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Who Or What Is Ultimate X? Shadow Reveal 2

Another character is shown.

As expected, here we have another "Who or What is Ultimate X?" teaser.  I know a lot of the speculation over the winged character hiding in the shadows would be Ultimate Mimic.  Now we finally get to see what this character looks like.

More and more, "Ultimate X" is looking like it will be a team and not the name of the dude with claws.  You can see that Arthur Adams does an amazing job with the art.  It seems like he's been out of the comic spotlight for too long.  In a few weeks we'll get to find out what this book is about.  We still have one more "reveal" to see.  We're all betting on Ultimate Liz Allen (as Firestar).  After seeing this image, I'm starting to think Jeph Loeb and Adams might have something else something up their sleeves. 
What do you think?
Posted by timrothsays

lol, i've just written about it in my blog. wanted to post, but decided to check home-page again. thought would be the first :(

Posted by timrothsays


Posted by zombietag

is this gunna gunna be ultimate x-factor?

Posted by PrinceIMC

I was thinking that it was gonna be Ultimate Mimic but he's got little finger claw talon things so he's gotta be some kind of birdman. Probably not an existing character then....not one that I can think of anyway.

Edited by xerox_kitty

Ultimate Bird-Brain? ;)  

Posted by burr787

I didn't know that that guy from Twilight was a mutant.

Posted by John Valentine
@xerox-kitty said:
" Ultimate Bird-Brain? ;)  

I like your idea.
Posted by havco

he looks kinda of cool
Posted by goldenkey

the ultimate new mutants
Posted by xerox_kitty
@goldenkey said:
" the ultimate new mutants "
I thought they'd already done that
Posted by danhimself

I'm going to keep my original guess that they're all new characters and that the Wolverine wannabe is a result of Banshee

Posted by goldenkey
@xerox-kitty said:
" @goldenkey said:
" the ultimate new mutants "
I thought they'd already done that "

Yeah but that was just a story.  They could start it again with a book of it's own.
Posted by goldenkey

Could that be the Torch if it's not someone new. 
Posted by camodude

okay seriously there is no way this could be true but i'm saying that all the heroes that died in ultimatium are coming back in new bodies and that so many souls go into one body and then we get mimic! henceforth the bird man on the right

Posted by Argentino_18

With how are they dressed they seem like Ultimate Runaways/New Mutants... or something like that...

Posted by mitchell_707
x factor is a prison in the ultimate universe
Posted by mitchell_707

hes mite be icarus or archangel or fallen, the mutant x universe version of angel
Posted by Theodore

I don't normally read Marvel but I'm always interested in checking out new characters. I'm also a huge Jeph Loeb fan. I will pick this up for sure!

Posted by crazed_h3ro

Why dose the Guy with the Wings look so Familier to me?...Hmmm

Posted by mematt46

the girl now has a light around her hands. i think its ultimate dani moonstar. the picture with all the bodies around her was probably her not controlling her powers.
Posted by mitchell_707
dani moonstars native american and its said that she was already displayed as a member of alpha flight just as snowbird
Posted by zombietag

an ultimate version of a mix of new mutants and runaways would be really dope

Posted by Girth

 Ultimate X has now really got me curious.

Posted by pixelized

I like that he is a person of color. Hello Ultimate X, how does it feel to be on my pull list?