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Who Will Join NEW X-FORCE?

As they angle to kill Apocalypse.

 Can you fill in the blanks?

Let’s get to the meat of this, shall we? Who do you figure has been blacked out in this NEW X-FORCE promo image to the right? Who’ll be a member of this new incarnation of the team? My first guess is Nightcrawler, fitting in to the silhouette to the bottom left.   He’s got a sword sheathed on his back, a tail curling out from around his derrière and… what looks like an exceptionally-long cast on his right hand? Well, two out of three clues still support a theory, unless Mr. Wagner broken his arm recently and went to the same kind of goofy doctor who will give you a balloon appendix if you come in with an appendicitis.

My next guess is Magik, standing right next to Wolverine. The build might not be apparent, here, but the sword and shield are big clues. Plus, Illyana’s always been characterized as being rather ruthless, anyway, right? The kind of girl who’d have no problem using the old lethal (X) force.  I have no guess for the caped individual to the other side of Wolverine, but I’ll hazard a guess that the person at the top is either Banshee or Siryn, given the manta-ray-esque split cape. Do you figure I’m totally off-base here, oh blotted-out Comic Vine community? Who do YOU figure is actually part of the line-up?

The image to the right is a promo for NEW X-FORCE, which will written by Rick Remender and drawn by Jerome Opena. This was one of Marvel’s many announcements out of C2E2. The premise of this new series is that Wolverine, in between his participation in the Avengers and the X-Men proper, will be leading some hatchet men to kill Apocalypse. Seems like ol’ En Sabah Nur is getting reincarnated and these forceful individuals might have to snuff him out as an infant! Expect moral quandaries amidst the bloodlust - - although, I’ll always think of these guys as “Inferiorego’s Pals” after those X-Force cosplayers recognized him at C2E2.

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia. Pre-order the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover now on

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Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Archangel and I hope Nightcrawler

Posted by Gylan Thomas
@Emperor Gonzo Noir: 
Nightcrawler was dead against the whole X-force idea in Second coming so I don't think he'll be on the team.
Posted by Namor1987

I don't know but they look bad@$$

Edited by cmaprice

Elektra. She's been revealed to be involved with the X-Men soon, right? What better place than X-Force?

Posted by speed shadow

I think the last one on the ground is Hope.

Posted by ironshadow

I think I see Nightcrawler, Magneto, Rogue and ... Blade? 

Posted by Joe Venom

The caped guy has to be Fantomex, the flying guy is still Angel, and I hope that is Night Crawler its been to long since he wielded his blades

Posted by LT1085

Archangel on top 
Fantomex on the far right 
I want to say Deadpool on the far left 
Cable in the middle maybe

Posted by Bathory1313


Posted by twiztidtunes

Angel, Deadpool, Magik, Fantomex,  and some douche nozzle with claws
Posted by EdwardWindsor

killing apocylpse hell yeah

Posted by InspiringMuffin

We can hope to get more Fantomex, and he's definitely hinted that he would like to be on an X-team. Deadpool can only be in so many places, so I hope to high hopes he's not here.

Posted by jordama

angel seems to obvious, fantomax on the right, i like the idea of the sword girl being illyana, but i thought it was Psylocke, and i realy doubt the crouched figure is nightcrawler. and i believe that is a sword in his hand, not a funky cast. could be a student
Posted by Bruce Vain

Posted by Nefilim927

Am I the only one who thinks the guy far right could be Gamibt?  Has anyone noticed his death powers have been coming back without really being mentioned?  Especially if the whole thing has to do with killing Apocalypse.  Thoughts?
Posted by xerox_kitty

Deadpool was confirmed like... months ago. 
But I agree that it looks like Nightcrawler.  The flying figure at the top has got to be Angel.  The new X-Force are going to be tackling Apocalypse's return... so that demands the attention of Warren K Worthington III ;) 
I just hope it isn't Fantomex on the right.  I really don't find any redeeming features in him.  I'd rather Vanisher grew a pair and picked up a gun & a cape :p

Posted by Jake Fury

could the caped female be Emma?
Posted by Golden Cod

It's not Nightcrawler on the bottom left unless his two-toed feet changed.

Posted by Craig Lovecraft
@Joe Venom:
That's what I thought too
Edited by Jordanstine

Oh... my... gawd...!!!


The one in the cape is PRIME, and the girl to the right with the sword is MANTRA!  It's the revival of ULTRAVERSE



^ That explains... a LOT!  No wonder they've been gone all this time.

Posted by xerox_kitty
@Golden Cod said:
" It's not Nightcrawler on the bottom left unless his two-toed feet changed. "
The feet & hands are purposefully 'mittened' so you can't see details like distinctive two-toed feet.
Posted by Midnightist

I think it's either Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Angel and Hope or Domino 
but if the tale belongs to the female character and the rumors are true then it's Deadpool Magik, Angel Hope or Domino

Posted by mimschkin

Nightcrawler's supposed to be dying (which I seriously hope won't happen but the future looks bleak for the poor guy), and the 'tail' looks more like a sash coming off the hips of the one in the middle. Really can't make heads or tails of any of them.
Though to have Kurt in X-Force would make my year.

Posted by ccrosby

from left to right: 
Nightcrawler (definitely, look at the tail and the way hes crouched on the ledge, also of course he'd pull out the cutlasses on x-force) 
Archangel (definitely- not even a question) 
I have no flipping idea, but if most of you say magik- who am I to second guess? 
Wolverine (obviously) 
Fantomex ( definitely, the trench coat, mask shape and gun in hand give it all away) 
Now my only question is, does fantomex get a black and blue costume, or does he stay all shiny and white?

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Yeah I can see that being Nightcrawler, I'm guessing he will try to be the moral compass of the team given there history having come to light to everyone elce.

Posted by goldenkey

the one in the middle looks the Barney the purple dinosaur
Posted by Joe Venom

Now that I think about it Adam X-treme would be awesome for this team, but I doubt he will make the cut let alone be considered.

Edited by Timm

im not quite sure why you would put nightcrawler (Someone against killing and very much on the side of forgiveness and humanity) on a team of assasins. but then again, elixir didnt make sense either.
wait, did X-23 die or something? why would they take her off of X-force considering her conflicting interests and the dramatic conflict between wolverine and the world for her soul are the only things keeping it on my pull list?

Posted by Supreme Marvel

Bishop with the gun on the right of Logan

Posted by Supreme Marvel

Link from Zelda on the left of Logan

Posted by the_fallen11

Archangel, wolverine, Hope deadpool, don't know who is on the far left, i wanna say nightcrawler but he's toast. (lets not kid ourselves)

Posted by danhimself

lets remember that for the "I am an Avenger" promos they changed some of the silhouette's details to throw us off track so what you see in the picture might not be the character's true outline

Posted by Theodore

Magneto on top

Posted by Kid_Zombie

Fantomx for sure is the guy Right, hes been teaming up with wolverine a lot lately. I want to say deadpool for the guy on the left but not sure.

Posted by Peevo

I feel crazy because I could have sworn the initial Remender & Opena X-Force story on the Marvel site said that the team would be a dream team anf only one other mystery member would have previous X-Force ties. So either I dreamt this or it got edited/updated out of the current article. Under those assumptions - Angel, Deadpool, Psylocke/Hope make sense (sorry Fantomex or maybe not, someone with no Apocalypse connections makes sense for the team).
X-23 is leaving Utopia after XSC and doing the "find myself" solo thing

Posted by spacemonkeymafia

deadpool would be interesting. why not a little more overkill in more way than one?
Posted by Joe Venom
@Timm:  Wolverine told Scott she can no longer be on the team, he wants her to have a normal life.
Posted by kerukun878

>_> Bottom Left = Deadpool
Left to Wolvie = Psylocke
Right to Wolvie = Fantomex
Above Wolvie = ArchAngel?

Posted by mattydeNero

I hope it's not DP.  Looks like Fantomex, Nightcrawler, Archangel, and GAMBIT I think is angled behind Wolverine and it would make sense being that he's been dealing with those weird "transformations". 

Posted by the_fallen11

 Rick Remender said in the ign interview that the whole cast are "A-listers" so I don't really thing 
Fantomx will be on this team 

Edited by Iyasu13

Wolverine,  Archangel, Gambit, Psylocke, and the bottom left I dont know, but I think that looks more like an elektra style belt rather than a tail.  Probably not her but someone with similiar outfit. 
 There was a promo image for part of second coming with Dark Gambit.  Hopefully he will be able to switch like archangel. 

Posted by the_fallen11
@Iyasu13:  can you post that promo about dark gambit. I haven't heard about that
Posted by Sidie

Psylocke, Angel, Fantomex and maybe deadpool, because i've got my bets on Nightcrawler being the one to die during second coming

Edited by Archetype

I'll guess:
 Don't have any idea of the first one but I only see one sword on the back of the character but the silhouette is kind of obscured so maybe not Deadpool maybe Deadpool.Second person could be Magik as you said Tom or Daniel Moonstar given those two braid looking things down by the leg.Third is Phantomex as people have suggested.The last person I hope is still Angel.

Posted by BKole

Flying guy I reckon will be either X-Man with his billowing coat, or Mimic.

Posted by IronSpidy-Rooney

It has been conformed that Deadpool will be joining the new X force
Posted by jamdown

I want to see more X-23
Posted by Thunderscream

I'm pretty positive Psylocke is right behind Wolvie, they've been planning to shift her to X-Force since she returned from Exiles and she's a perfect fit. Of course, Warren is flying above...the guy to the right has to be Fantomex, unless Gambit picked up some guns. Far left figure is either Deadpool or Vanisher....maybe Illyana, although she's most likely stickin with the New Mutants...who else carries swords? I feel like Kurt's gonna die, either him or Rogue, so I'm leaving him off the list. 
With Psylocke on board, I'm picking this up!

Edited by Iyasu13

Looked it up again, its one of the extra books to the main storyline. X-men second coming: Revelations Hellbound 1-3 The image is the cover from book 2. 

 ....k, it wont let me insert photo, keeps saying choose left center or right but I dont see where to select it 
Posted by Jake Fury

Could the guy with the big cape be Magneto?