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Who Else Should Appear In The Captain America Film?

Super-heroes? Presidents? Hitler?

  Lots of news has been coming out about the upcoming Captain America film, and the biggest these past couple of weeks is that Chris Evans has been cast as Captain America. Now that we know who Captain America is and where he is (Battling it out in WWII), who else will be with Cap in this film? The first thing that comes to mind is The Invaders. Who are the Invaders? Well... let's ask ComicVine!

  During the opening days of World War 2, before the United States had formally Entered the conflict, an elite fighting unit was banded together by British Prime Minister Winston Churchhill to halt the growing Nazi aggression.The first great gathering of superhuman champions and heroes ever recorded a team consisting of Captain America (Steve Rogers) and James "Bucky" Barnes, Namor the Sub-Mariner, the Human Torch and Toro , Union Jack , Spitfire, Miss America and the superfast Whizzer - These Heroes and this alliance , were formerly known as the All Winners Squad later became the Superhero team known as the Invaders, cutting a Swath through enemy forces until the Axis powers were defeated.  

Now that we all know a little more about the Invaders, which Invaders should be on the team? Well, that all depends on the world that this Captain America film is set in. Is it realistic? Is it filled with super-heroes? What level of super-heroes are we dealing with?

One of the Invaders I’d love to see in the film is James "Bucky" Barnes. He has no powers, and he defines what a sidekick is today. He's always there for Cap, willing to fight, and wants to do good for the country. He's a lot like Cap, but younger and a little more inexperienced. This could develop into a great father/son type of relationship. Bucky is an iconic character and to me, is a must have for this film. As much as you may hate the fact that for many years Cap relived Bucky's death over and over and over again, it's a huge part of what makes Cap a hero.

 I'm sorry... I just don't feel you'd be great in THIS film. Forgive me?

The Invader I don’t think would work in this film is Namor, but it all depends on how the director wants to create the world these characters live in. Someone with all of the powers that Namor has might not fit into a more realistic world. Captain America technically doesn’t have any powers, neither does Bucky, but Namor is on the other end of that spectrum. It’s true, you could just introduce him as a mutant, to tie it into the other Marvel films, but I doubt we’ll be seeing the Atlantian grace us in his speedo on the big screen.
There are lots of possibilities for this film, but will Marvel and the writers take any of these beloved Golden Age characters and decide to add them to film? I'd hate to think they'd skip out on some of these characters, especially when they can be tied into future films, like the Avengers maybe?

 There are many other Invaders who could make possible cameos within the upcoming Captain America film. Who would you like to see? Any non-Invaders characters you think deserve a cameo in this film?
~Mat Elfring is a comedian, teacher, comic book writer, comic store employee, and huge Cap fan!~

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Posted by AngelFrost

Miss America!  <3

Posted by sora_thekey

Bucky is a MUST in the Captain America film! 
I would like to see Toro and Namor in the film at least!  
I disagree Namor could be included as just a guy who lives underwater.... then have an  origin story later on in his own movie!
It would be funny to have the Human Torch there with Captain America since Evans played the Human Torch in FF
Edited by Jordanstine

Hopefully they'll give me a cool new black leather outfit for my film debut. I'm so sick of being confused as Starfire.
Spitfire co'z she's hot (get it)? 
Also: Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Wasp
P.S. They don't necessarily have to be in Superhero mode, just maybe they're alter-egos are in the film i.e. Jessica Drew, Carol Danvers, Jennifer Walters, etc.
Posted by MemnochZERO

Just Bucky for me.
Edited by Benzo

I love to see the human torch and Namor on the big screen and it'll be cool to see  the all winners squad as well :)

Posted by War Killer

Bucky, Union Jack, Spitfire, and Human Torch. I disagree though on Namor, he could work in this film, but I'm not sure Marvel has the rights to him at the moment, I could be mistaken though.

Posted by sora_thekey
@Jordanstine: Where would Jessica Drew, Carol Danvers and Janet Van Dyne fit in a WWII-based movie?
Posted by damswedon

Hitler, I'm all for Hitler taking back his place the villain in movies and comics again.

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

Union Jack i think would be the best.. Don't have him in the whole movie, just more like a scene or two...
I'd like for Bucky to be in it also, but whenever i think of sidekicks the horrible image of Batman Forever and Batman and Robin comes to my head.. maybe just leave him out....
But what if they want to put Winter Soldier in a future movie?
Okay, damn, i guess he should be in it. Just not to much of him.

Posted by GothamBat

I just want to see Bucky in there. not the others. it would make Cap more iconic for the modern heroes since he would pretty much be the first masked hero. plus, i'm not a big fan of the others. lol
Posted by geraldthesloth

Toro and Jim Hammond

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
@geraldthesloth: agreed. honestly to anyone reading The Marvels Project comic i would love if this film followed that closely.
Edited by Jordanstine
@sora_thekey said:

"@Jordanstine: Where would Jessica Drew, Carol Danvers and Janet Van Dyne fit in a WWII-based movie? "

Welcome back Cap! We've been waiting for you!
Near the end, when they flash forward back to the future!  
Hello Ladies!
Or maybe have cameos of their parents, like have Dr. Jonathan Drew (Jessica's dad) in the movie, seen as he is one of the prominent doctors during that era working under HYDRA.   
On a side-note: Jessica Drew was actually born much earlier (around WW2 perhaps), but she was frozen in some chamber that made her age very slowly, kind'a like Captain America in that sense. 
P.S. Add Wanda Maximoff too.  A guy can dream :)
Posted by Red Rum
Captain America, Red Skull, President FDR, Hitler, Baron Zemo, and the Invaders (if they didn't have powers and saved Namor for another movie).
Edited by lostlantern13

Bucky's a must. Age him a little to make it more real, and hopefully keep the Brubaker aspect that Bucky was an assassin, but Bucky's is crucial to the entire Cap mythos. 

Posted by ninjasquirrel01
@sora_thekey said:
Bucky is a MUST in the Captain America film! 

Maybe Hitler? It depends on how they would treat it. Definitely not being punched in the face. As awesome as that sounds, it would NOT work in a movie.
Posted by Nev-man

I'd like to see to see Namor, Human Torch, Bucky and Toro. To me it's the best way to tie it into Avengers ( dealing with the concepts of super-powers and super-teams)
Part of me would like to see John Walker in it as well, then he could become U.S.Agent in the next film. In the same way they treated Rhodes in the Iron Man films.

Posted by advocatefish

If they are going to base it off the Ultimates i dont think there will be anyone else but Bucky. 
But i would love to see everyone in there. Dont know how it would work with The Human Torch in World War 2 when he was in the Fantastic Four movies, cuz i know they dont want to confuse the average movie goer. 
But MY only obligation for this movie is that Captain America must wrestle a nuke with his bare hands like he did in the Ultimates.
Posted by inferiorego
@advocatefish: It's the original Human Torch, Jim Hammond. He's a robot!
Posted by thatlad

Keep it simple like Iron Man, focus on Cap & Skull. Have Bucky in a terrence howard role, there but not interfering. Maybe finish with a cameo of cap in the ice with the camera showing some winged feet finding him (I wonder who that could be?!?!)

Posted by DarkSyde79

Bucky... DEFINITELY!!! He's Cap's sidekick and it would be easy enough to do either incarnation of him.
Namor... DEFINITELY NOT!!! Once you introduce Namor, you have to either bring up the fact that there are other species on earth (Atlanteans) and DEFINITELY mutants (this goes for the Scarlet Witch in Iron Man or The Avengers).
Torch... MAYBE. Since he's a robot/android, that means advance technology was around back in WWII and thus Iron Man shouldn't be sooo surprising and second, refer to Namor.
Of course do Cap's origin, then do a time skip during WWII. That allows you to not have to mention the any characters that you MIGHT wanna revisit in the future via flashbacks in following Captain America films. Oh and make sure to freeze him at the end of the movie. 
There you have a Cap film tha'll keep all us happy.

Posted by Nyogtha
@sora_thekey:  I could see Namor taking out a U-Boat or a Destroyer or two.
Edited by Quest

i would like to see union jack,bucky,and cap fighting in london maybe with thehowling comandos
Posted by waruikumo

Well, if they rock a more Brubaker espionage, hard boiled version, then Bucky Please.  If they are going to go all Batman & Robin with Bucky, then please dont defecate on the good that Brubaker has done. 
That Said Namor would be awesome but that would require some pretty awesome actor, and it doesnt seem they have cast anyone yet. (God if Daniel Day Lewis was younger, he would be the most AMAZING Namor ever.) 
So? It seems that cramming the invaders in to the movie would probably not work.  So I guess Bucky or Namor

Edited by Kamen Rider Kajiki

Definitely a young Nick Fury and his Howling Commando`s they HAVE to be in there for continuity reasons.
Maybe a small reference to the Twelve but no actual footage.
And of course Wolverine as a soldier (runs like hell)

Posted by lostlantern13
@DarkSyde79 said:
Torch... MAYBE. Since he's a robot/android, that means advance technology was around back in WWII and thus Iron Man shouldn't be sooo surprising 

Well, do remember: They set up Howard Stark, Tony's father, as heavily involved in the World War II efforts. It wouldn't be so much of a stretch that he created a flame spewing robot.
Posted by Silver Knight75

Bucky should be in it for sure

Posted by advocatefish

@inferiorego Thank you. I am now in the know. That has tripled my human torch knowledge.
Edited by Decept-O

Good question.  While I've never been a fan of Bucky, I could see him being involved but please...please...don't make him too "Oh, golly gee willikers, Capt. America!" 

O.K., I'm probably alone on this one but I'd LOVE to see Ms. America.  Why?  Just for the "good girl" effect, a bit of nostalgia for me.  I know that the "original" Torch and Toro had their place but I'm having a hard time seeing the characters involved.  On the fence about it.  Well, you know, The Whizzer COULD be added but just change his costume and esp. the color. 

 Namor would be great but somehow I don't think he can be used as the character MIGHT be tied up with another studio?  Can't recall exactly, I could be wrong.  I can live with him not being involved.  
Desptie the supposed casting of Chris Evans as Capt. America (did Marvel make it official yet?), I am still excited about this one!!  

Posted by Bats

I like Namor and the rest of the Invaders but...
I feel like they might take some of the focus off Cap.
This is Cap's first big movie and I think he should be the most superhuman thing in it.

Posted by SuperXAsh

Characters I'm sure WON'T be in the Invaders, if they ARE in the movie: 
-Namor  (already tied up in another contract)
-Original Human Torch  (Would create too much confusion for those who don't know about comics history)
-Thin-Man  (would be too much like Mr. Fantastic, as far as movies go.)
-Blazing Skull  (see Thin-Man, but insert Ghost Rider in terms of mindsets of producers) 
-Whizzer  (Because he's the Whizzer.) 
People I'm pretty sure have a good chance of being in the Invaders: 
-Union Jack 
-Spitfire  (maybe as a chance to one-up DC by bringing out a speedster to film first :P)
-Miss America (though her character could be a bit too corny, though that doesn't leave her out of being in those USO shows) 
GRANTED this doesn't exclude other Golden Age heroes, like the Angel and the Destroyer and whatnot.
Posted by ElJuano

As much as i agree with the points i can't help but to include Namor, simply because if you are going to have an Asgardian eventually meet up with Cap wouldn't it make sense that cap already has had a familiarity with someone of the superhuman kind? Wouldn't that explain perhaps Cap's ability to lead someone at Namor and Thor's level. MMM!!! (make mine marvel!!!)

Posted by Nova`Prime`

I wouldn't mind seeing the Invaders, even if its just a reference. I would love if they used some other classic WW2 heroes like The Destroyer, Miss America, or even Electro the Robot.

Posted by Adam Michaels

Why are some people against Namor? This film might be placed in WWII, but Cap's film is part of the same cinematic universe that includes a man who becomes a green giant and an Asgardian god from another realm. This isn't a film like Saving Private Ryan. Captain America is a period piece that has the element of the metahumans and the supernatural. So if you ask me, Namor is the perfect fit.  This is not your average war film.
And they can definitely avoid the speedos of old and have him wearing a full body suit like he's been wearing for years and like he does in the Ultimate Universe. So his attire is definitely not an issue. 

The only problem with Namor is that I believe Fox owns the rights to him since he's part of the whole Fantastic Four family. And with Fox planning a reboot of the FF, they might want to hold on to Namor for possible uses of him. 
The only positive I might see is that Disney is the machine behind Marvel and they might be able to use their power to get the rights to Namor for this film. If Marvel plans to use Namor.

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

Forrest Gump should make a cameo and give Steve his codename for no good reason.

Posted by bingbangboom

Namor is currently tied up at Universal, they have been planning a movie for a long time but hasn't taken off. I think that the budget is just very large for a movie in that scale that they wanted to make.

Posted by joshmightbe
but isnt universal in on the avengers movie i know hulk was released thru them
Posted by thiagofonseca

 Bucky is in for sure. He'll appear as a villain Winter Soldier in the end of Cap 2 and become a hero again in Cap 3 (Black Widow will appear on both).
As for the Invaders, Union Jack is in. Human Torch won't, because of Chris Evans in the FF movies. So Spitfire should appear. Namor? I'm not so sure. He's got a kingdom. How was it affected by the Nazi?

Posted by Joeybagad0nutz

Bucky is a must. But, I want them to show his darker side they have developed on him in recent times. How he is a lot more brutal than Cap and is willing to kill. If they don't do that I'd be a upset cause thats the Bucky I know a love. I never cared for the Bucky teenage sidekick....
Posted by Joeybagad0nutz

Human Torch would be great to see and be a big honor for Marvel to bring him to the spotlight because I mean come on guys he was the first marvel character...
Posted by Bruce Vain

Union Jack all the way baby. 
Spitfire, Thunderer and Destroyer would be cool too.
Posted by Invincible Boy
@sora_thekey said:
" @Jordanstine: Where would Jessica Drew, Carol Danvers and Janet Van Dyne fit in a WWII-based movie? "
LOL...I was wondering the same thing...
Posted by DH69

use ultimate bucky, i dont wanna see no side kicks

Edited by cmaprice
@thiagofonseca:  The Invaders Torch is not the Fantastic Four Torch. Also, the Fox FF films do not take place in the same continuity as the newer self-produced Marvel films. They won't cross over (especially not anytime soon), as Fox has kept those rights. Also, they want to reboot the FF anyway with new casting.
Posted by simsey

bucky thats it no other invaders who really cares about em lets be honest 
theres so much they could do wit bucky in future films as winter soldier i cant see em go hero crazy on this say theyll keep it as real as these films can get
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

invaders who really cares about em lets be honest 

raises hand high.
most of the characters anyone mentioned here are members of the Invaders actually.
that includes Bucky.
Posted by simsey
" @simsey: 

invaders who really cares about em lets be honest 

 raises hand high. most of the characters anyone mentioned here are members of the Invaders actually. that includes Bucky. "

if ur gon to use a quote of mine use the full thing i said bucky thats it no other invaders who really cares about em lets be honest 
i know bucky is/was an invader i was also sayin who really cares bout the rest of em
Edited by defaultdefaultdefault
pretty much everyone here since weve been saying names of different Invaders. 
like i just said. also the movie producers since they already announced theyre using
the Invaders in the movie. and no, sorry, i prefer to quote the part that im answering
so ill continue using that format. honestly your correcting my diction next to yours, thats
pretty silly.
Posted by EdwardWoods

I wanna see Bucky, Torch and Namor. But more than those I wanna see a young Magneto being saved from a concentration camp and Logan mowing bubs down. (I admit, 'Operation: Rebirth' was one of my fav episodes of XMen Evolution)
...Although, I would trade all of that to hear Cap shout "Avengers Assemble!" whilst charging over No Mans Land.

Edited by ironshadow

Hugh Jackman    

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