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Who Will Be Spidey's Girl in the New Movie?

Five actresses vie for this role - - and it's NOT the character you think it is.

 Pictorial evidence of Peter and Betty's relationship.

With the new Spider-Man casting race far behind us, it was only a matter of time before a new casting race started for Andrew Garfield’s love interest in the reboot movie. That’s right, his “love interest” because, while we don’t know exactly who his new girl’s going to be, we know for sure now that it won’t be Mary Jane Watson. GASP! SHOCK! SCANDAL!  The Hollywood’s Reporter’s saying that the actresses in the running have been given scripts where the character isn’t even named. I honestly hoped that they would’ve gone really old school and made Spidey’s first girlfriend in the comics his love interest, here. Namely, Betty Brant. That’s right, teenage Peter Parker was dating his young adult co-worker, Ms. Brant, back in the early days - - another plot element from the 60s that probably never fly today. Even though it’s still every teen guy’s fantasy.

Questions of office-appropriate conduct aside, it probably won’t be Betty Brant because all the ladies in this casting race are about as old as Andrew Garfield is, which really only leaves Gwen Stacy or the Black Cat. And who are these pretty young ladies?  == TEASER ==

From left to right...    
Supposedly, Mary Elisabeth Winstead (who you should know as Ramona in SCOTT PILGRIM) was also in talks for a while, but has dropped out of consideration. Anyway, which one of these girls would you like to see in the new Spidey movie? And which of Peter's old flames would you want them to play, for that matter?

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Posted by Primmaster64

He's not even a teenager to start with!

Posted by N7_Normandy

 Yikes, they're all emaciated besides Teresa Palmer.  

Edited by churrific

You know if they turn this into another 3 or 4-movie franchise, I would love for them to start out with Gwen Stacy, and then do the whole Green Goblin/Gwen Stacy/Bridge arc in a proper way (like maybe 2 or 3 movies in). That could be pretty cool, and not lame like how they interpreted it in the first Tobey Maguire Spidey movie. 

Posted by Video_Martian

Screw this movie! 
and btw, Emma Roberts could make a good "love interest" ;)

Posted by Bestostero

No Mary Jane?  Well that's sucks... I've never been a fan of Gwen so I hope its Felicia...but those girls would bring so much shame to the name Felicia Hardy...

Posted by kerukun878
@N7_Normandy:   Emma Roberts.
Posted by themaskedhero

Out of all of them I wouldn't mind looking at Teresa Palmer on screen for two hours. The others don't do it for me.

Posted by N7_Normandy
@themaskedhero said:
" Out of all of them I wouldn't mind looking at Teresa Palmer on screen for two hours. The others don't do it for me. "
She looks great; the others look emaciated though, don't you think?
Posted by shawn87

Teresa Palmer as Gwen Stacy

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

 From the looks of this, it will probably be Gwen. I highly doubt Felicia will make it into the first film. But these are terrible Gwens, well except Palmer. Who knows, it could be Julia Carpenter. Studio execs are weird.

Posted by grufaine

The Ophelia lady would pull me in as Betty, probably.  
I'd like to see either Betty or Gwen in the movie, maybe even both. Triangles are welcome. For Spidey maybe even a Pentagon if you throw in Liz and Flash.... Or a, septagon? With Harry and MJ? Octagon with Black Cat.  
Ahhh, romantic interest overload. O= 

Posted by Thor's hammmer

:( no MJ
Posted by sora_thekey

Even if it is Betty Brant this could work...
Rather than Betty being a young adult co-worker she can be an Intern Secretary for the Bugle who also goes to school with Peter...
Either way my pick from all of these girls is Emma Roberts... I just like her! :)
Also Gwen Stacy was rumored to be played by Meghan Jette Martin

Posted by Pizawle

Emma Roberts looks very nice in that pic but she is not a good fit to match Garfield.
Teresa could maybe be Gwen or Felicia. 
Eh, just not feeling any of them.

Posted by XFan616

OH...I could go for Emma Roberts as the Black Cat. These look more like her than Stacy imo heck yes. Emma Roberts for the Black Cat. I'm making a Facebook page.

Posted by DragonOFmarvel

i really dont like the girls with the thick eyebrows.

Posted by Gylan Thomas

They all look kinda skinny but Immogen Poots looks emaciated.

Posted by Captain13
@themaskedhero said:
" Out of all of them I wouldn't mind looking at Teresa Palmer on screen for two hours. The others don't do it for me. "
Posted by Sobe Cin

Theresa Palmer for Gwen Stacy. But personally it would have been better had been Emma Stone and not Emma Roberts.

Posted by grayrick949

is it just me or did a lot of them look sickly thin ?

Posted by sora_thekey
@grufaine said:
" The Ophelia lady would pull me in as Betty, probably.  I'd like to see either Betty or Gwen in the movie, maybe even both. Triangles are welcome. For Spidey maybe even a Pentagon if you throw in Liz and Flash.... Or a, septagon? With Harry and MJ? Octagon with Black Cat.  Ahhh, romantic interest overload. O=  "
Take out MJ and Black Cat and you have your first movie... Throw in Black Cat and MJ and you have your sequel! :)
Posted by Cherry Bomb

Hm .. I think Teresa Palmer would make a better Gwen Stacy if it was her, since they should have an actual blonde play her. I like Emma Roberts, but I don't think she can pull of Gwen :/  
I'd personally like to see Amanda Seyfried or Dianna Agron as Gwen Stacy

Posted by The_Martian

If it's not going to be Mary Jane, I see it being Liz Allen or Gwen Stacy. Like the article said, Betty is too old for Peter. Liz Allen I believe was his next crush/love interest after her in the comics while Gwen is the most recognizable besides Mary Jane.

Posted by skaarason

 emma roberts  !

Edited by Chibi-Iroh

My Vote is for Emma Watson but I am hoping that they go with Felicia Hardy.

Posted by ReverseNegative

Emma Roberts looks good for the role.

Posted by ClarenceDass

That is such a terrible pic of Imogen Poots that you have up, I think looks wise she is easily the cutest.
Also: I think Emma Stone would rock that role.

Posted by War Killer

Is they're going the "Ultimate" route, I'd say go with Gwen Stacy, we've gotten enough of MJ in the other movies, plus Betty was a a possible love interest as well in the movies. But Gwen should have more of a big role (since they just made her a random blond in SM3) , like she did in Spectacular Spider-Man.

Posted by lorex

I hope they start with Gwen Stacy as the love interest (notice I didn't say girlfriend) and go from there. Introduce Mary Jane later and go from there.

Posted by gambitpryde1993

Lily Collins as Betty Brant. She was really intelligent in Blindside.

Posted by Weapon-Alpha

palmer for felicia 
roberts for gwen
Posted by Mighty Max

I hope it's Gwen Stacy, she's always been my favourite of all of Spidey's girls.

Posted by Sweep

If it's Gwen Stacy then we have to go through all that Green Goblin bullshit again. 
Gwen was a skinny blonde. I see only one skinny blonde on that list.

Posted by ASLAN186

I am no Nancy Drew fanboy (or am I?) but I think of the group listed Emma Roberts is probably the only one with the street cred to pull it off

Posted by Tmul501

Why isn't it Gwen!?!? GWEN!!!

Posted by CellphoneGirl

I love the chick from 28 weeks later :D 

Posted by RedGhostman

Emma Roberts.

Posted by amc26


Posted by HannahRoth

Emma ofcourse.
Posted by Blackestnight


Posted by daken_2513

it will be Gwen as spidey's girl
Posted by ~Marauder~

Betty Brant has no pancake mix! :P

Posted by Moxtop

Am I the only one that thinks it would be an amazing part of the movie if they showed Gwen's death?

Posted by Meteorite

I'd like to see Gwen Stacy as the love interest, then have her killed like in the comics. It was a really emotional point in the comics that didn't really cut it in the first film with Mary Jane.

Posted by G'bandit
@Moxtop:   She shouldn't die in the first movie if they are killing her it better be in the second 
Only that if Gwen is back then so will be Goblin O_O
Posted by Moxtop
@G'bandit:    I dont care when they kill her, they just should, not because I dont like her as a character, but just for the fact that so few films are willing to kill off an important character like this. 
And ultimately, her death is Peter's fault, that is great character development and one of the most tragic moments in Marvel comic history.
Posted by ComicCrazy

Emma Roberts seems pretty good but the thing is she would have made a great Mary Jane she looks excellent for that and I almost want them to do Mary Jane in the movie again just cause she looks so perfect for it but I think I would rather have like a not so serious love interest or Gwen Stacy.
Posted by G'bandit
@Moxtop:  They should film Spidey 2 and 3 back to back Goby kills Gwen in 2 and then Spidey seeks revenge against Goblin in 3 :D
Posted by Moxtop
@G'bandit:  Im fine with that as long as Lizard and Venom get their time as villians in one and two. There is no need for the Goblin to be the main villain in the movie when she dies, Venom would be much more interesting for the entire movie then the crap they gave him in Spider Man 3 - The Dance Spectacular.....
Posted by rogue_kiss

I'm pullin' for the Black Cat! *smirk*

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