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Which Comics Would You Save if Your House Was on Fire?

You can only save two...

Statement of the obvious: Comics are flammable. Extremely flammable. I shouldn't have to tell you that, but to start this piece off, it's needed information. Recently, in Kenosha Wisconsin, a comic store caught on fire. The Kenosha News reported that the owner of the  Heroes and Dreams store discovered smoke coming from his store at 9:50 A.M. Monday and reported it to the local authorities.
When the fire department arrived, they found numerous fires on the first floor and basement of the building. There was little damage, but many of the comics were damaged due to smoke and soot. At this time, the fire department suspects arson. Let's say this wasn't arson though because I wouldn't doubt it if it was. Let's say you were stuck in your house, and you smell smoke. You follow all the proper precautions you learned from Fireman Ted down the street and you know you have to jump out the window. Bare with me here... Now, you obviously have time to search through your comics and pick out TWO comics from your collection. Why two? Because I'm tired of three or five. Plus, the fire is really raging. What two comics do you save from the inferno? No trades or collections, only single issue comic books! Also, if you try and save more than two, you burn alive.
== TEASER ==
First one I'd save is the first comic that was ever given to me. It was an insert into the Chicago Tribune back in the early 80s. Spider-Man and The Hulk. I have no clue what happens in this book because It was bagged and boarded years ago, and I haven't read in it about a decade, but I'm sure the two fought each other and then realized they were both the good guy, and then they possibly hugged. Anyway, this book means a lot to me, has a lot of sentimental value, and this would be the first book I would save. 
The second book I'd grab has no real monetary nor sentimental value to it. I'd save this book purely for my interview with the local newscaster. The book is one of my favorite covers: Fantastic Four 292, with Hitler on the cover and the team debating whether or not to kill him. Again, this would be one classic interview with a reporter. "Sir, you survived the fire, and you've seemingly lost everything except for this comic... with Hitler on it?" 
"Yes, throughout the confusion, the smoke, and the mass amounts of things I've collected, I managed to grab the one comic that makes me smile... The one with Hitler on the cover." I could win a newscaster a local emmy with a speech like that.
So what about you guys? What two comics would you grab? Remember, if you grab more than two, you'll burn alive.
~Mat "InferiorEgo" Elfring is a comedian, teacher, comic store employee, and comic book writer.~
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Posted by Tomokata

I would save my Distant Soil comics.  Can't get them anymore anywhere.  I've looked.  Everything else is replaceable (and insured for replacement value).

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

 My primary comics I would save are New Teen Titans Vol. 1 #1, my reprint copy of TEENAGE MUTANT TURTLES Vol. 1 #1, AMETHYST - PRINCESS OF GEMWORLD #1, and the four 1st issues of HARDWARE, BLOOD SYNDICATE, ICON, and STATIC.

Posted by Sparda

I'd save what I remember as my first comic, a Hulk issue from the eighties, where Kate Waynesboro gets turned into Lady MODOK, Abomination dies, and Hulk beats up a bunch of AIM soldiers. Yeah.
Uh, second one would be Scott Pilgrim. All of it. Damn your rules, Ego! Damn them to hellllll!

Posted by Lady Tlieso

Argh only 2 and no trades?!?! God you're picky. ;-P  My first choice is Uncanny X-Men 266 because its the first appearance of Gambit and I love him. Second choice would probably be the first issue of Guardians of the Galaxy because I love that comic as much as I love Gambit. 

Posted by RedHurricane24

The Flash #1 and Red Robin #2. Everything else is in my backpack. HA!

Posted by danhimself

hmmm...that's a really hard decision to make...I was thinking of grabbing Kingdom Come and Earth X from my trade pile but then you had to go and ruin that for me by saying "no trades" so.....
the 1st that comes to mind is one of my Gen 13 #1 variant covers

I was around 16 when I was collecting all 13 of the variant covers for this issue and this cover was the hardest to find...and it makes my pervy little heart jump a little every time I see it
the second would be...What If...? #105  this was like the first book that I ever bought that went up in value for me...I remember a while back it was up to around $100 dollars...I really doubt that it's worth that much anymore

Posted by Dracade102

I'd Go down with Me Comics.
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

My Secret Wars #1 comic, even though its a UK one and of Zero value it's one of my favorites of all time. the Second would be my Thor Annual #1 that my brother got me for my birthday.
In an ideal i world throw my comic boxes out of the window John McClane style, baged and borded they would stand a better chance out there than in the house.

Posted by tensor

i have mine in a safe so the house can burn all it wants  i would save ff 4 number 4 spawn 1 an avengers number 15 all in mint condition

Posted by haydenclaireheroes
@danhimself: I would save the What if issue also. My favorite Character is Spider-girl 
Posted by Blackestnight

I'd take my Secret Invasion 1 the first book I bought and Daredevil 501

Edited by uncanny89

x-men 101 and 129  first appearance of phoenix and then the first appearance of Emma Frost

Posted by bobtv

I'll go for my Detective comics #800 and my Green Lantern #1 (new volume, Alex Ross freakin' awesome cover).

Posted by conformist21

astonishing x-men 25, giant size astonishing x-men, they're in the same plastic, so idk how that's fair.
i hardly have any comics, most of them are my brother's so i can't save his.
i only haves trades and hardcovers so yeah.

Posted by Bathory1313

For me it would be Uncanney X-men number 266 (first appearance of Gambit)
And my mint Secret Wars number 8 (first appearance of Venom symbiont)

Posted by Zella

The only two comics I actually own :( My Batman Cacophony Hardcover and my Ultimate Guide to Wolverine hardcover.

Edited by Phantim555

I'd burn up trying to decide between All-Star Batman and Robin the boy wonder, Batman Hush, My entire batman collection, Green Arrow yr. 1 or my entire Red Robin collection. The Teen Titans, Green Arrow/Blk Canary and JLA  can burn... wait I take that back. Yea I'd just die in the fire.

Posted by Waerloga69

umm...all of them?

Posted by CaptainGenisVell

Due to this question, I will now be sealing my collections in fire-proof containers lol

Posted by darkking

all of them !!!!.....

Posted by Gambit1024

That's easy:  
Amazing Spider-Man #300 and Batman: The Killing Joke

Posted by inferiorego
@AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge said:
"  My primary comics I would save are New Teen Titans Vol. 1 #1, my reprint copy of TEENAGE MUTANT TURTLES Vol. 1 #1, AMETHYST - PRINCESS OF GEMWORLD #1, and the four 1st issues of HARDWARE, BLOOD SYNDICATE, ICON, and STATIC. "
@Waerloga69 said:
" umm...all of them? "
you both burn alive with your comics for trying to save more than two...
I'd probably die too though...
Posted by scorpius72

i concur with my fellow geeks, id save all of them duh!! 
seriously i have so many that are so old, some autographed. dont make me choose. 
now im thinking about how accesable they are and how deep id have to dig thru boxes to get to them. youre giving me an anxiety attack!!! stop!!    
Posted by Phantim555
@inferiorego said:
" @AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge said:
"  My primary comics I would save are New Teen Titans Vol. 1 #1, my reprint copy of TEENAGE MUTANT TURTLES Vol. 1 #1, AMETHYST - PRINCESS OF GEMWORLD #1, and the four 1st issues of HARDWARE, BLOOD SYNDICATE, ICON, and STATIC. "
@Waerloga69 said:
" umm...all of them? "
you both burn alive with your comics for trying to save more than two...  I'd probably die too though... "

Thats why I said I'd just burn too cause I'd b lost if I lose even 1 comic
Edited by Video_Martian

The Flash #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #382 (the 1st comic that I ever bought).

Posted by Aspenfan1

Civil War #1 Aspen Variant signed by Michael Turner, Mark Millar, and Steve McNiven
Kiani #1 UK Variants signed by Michael Turner

Posted by SuperGamera

since i keep all my comics in one box it would be more difficult to select two than to just take the whole box, but if i had to pick i'd take my identity crisis book and my dc comics stories of alan moore book
Posted by xerox_kitty

What a horrible scenario!  I think I'd end up burning alive while trying to save the boxes of New Mutants, X-Factor, X-Force & Uncanny X-Men... I've spent so many years (and so much money) building those series up to have as few gaps as possible...

Posted by CellphoneGirl

Runaways # 1, and that one x-men issue where Cyclops and Jean get married.

Posted by jedd

avengers annual 10 cus i love rogue and mystique and west coast 101
Edited by Vortex13

Wouldn't it actually take more time to rummage through all you're comics to find just two? Rather than grabbing a file box? lol.

Posted by sparty-dbq

As much as I've gotten into comics over the past two years, I wouldn't risk severe burns or death to save any of them in the event of a fire.  Especially since I keep them in an spot in my closet that's not easily accessible in an emergency.
Posted by inferiorego
@Vortex13 said:
" Wouldn't it actually take more time to rummage through all you're comics to find just two? Rather than grabbing a file box? lol. "
You need your hands free to escape obviously, and you can stick two issues down your tucked in shirt...
don't worry, i've thought of everyhing
Posted by Comiclove5

All of them. I keep my comics on one of those cart things.
Posted by MTHarman

All the comics I want to save are kept in a fireproof storage that I required from the military. 
There are a few, 
-The Killing Joke

-Brian Azzarello Joker

-Punisher: Born 
-Death of Superman 
- First issue of Green Goblin, Bullseye, and the Kingpin 
-The Sinestro corps war 
-Arkham Asylum titles 
-Jokers Asylum II titles 
-Blackest Night signed by Geoff Johns  
Rest can burn for all I care

Posted by reaper2923

Well I always think everything through and I keep all my comics in a conviently packed space, all I have to do is empty out all the un-necassary comics and run off with my favorites


any batman book and justice league book
Posted by miraclefan

This is easy  
My CGC 9.8 Golden state collection ALL-STAR #58 (First Power Girl)  
and depending on which is closer to me during this ''raging inferno'' either my cgc 9.8 Dark Horse presents #1 (first Concrete) or my cgc 9.8 Flash #323 (amazing Infantino cover)
Posted by War Killer

T_T I Can't Choose, there's too many!!! -___-
But I know I would cry if this ever happened.......
But really, I'd grab my reprint of Captain America #109 (my first comic book ever and what started it all for me) and Captain America #34 (the issue Bucky became Captain America)
(But yeah, in reality I would try to save all of them, but I picked two for this thread, so I don't burn alive...yet :P)

Posted by Gylan Thomas

All or nothin' baby. All or nothin'.
I'd burn with them before I lost any to the embers.
I'd fry reading my Claremont/ Byrne X-men.

Posted by Joe Venom

Game Over man,
Game Over!
If could only save 1 they may as well all burn, I would save my pet Iguana and walk away as it all burns to ashes, and so would be the last day I would ever own a comic :(

Posted by logan48227

I'd save my copy of New Teen Titans #2 (Deathstroke's first appearance) and my Stan Lee-autographed copy of X-Men #1 (the Jim Lee/Chris Claremont one).

Posted by Black Lantern Mar-vell

None, I'd be trying to save my kids.
Posted by Queen's Halo

I would save Astonishing X-Men Omnibus and Nextwave. But surprisingly I actually have a big case were I hold my comics that are close to the door for such an occasion (Really, it's the only place in my room where I can fit the case).

Edited by Aquamariner

Whaaaa?!?! An unanswerable question!!! I'd grab as many as I could, jump out of the window and yell BANZAI!!! 
Buuuut, because you just gotta love this scenario, and IF IF IF IF IF I had to choose... I'd go with the first back issues that made me a hardcore Green Lantern fan... Much sentimental value here!

Posted by karrob

Giant Size X-men #1 signed by Chris Claremont

Posted by Lucky Arrow
same here! lol
Posted by TheMess1428

Well here is my dilemma. I have every single comic book in my house (except for the ones my dad and I are currently reading because those are in our rooms) on a shelf in my laundry room. All of my single issue comics all fit in one suitcase and are in there. (Except for the two Green Hornet issues that my dad has in his room). I also have a three ring notebook full of Teen Titans comics from the current series that is sitting in a box. I also have a shoe box full of unread comic books on my bed in my room. My friend sends me comics in packages all the time and they are all borrowed from her. I have two high stacks of her comics on the shelf next to the suitcase. It would be pretty sad if I had to tell her that her comic books were destroyed in a fire and only two of mine survived. 
I guess I would have to save my two all-time favorite Teen Titans comics. #33 and #47 because they had really cool Nightwing stories.

Posted by Primmaster64

My Invincible TPB.