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Which Capcom Characters Could Work in the Marvel Universe?

Who else has been playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 too much?

 The ride we've been taken on must continue!
I’ve waited 11 years for MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 and the game did not disappoint me in the slightest. It's, by far, the best execution of a concept that started with X-MEN VS. STREET FIGHTER and, now that I've beaten it a few times, it's got me thinking about how much further this most fitting of crossovers could continue. Turnabout being fair play, I'm specifically thinking about what Capcom characters could successfully leap into the Marvel universe, especially when tough-to-translate characters like M.O.D.O.K. and Phoenix worked so well as fighters. Granted, a lot of the Capcom crowd wouldn't fit in. The Darkstalkers' look is far too anime to mesh with the tights and capes gang, and characters like Viewtiful Joe and Tron Bonne are just too goofy for anything aside from an adventure with the X-Babies or Power Pack.     
Still, there are plenty of candidates who make so much sense that they're certified no-brainer answers to this question. How 'bout I take you for a ride through a list of my top picks? == TEASER ==

 Who's frustrated he didn't make MVC3's roster?


Hand’s down the most natural fit. Look at him  —he already is a superhero! His debut title in the early 90s even had more in common with the X-MEN arcade game than it did with FINAL FIGHT and his odd menagerie of ninja, mummy and mech-piloting baby cohorts isn't too far from other anti-teams like the Defenders. They even once fought a shape-shifting, power-stealing green, gelatinous menace who bore more than a passing resemblance to the Super-Adaptoid. Put these guys in any corner of the Marvel Universe and it'll feel like they've always been there. There's also some added creative appeal, here, because these characters haven't actually been fleshed out that much —they're just waiting for some creators to tell their story. Seriously, replace that star on the captain's belt buckle with an Avengers "A" or an X-Men "X" already!

 He's even got a cape!


Part of the fun of these crossovers is the parallels they bring up between characters, and I really don’t see much difference between this rat bastard dictator and super-villainous despots like Dr. Doom or Namor (on his bad days, at least.) If the MU can fit Latveria into the Balkans and Wakanda somewhere into Africa, I don’t see why Shadowlaw can’t be squeezed into Southeast Asia. I could totally see this old STREET FIGHTER boss getting embroiled in the kind of intense political drama we've often seen in BLACK PANTHER or becoming the target of a covert ops mission for the Secret Avengers. Plus, his outfit actually looks vaguely Kirby-esque already in its bold simplicity, its saturated use of a primary color and its super-villain styling of a real world military uniform. 
 A duo to rival Power Man & Iron Fist and Cloak & Dagger!


Once again, there ain’t  a whole lot separating the Blue Bomber from the likes of, say, Machine Man. Considering how Marvel’s got a whole bunch of alternate futures, I can totally see X’s world (from the darkest MEGA MAN of the series) as a neighbor to Killraven’s Martian-dominated dystopia or Deathlok’s post-Apocalyptic wasteland. Actually, I could very easily see X & Zero teaming up with those two for a war against the ultimate maverick robot masters - - the Sentinels of DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. Just imagine Mega Man taking on the likes of Nimrod and gaining his unfathomable powers after felling him with a charged-up X-Buster. Can't you just picture X sporting a white and pink variant of his suit after that, just like he does after beating every boss in his games?
 Wolverine's wild wing-tips have finally met their match in the crazy hair department.
The deadliest practitioner of Ryu's amped-up brand of Shotokan karate is actually the first Capcom character to cross paths with Marvel denizens. You'll recall how he glided in at the end of X-MEN: CHILDREN OF THE ATOM to kick the snot out of Magneto and challenge the player to a contest of skills. With that in mind, Akuma could have a hell of a hook for a solo comic —he’d basically be traveling across the Marvel galaxy to pick fights with every formidable hero and villain. That’s it. No other agenda to dress it up. He just wants to battle the strongest combatants out there. And I dare say he wants to be the best there is at what he does because you just know Wolverine ran into this guy during his lost years in Japan.
That's all the room I have here, even though there are plenty more great crossover candidates. Imagine Hayato Kanzaki of STAR GLADIATOR throwing in with Annihilators for some cosmic adventure, Jin Saotome of CYBERBOTS taking on colossal beasts of Monster Island in his mech or Strider Hiryu soaring down the same towering urban canyons that Spider-Man 2099 swings through.  This would make for one seriously awesome fifth event, and I'm only scratching the surface of possibilities. Why don't you Comic Vine maniacs pick up this ball and run with it? What Capcom characters would fit in the Marvel Universe?

 Tom Pinchuk’s the writer of  HYBRID BASTARDS!   &   UNIMAGINABLE . Order them on Amazon   here  &   here .  Follow him on Twitter:  @tompinchuk

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Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Place ken in th MU we would have a story!
Edited by NightFang

I think theses characters would be better suited in the DC Universe, then in Mravel's.

Akuma could work as the Archenemy of the Karate Kid, and M.Bison could be a new Superman, Batman or maybe even Justice League villain.
Posted by Alpha_Wolf_Rage009

Well, if we are talking about ANYTHING and Everything Capcom has ever done... I have a list of characters I believe would fit well in the Marvel Universe (aside from those stated above).
Dante and Trish could have quite the exciting run with the likes of Blade and Ghost Rider. The entire Resident Evil storyline could fit in fantastically if combined with the likes of SHIELD. Jin Saotome and the other characters from Cyberbots could be related to an alternate future, possibly connected to Cable or the Sentinels even. Others could include Nathan Spencer, all of Shadowloo, and the Strider Corps.

Posted by Noctis
@NightFang said:

I think theses characters would be better suited in the DC Universe, then in Mravel's.

Posted by Dedpool

Awesome man! I want a Megaman X comic, and an Akuma vs Marvel Universe (if deadpool and punisher can take em on so0 can Akuma) or just an Akuma vs Wolverine comic. and a Bison/Doom crossover would rock. Hey where's the proposed comic fopr the game. And yes I'm mad Captain Commando isn't in MvC3. CAPTAIN CORRIDOR!!!!!! A Captain Commando comic would be awesome. Very tongue in check off the wall oover the top action.
Posted by NightFang
@Noctis: Finely, somebody agrees with me!
Edited by King Saturn
Akuma in the Marvel Universe would be Major Gangsta  !
Posted by FLStyle

Dante and Trish would fit in X-Force just perfectly. In fact a Devil May Cry comic set in Marvel 616 would work too.
PS. Ryu and Akuma don't use any form of Shotokan Karate variation.

Posted by PrimeDirective

The entire cast of Darkstalkers
Posted by Deih

If Darkstalkers are too anime'ish for comics, then what is Mega Man?
I'd love to see Phoenix Wright, even if he isn't in the MvC3 game, as a cameo in a comic, western drawing style and all. Him, or Miles Edgeworth from the same game franchise.

Posted by ARMIV

Man, there is a whole lot of Capcom characters that would fit in the Marvel universe... 
so then why do none come to mind at the moment?!
Edited by Blue Son

Akuma would be a perfect opponent for Iron Fist and I can see M.Bison and his Shadowloo organization mixing it up with Steve Rogers and the Secret Avengers. Almost everyone from the Street Fighter engine could would in the Marvel Universe if retooled.
Posted by FoxxFireArt

I think the Resident Evil cast could work in Marvel. They fight zombies and they have their own zombie universe.  Though some of the Resident Evil comics were published with Marvel, so it's kind of already happened.
Bad enough they removed Jill Valentine from the game and made her a DLC character. Instead they added MODOK and dreadlocks-Rad Spencer.

Edited by Om1kron

Whats funny was I always thought Tron Bon was from Captain Commando, I remember in my early teens I would be at the Circle K that constantly got robbed to put whatever money I had into that arcade machine. Pretty much if my parents couldn't find me for hours there was 3 places to look for me.  
Rocky n Bullwinkles / Family Fun Center (now called boomers)  
Circle K 
Target, @ the super nintendo display (because my parents still hadn't bought me one.)  
Anyway totally random, I haven't picked the game up. Add me on XBL Pinchuk I shall return from my vacation with Marvel in hand to layeth the smacketh down!  
XBL : o137o

Posted by Primmaster64

Ken and Ryu and Akuma

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Phoenix Wright

Posted by goldenkey

I would think any of the street fighter characters could work.
Edited by Mr. Dead Pool

Dante and the whole DMC crew could quite easily fit in the MU. So could Darkstalkers, Street Fighter, and Resident Evil

Posted by GalactaSurfer
@King Saturn said:
" Akuma in the Marvel Universe would be Major Gangsta  ! "
This. Akuma vs the Immortal Weapons would be made of all kinds of win!
I also think that Chung Li can work as some form of speedster.
Posted by M.S. Feather

Great article Tom.
Personally I'd love to see a Killer 7 comic and Harman Smith would fit perfectly into the Marvel Universe.
A Phoenix Wright/Daredevil crossover would be beyond awesome. :D

Posted by biggkeem89

Ryu and Akuma in a fighting tournament in Madripoor(i.e. Ryu's ending would be intense"). Heck, almost all the Street Fighter characters could work there. Imagine Ryu vs Iron Fist, Vega vs Mr. X, etc.  
btw, Marvel vs Capcom 3 is incredible!

Posted by soundbite

Akuma Matata
Posted by DMC

Though I can't think of a character at the moment, putting M Bison (and Shadowlaw) in the Marvel U would be a BRILLIANT idea. Madripoor could use a dictator to make that nation a bigger threat and Dr Doom could always use a rival/opponent  ^_^.

Posted by Achilles.

That would be awesome. Imagine Albert Wesker vs Captain America finally coming true...

Posted by sladewilson30

any of the street fighter characters

Posted by Adnan
@NightFang said:

I think theses characters would be better suited in the DC Universe, then in Mravel's.

Akuma could work as the Archenemy of the Karate Kid, and M.Bison could be a new Superman, Batman or maybe even Justice League villain. "
Akuma vs Karate Kid?
Posted by mk111

Characters from Street Fighter seem the best fitted for Marvel comics. I'm not sure how, say, Megaman EXE would really work in Marvel, unless he lived in the Stark Computers.
Posted by GothamBat

Dante would be pretty cool. Especially his ending in MVC3!!! Same with Ryu and his ending. And the Resident Evil universe could be pretty sweet mixed with the MU.

Posted by Manchine

Personally a lot of the street fighter characters could easily make the jump.  Guile gets recruited by shield.  Dr. Doom funding Shadowloo.  Just so many what ifs.  I remember back in the day of my Marvel RPGing (FASERIP all the way).  I had every site the Streetfighters went to I had something happening at.  I had the streetfighters duking it out with superheroes.

Posted by punisher1313

Oh wait...........Blast!!!!!!!!

Posted by marvelunivers_deleteme

zero and mega man makes sense to me

Posted by JonesDeini

Some pretty good suggestions here

Posted by Dark Cell

Ummm Hello? DANTE! 
why isnt the obvious one on that list?
Posted by hydrabob

yeah Bison would make for a great villain in marvel

Posted by saiyan_earthling

Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Chun Li, Dante, Mega Man, Wesker, Jill, Zero, Cody, Guy, Haggar, Cammy, Juri, Guile, Rose, Bison, Sagat and Vega.

Posted by Trodorne
@saiyan_earthling:  I don't think guile would make it in the military. his hair is not regulation length.
Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

Darkstalkers would.
Morrigan definately looks like a comic chick!

Posted by DalekDoctor2011

Resident Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Danial79

I think the entire SF team would fit nicely into the Marvel U. I don't know enough about the rest of them to comment.

Edited by saiyan_earthling
@Trodorne: I'm sure that they'll try and make an exception with Guile, and don't forget Charlie as well. And also, don't forget that this is fiction. Anything can happen.
Posted by Bestostero

I love MvC3, and the endings show that they definitely could co exist...Morrigan in limbo, other Mystics involved with Dr Strange, Chun Li busting Kingpin, etc etc

Posted by MatKrenz

I say put Amaterasu in Japan and do stuff with him like Marvel does with Thor.
Posted by blaakmawf

Either megaman or Dante would be good.

Edited by Aronmorales

I think that the entire Street Fighter/Final Fight series, along with the Darkstalkers and Resident Evil franchises, would fit in very nicely with he Marvel Universe, along with a bunch of other Capcom franchises.

Posted by GREGalicious

I definitely agree with M. BISON, AKUMA, and CAPTAIN COMMANDO fitting in. 
A lot of the strange and mysterious Street Fighter characters would fit pretty well in the Marvel Universe:  DHALSIM & BLANKA  (II series), ROSE (Alpha series), KAIRI, AREA, SKULLOMANIA, SHADOWGEIST, SHARON, GARUDA, & VULCANO ROSSO (EX series), Q, NECRO, GILL, URIEN, & ORO (III series). 
I could see the STARS team and other organizations (from RESIDENT EVIL) fitting into Marvel as well.

Posted by Eyz

The lack of Captain Commando is... disappointing.
He would ROCK the Marvel Universe!

Posted by JAH_Donuts

Ryu with the Nova FOrce would be interesting.
 Who would make a good Marvel Herald?

Edited by MysteriousBlack
@Tom Pinchuck

Who's frustrated he (Captain Commando) didn't make MVC3's roster? 

 Frustrated like no one's business, Tom.
Posted by greenenvy

Mega man along side iron man ya or Felicia with black cat. M. Bison I can see as a captain america villain because he is a military type villain like Cap and red skull so.  I have others but thats enough I am going to mention therefore Cap com can work allot within marvel. 

Posted by Brit

Viewtiful Joe hands down!!

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