything to me as a kid.....everything! It would be awesome as a monthly


Monthly. Every IDW GB comic i've read has been worth it.

Posted by DarkShadows

Yes, please. I would really love a monthly comic of Ghostbusters.

Posted by brvermee
@Doctor!!!!!: I wouldn't mind if there wouldn't be a 3th ghostbuster movie . The first one was awesome, the second one was okay, and a 3th one would probably suck. And I think history has my back. ;)
Posted by King Saturn
damn... I aint even been thinking about Ghostbusters like that
Posted by Electric__Mannaz

lol, puffy marshellow man.

Posted by brvermee
Posted by Out_of_Space

"Ghostbusters monthly comic" sounds good to me :)

Posted by NightFang
@G-Man said:
" Yes, monthly comic! "
It would have to really balance the comedy and horror, for it too work for me.  
Posted by Blue_Shield

I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan, and my kids are as well.  I would love a monthly series.  At work, I wear a GB t-shirt, and am refered to as "the key master" because I use keys fo rthe jog a lot.
Posted by hungup

A monthly would rock

Posted by NinjaPossum

If there is a new Ghostbusters comic monthly, count me as a new customer and on my pull list.

Posted by jeanlucpicard

0o0o sounds interesting.
Posted by Krakoa

This is definitely something I'd be interested in. 

Posted by Nasher

Ghostbusters is one of those strange things.. its a wonderfully open setup for a series. The real ghostbusters shows were not bad.. a little too scooby-do but watchable (esp the cthulhu related ones) so something a little more adult in the comic store would surely be welcome.  
Its got all the elements for science, comedy in the characters and situation.. whats not to like!

Edited by Shaanyboi

I'd rather not.  I mean I LOVE Ghostbusters, and anything Ghostbusters-related gets me excited.  But I've seen WAAAYYYY too many comics that I've felt needed to take a long break.  I'd rather them take their time with each story, make sure each one is WORTH telling and not just "oh god, what are we going to do this month?!?!  Uhhh.... there's this... ummm... DEMON!  And he's going to destroy New York, and...."

Posted by InfinityOmelette

The video game was fun. You actually felt like a Ghostbuster. :)

Posted by Sammo21

The Ghostbusters comics so far have been really subpar in my opinion.  I will pick it up if its good.

@Caligula said:
@G-Man said:
" We got a response to this question from Chris Ryall, publisher and Editor-in-Chief for IDW Publishing: 

that is awesome.
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