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Which Mutants Should Be in the X-Men: First Class Sequel?

There are a lot of unused muties from the early years. Which ones would fit in perfectly with the set up in the first film?

Here's one measure of a good superhero movie - - does it get you thinking about what you’d like to see in a sequel? In spite of my early reluctance to go over all the back stories, I thoroughly enjoyed FIRST CLASS and walked out of the theater thinking about what other mutants could fit into this new series' vision of the 60s. There's actually a wealth of material from the earliest years of the title that's been left pretty ripe for the picking. Let's look at some possibilities....


I didn’t realize this until I looked back on the earliest X-MEN issues, but Factor Three was most likely folded into the FIRST CLASS vision of the Hellfire Club. They were a third party of mutant outlaws who tried to instigate a war between the US and USSR so they could establish mutantkind as a new global superpower - - does that sound a bit familiar? Though they were independent of the Brotherhood, there was a bit of crossover in their memberships. Led by the Mutant Master (who later turned out to be an alien,) their ranks included a mind-controlled Banshee, the tech whiz Ogre, the awfully-dressed shapeshifter Changeling (who was reconceived as Morph many years later,) the teleporting master criminal Vanisher, the force-field-fortified Unus the Untouchable and then Brotherhood familiars like Blob and Mastermind (who’ve already shown-up, in retooled forms, in WOLVERINE and X2 respectively.)

== TEASER ==

I read an interview with some of the screenwriters of FIRST CLASS where they admitted that seeing the Vanisher in the early comics inspired them to include Azazel in the movie. Debuting in X-MEN #2, the villain was the second foe the team ever fought and he introduced the concept of teleportation into their mythos years before Nightcrawler and decades before Azazel. He also happened to have one of the most garish costumes in all of comics, so I’m not going to fault anybody for opting to use a character with a cooler look and a potential back-story with Mystique instead. Although, oddly enough,you could actually construe Mystique’s involvement this early in the game as her subbing in for the Changeling, another super-villain with a uniquely ugly costume.

For as frequently as forcefields are used in the comics, no character’s really displayed that power yet in the movies. The ability is the sole ability of Unus the Untouchable, an arrogant Italian wrestler who immigrates to America to join forces with the Brotherhood and, later, Factor Three. He'd make an interesting addition to Magneto's nascent Brotherhood in any sequel - - although, truthfully, it might be more interesting to swap him with the similiarly-powered Armor.


The alternate reality counterpart’s from the Exiles has largely eclipsed the original, but Calvin Rankin's still a fascinating part of the X-Men’s early years. Not a mutant, but a science-enhanced human who had the ability to copy any mutant’s ability, this arrogant show-off expectantly stole the original team’s thunder by using all their powers at once. Interestingly, there was a rumor for a while that an actor had been cast in FIRST CLASS to play “Thomas,” a mutant with the ability to mimic other mutants’ abilities within range. Many figured that was Everett Thomas, otherwise known as Synch from Generation X, but the rumor proved to be unsubstantiated. Still, a mutant like the Mimic would certainly be a formidable threat to both Xavier and Magneto's teams -- maybe even a reason for them to ally together even years before the events of X2. Perhaps we saw enough power-stealing in WOLVERINE's vision of Deadpool, though.


Though it would take years of revelations and retcons to clarify all the details, Magneto’s children have actually been a part of the X-Men’s business since their earliest years. Super-speedster Quicksilver and chance-manipulator Scarlet Witch were members of the first iteration of the Brotherhood, while the mistress of magnetism, Polaris, joined the X-Men almost immediately upon meeting them. Out of these three, Quicksilver's the only one to have appeared in the movies so far with a very brief cameo as an imprisoned youth in WOLVERINE. The young Magneto in FIRST CLASS is a suave globetrotter and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had dalliances during his various travels that produced children. They'd have to be very young teens at the oldest, though.

There are, of course, plenty of other mutants that could be fit into FIRST CLASS' new time-line. Sunfire, Mesmero, Thunderbird and then Sway, Petra and Vulcan, the other members of MacTaggert's back-up team which Darwin was also part of in DEADLY GENESIS. Which ones make the most sense to you maniacs? Who would you want to see appear in FIRST CLASS follow-up?

Posted by CellphoneGirl

Polaris please. 

Posted by Bestostero

I say Polaris would be good to introduce in and mingle with Havok... 
Multiple Man would be nice too, Jaime, Alex, Lorna, and Sean worked together as Muir Island X-Men i believe...  i know they teamed up a couple of times against Arcade(?), I think Iceman was part of that too, but not sure.

Posted by jymevans

Marvel Girl, Iceman, Cyclops, Angel, Beast and Prof X with Magneto as the main bad guy. It would be too soon to see Erik's kids unless they are , ... kids. I think part three should have sententials with the Jubilee and the real story of Wolverine coming to the X-Men by helping them take down the Hulk. 

Posted by Ruudi9

I'd like to vote for Magneto's children NOT to appear as any involvement with Fox would mean they'd be ruled out on the Avengers side of things. 
As much as I like the X-Men, I'm far more interested in the universe Marvel Studios is trying to create and the way in which the characters interweave.

Posted by Dracade102

Would Mister Sinister be a long shot? I really wanna see him in one of the X-movies... His origin is practically un-screwupable.

Posted by cattlebattle

Quicksilver definently, Brian Singer has expressed interest in the character since the first film

Posted by turoksonofstone

Worst opening for a Marvel Film? 
Mimic (Rankin) would be nice.

Posted by Chibi-Iroh

I say have Kevin Bacon return as Mr. Sinister. Use Beast, Storm, Cyclops, Jean, and Banshee as the line up. Use Sinister and Magneto as the villains and use Toad, Mystique, Azazel, Angel, Avalanche and Blob as the brotherhood line up. 
In X-1 it sounded as if Storm, Jean, and Cyclops were among his first students so it makes sense to include these three. They need to get a gorgeous unknown actress who is from Africa to play Storm because I want an African accent and blue eyes in this one. 
Beast's look needs an overhaul because they had good intention but his look was just to feral and it didn't look that great. I think they should try and improve on Kelsey Grammars look from X-3. 
Also as a side-note am I the only one whose boner alert kept going off while watching Mystique in First Class? I mean her blue form and her human form.

Posted by waw003

more of the original team or the second team? Sinister would be an EXCELLENT villain, but I would really love more than specific characters is to see the company lead the story towards the Dark Phoenix Saga, Apocalypse, or even Onslaught

Posted by pspin

Dazzler could be cool with Banshee, Multiple Man and Strong Guy would be funny, either Psylocke would be interesting, Fantomex if they are really looking.  
They should attempt to get Wolverine again, that was funny.
Posted by DMC

Though she should have been in the first one, hopefully she'll make it to the sequel

Posted by cyberninja


Posted by weaponmaster

Darwin. For the entire movie.
Posted by The Sadhu

Quicksilver for sure! 
Can't think of anyone else I would like to see except maybe Strong Guy... would like to see how they would bring him to the big screen...
Posted by Nova`Prime`

I think they should just forget about the other XMen movies and use First Class as a true reboot and introduce the real first class. Jean, Scott, Warren, and Bobby, then they can use Beast, Banshee, and Havok as instructors. And use Magneto, Mystique, and Frost as an introduction for the Brotherhood of (Evil) Mutants.

Posted by CellphoneGirl
@DMC said:
Though she should have been in the first one, hopefully she'll make it to the sequel
Forgot about her! They should of had her in the first.
Posted by Silver Knight75

What would you even call the sequel?

Posted by Sheep-Kill

I Think it should be titled: X-Men: Rise of the Brotherhood. 
New Good guys: 
Psylock (in English body) 
Rusty Collins 
The new Bad Guys!!!! 
Mastermind (teenager saved him from Stryker) 
Mist Mistress 
Sauron( Starts off as energy sucking mutant later turns monsterous) 

Posted by bingbangboom

I honestly do not know. I saw the movie and while enjoyable as an X-Men fan I just want them to reboot everything. Sort of sucks but I would rather them start at square one with everything. I would be really surprised if they don't use Storm. Not as a fanboy or anything, hate those people, but I could see a whole thing with Professor X going to Africa and other parts of the world to get students.

Posted by RedK

Mimic or Iceman, maybe they could show Mystique pregnant and do the whole birthing scene where the baby comes out blue and she runs from the village people who think it's a demon and she throws the baby off a cliff

Edited by Edamame
Posted by Aqua11500
@bingbangboom said:
I honestly do not know. I saw the movie and while enjoyable as an X-Men fan I just want them to reboot everything. Sort of sucks but I would rather them start at square one with everything. I would be really surprised if they don't use Storm. Not as a fanboy or anything, hate those people, but I could see a whole thing with Professor X going to Africa and other parts of the world to get students.
Why dont we just give Storm an origins movie? her whole back drop could be in Africa.
Posted by Danial79

I want Darwin to come back, having somehow dissolved or teleported when Shaw tried to kill him. Having him die after only a handful of scenes was a cheap plot device.

Posted by GothamRed

So once again I'm the only one who wants Morph/Changeling to be in the movie, he was a supporting cast member very early on, and was the first X-Man to die, but thanks for listing him up top, it actually means a lot.  Mimic would be cool too, and I really want to see avalanche, scarlet witch, and polaris, but Morph is my biggy. (He'd probably be called morph anyone due to the naming issue that caused the change in the first place, BEAST BOY!!!!!)

Posted by Ms. Omega

I wish Darwin would come back he got so screwed in this movie :(

Posted by chalkshark

Flesh out the first class with the remaining early X-Men... Polaris, Sunfire, & Thunderbird. This allows for a more multi-cultural cast. A potential romantic thread with Havok & Polaris can run through the next couple of films. If you establish Polaris as Magneto's daughter, then this would set up a nice conflict between Xavier & Magneto, as they fight for her loyalty. 
The Mimic, while a personal favorite, isn't a mutant, & therefore doesn't belong on the team, anymore than Juggernaut did in X3's Brotherhood. Having a human with super-powers in among the mutants will just muddy up the equality & oppression themes inherent in the films.

Posted by SpidermanWins

Well they have created their own Xmen universe in general. In this universe I would love to see cannonball, polaris, scarlet witch, quicksliver, sunfire, and definetly wolfsbane.

Edited by sladewilson30

i like your ideas for the vanisher, unus, blob, and mastermind, tom, they would totally work, but i would also like to see mimic, proteus(he might be a longshot though), vulcan (he could work), black tom cassidy, and thundebird(joining the x-men of course). i think quicksilverand and scarlet witch should wait to appear until the avengers sequel

Posted by SpidermanWins

Oh at the end of the second they should show jean, storm, and scott as new students. Havoc could instead be Scott's father. In the brotherhood Mistique gets with Azazel and end with her giving birth to Nightcrawler, Beast's departure, the death of Havoc, and Scott, Jean, and Storm developing powers as children with a Patrick Stewart voiceover about there being mutants out there among us and bla bla bla.

Posted by Gambit1024

Instead of being a direct sequel to First Class, I think we deserve the step between the Wolverine movie and the first X-Men movie. We barely got to see Cyclops kick any ass, so I think we're entitled to it. 
So my line-up for that kind of movie would be: 
 - Cyclops, Beast, Storm, Jean, Banshee, and Havok for the X-Men 
- Magneto, Mystique, Azazel, Emma, Mimic, and Sabretooth (never said how he got on the team in the movies) for the Brotherhood.

Posted by jubilee042

what does garish mean and the director said he would add one member in the sequel so there is no female so it would either jean,storm,dazzler,jubilee,psylocke

Posted by ryu_talkative_batman

Cyclops, Angel, Cable, Deadpool, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, The Original-official (first) X-Men members, Wolverine

Posted by umbrafeline
no youre nto the only one who had a boner, moira in her skivvies was hot and angel being a go-go dancer. grr baby grr yeah lol 
what was up with mcavoys austin powers accent? 
if mimic was cast how would they portray him? how would hte make his superhuman [non-mutant] powers active? cals a superhuman, not a mutant. 
its x years later, and only beast has stuck around. havok and banshee went off using their powers for good. enter storm, jean, scott. chales is beginning to lose his follicles and becomming the chrome dome we all know and love/hate. magnetos back with his main squeeze mystique whos the only survivor from a government attack that took out riptide, frost, angel and azeal [sp] this time erik gain some new recruits with toad, pietro, sabretooth and possibly dare i say... unus 
was the tattoo on eriks arm the same number as it was in x3?
Posted by goldenkey

If this is a reboot and not a prequel then they should go with the real first team or with 2nd team.  I think it could be great to see the 2nd team come in and do another time peice only in the 70's..............but it won't and we all know that.
Posted by Namor1987

Quicksilver, Polaris, Scarlet Witch, Storm, Cyclops,  Sunspot, & Mimic plus Jean Grey
Posted by King Quisling

I wanna see Mastermind as a teen above every other character.

Posted by PrinceIMC

They need to bring back Darwin. Have Kevin Bacon show back up as Sinister, he was the real doctor that messed with young Erik. Sebastian Shaw is just a cloned body or something with an energy absorption power. I'd like to see Fabian Cortez as another creation of Sinister made to get close to Magneto. And maybe Gambit another creation of Sinister created to get close to Xavier's team but he brings young Storm along with him and switches sides. Then in the end Legion can show up from the future trying to kill Magneto but accidentally killing Xavier so the third movie can be an Age of Apocalypse movie.

Posted by HexThis

Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Jean Grey, Scott, Angel, and Iceman are a MUST
Other than that I'd like to see Mastermind or Avalanche, Destiny, Storm, Rogue...
Nobody like Wolverine. I think they're onto something good by fixating on the conflict of ideologies between Magneto and Professor X and characters like Wolverine just distract from that far too much.

Posted by maxicere

No one...

Posted by papad1992

Honestly... I wouldn't mind seeing some of the new X-kids hitting up the big screen - like: 
.... etc.
Posted by SC

Sequel should still be Magneto strong, since his character is just so damn awesome. Especially how Fassbender plays him. I'd honestly try and sort of sneak him back into more regular looking clothes as well. He doesn't have to be on friendly terms with Xavier but not antagonistic yet either. I mention him for two reasons. I think Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver would be great additions for the sequel. First Class was essentially Magneto and Xavier learning where each other stood and why. You can have this dynamic in part two with Magneto and his children. Give plenty of great material for Fassbender to play with.  
Also I am warm to the idea of bringing aspects of the Mutant Massacre Over. Morlocks. Sort of explore the facets of how people cope and interact with each other. Where as Xavier represents integration, Magneto sees a divide, Morlocks represent isolation. Then again so many characters dying might be grim, but also provides a reason for Magneto to team back up with X-Men. Chris Hemsworth could even cameo! But yah, along this line of thinking, Callisto, Sabretooth, Vertigo, Scalphunter, Artie, Blockbuster, Scrambler, Harpoon, Arclight, Wolverine, Colossus, would all be in. Well maybe not Wolverine... but Betsy also fought Sabes in this storyline, maybe even Wildchild could substitute. I mean, don't follow the story line exactly! Oh and Sinister of course. 
Oh and something with Shadow King could be cool! You get a psychic battle, (Emma would be good now) Storm, Forge hopefully as well! (Storm and Forge!) Oh and Strong Guy can be the character killed at the midway point. His heart would give out. Surely we can get a badass Rogue by now as well. Smart, cocky and sassy.  
Can't hurt by having some New Mutants on board either. I think especially given how strong Magneto and Xaviers ties to them are. Dani, Cannonball, Xi'an, (both legs) Doug, Roberto! etc etc Great stuff! Sneak in Monet and Longshot. So much potential! 

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

My thoughts:
The New Mutants
-Fabian Cortez
-Amelia Voght
-Marco Delgado
-Carmella Unscione
-Joanna Cargil
-Bryon Calley

Posted by Tempest55

Lets get the original ones already!!!!!

Posted by riri4life

If Mystique does decide to be in another movie, we need to get that girl a comb and give her a side part. That scaley 5-head is not cute momma.

Posted by TheOlympian

Given XMFC's ending, I can see Magneto setting up the Brotherhood with a traditional Hellfire Club hierarchy (King, Queen, Bishop, Rook) and a number of extra grunts (Acolytes).  I do remember reading somewhere that Vaughn only wanted one new mutant for the sequel to physically face off with Magneto.  I would love for this person to be a part of said team and possibly be the rival "King" to Erik.  Maybe Fabian Cortez?   Sunspot was originally supposed to be in XMFC.  He has ties to the Hellfire Club.   Maybe even throw Selene in there...  
I think that Pieter Phobos and the Soviet Super Soldiers program would also be a nice touch.  We could have the beginnings of the communist Winter Guard to battle the American X-Men.  As far as I know the majority of the Guard are mutant.  I really think that Vanguard could take Magneto.  
In order to add Sinister, he would definitely need to be overhauled.  We've had three movies now that concern experimentation on mutants.  However, Sinister's ties to Apocalypse could make him a worthwhile candidate even so.    

Zaladane, Margali Szardos, or the Frost sisters could be awesome, yet random female additions.  
Graydon Creed could be cool.  If we change who his mother is and actually make him a mutant who doesn't know that he is.  Maybe an empathic televangelist?  I'm reaching, I know.     

Also, I've read where the writers want to bring in Cable for the sequel.  That could either be greatness or utter tragedy...

Posted by Girth
Edited by IllyanaRasputin

I haven't taken the time to read over all of these because I didn't want anything to change me ultimate choice from reading this title. 
Pretty much I've already thought about how I'd like the next two movies to work out... Haha here it is enjoy the read =) 

X-Men First Class Prt. 2

  • Professor X ... Will go through dark times adjusting with his loss of leg usage, Xavier will also find it hard battling his old friend but will realize it's his life or Magnetos.
  • Banshee ... Will become the team leader of the X-Men.
  • Havok ... Will stay with the X-Men as long as he's needed when he unknowingly kills Riptide during a battle he leaves the X-Men.
  • Beast  ... Will stand by the Professor and become a member of the X-Men.
  • Moira ... Will inevitably leave her C.I.A job and get into schooling to study genetics. 
  • New Character ... Don't care who it is, it will be someone who is strong and has a good offensive power, but will either leave the X-Men at the end of the movie or will die. This character cannot be Jean, Cyclops or Storm. 
  • Magento ... Will make a scene and being is destruction on humans, and the name Magneto will be feared.
  • Emma Frost ... Will be part of the Brotherhood for a short period of time then leave when she see's the faults in her ways.
  • Angel ... I don't care.
  • Riptide ... Him and Havok will have a face off and he'll die at the hands of Havok.
  • Azazel ... He will stay alongside with Magneto for awhile until he realizes he got Mystique pregnant. 
  • Mystique ... She will have a hard time adjusting with being away from the Professor, she confides in Azazel who knocks her up then she has Kurt but gives him away to a church because she doesn't want to raise him in a cruel environment in the Brotherhood. 

X-Men First Class Prt. 3

  • Professor X - Opens the Academy to more students is a full time advisor / professor 
  • Banshee - Still the leader of the X-Men but nearing the end of the movie he leaves with an unexpected twist... him and Moira love each other!
  • Cyclops - Co-Leads the X-Men with Banshee 
  • Jean - Joins the X-Men 
  • Storm - Joins the X-Men
  • Beast  - Still with the X-Men
  • Magneto - Still all raw raw raw I hate humans! Mutants rule!
  • Mystique - Gets dark and cold because of the decision she made to give up her baby
  • Angel - Begins to see the faults in her ways but she's too late and when attempting to save a family she gets killed by military ops. 
  • New Member
  • New Member 
Posted by ironshadow

Thunderbird, Gambit, Sabretooth and Mikhail Rasputin.

Posted by Eyz

How should they call it...X-men: Second Class??