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Which Avenger Will Die In SIEGE #2?

Marvel says someone will die this week.

This week we will see the second Siege book.  In the solicit, Marvel promises "full-blown carnage and madness."  They also say that "The Siege has begun and it claims its first victim as AN AVENGER WILL DIE!!"

Oooh, who could it be?  You can't have a major event nowadays without having a big death.  We know that Thor to got his butt kicked by the Dark Avengers but it's doubtful he'll die.  It won't be Bucky or Steve Rogers since Steve was just reborn and they're still dealing with Bucky being Cap.  Luke Cage is getting a mini series.  Ms. Marvel?  Maybe, her series is getting canceled.  We know that the Avengers titles are also being "canceled."  Perhaps since Mighty Avengers' sales have been lower we'll see one of those members die.  But is there anyone on that team that people would really care about if they died?

What about Tony Stark?  Sure he's getting 'reassembled' and has that new costume coming but what about that Siege teaser where someone holds a suitcase with the Iron Man armor while Steve is standing behind, looking like he's about to receive it?  Could it be possible that just as Tony recovers, something happens?  Since Steve insists Bucky has to be Captain America in order to live, maybe he'll become the new Iron Man.  Wouldn't that be a twist?  Would Marvel make the bold move in killing off Tony Stark just before Iron Man 2 comes out?  DC did it with Batman right before The Dark Knight Returns.

Maybe they'll take the easy way out and have a "Dark" Avenger die.  Technically they are considered Avengers, at least in the public's eye.  What about Ares?  He's been on the fence with Norman's plan and appears to have a change of heart after fighting Balder and seeing a beaten Heimdall.  You know Norman has contingency plans if his Avenges try turning on him.  Or maybe Sentry will die...again.

Who will be the first casualty of Siege?  Will the death live up to the rumblings that something shocking is about to occur?  Will this character actually stay dead?  Which Avenger do you think is going to die?    
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Posted by uncanny89

i think that it will be Ms Marvel if its going to be a true Avenger, she is possible the least popular of the main heroes on the avengers
Posted by thetitan0

my bet is on mocking bird

Posted by timrothsays

And that Cap/Iron-Man idea is very interesting, but c'mon it's TONY @#$% STARK
He will survive, 100%

Posted by RedRobin92

@G-Man:  Hear me out on this one. It's a little bit far fetched, but hey we're talking about comic books after all. My bet is on Norman Osborn, and the end of Dark Wolverine #82 may justify this. I guess we'll have to see.
Posted by GeckoNumbRone

I think it will be Ares... The last issues tend to prove that.

Posted by uncanny89
i thought that aswell tbh, but do you really think that Daken killed Norman? or was it in his head?  surely thay cant kill the main guy unless he was an LMD
Posted by TheHood

I've thought it would be funny if they killed off Steve again right away.... But in all seriousness, I think Ms. Marvel sounds like a pretty safe bet, especially with her series ending. Also, I had never considered Steve becoming the new Iron Man like you suggested... that would be amazing, but I doubt Marvel would actually do it.

Edited by RedRobin92

@Uncanny89: Haha I don't know, but if they do kill off the main guy it would be one major twist. Who knows maybe they will and one of the more mentally unstable Dark Avengers (cough Sentry cough) will take lead and then everyone will have a real problem on their hands. We'll see.
Posted by starkiller95


Edited by They Killed Cap!

I think it would be great if Tony Stark dies, cruel Irony. He created the Civil War and in turn Cap died. Now he dies because of reprocussions to his actions. 
None the less, you know that anybody they kill will be back and better than ever in 6months. Perhaps another magic bullet. 
If Steve does take the mantel of Iron Man he could be the knew IRON PATRIOT
Posted by Dark Sandman

I'm with NumbRone. Ares' gonna turn on Osborn and he will die. But I guess he will reborn later. He's a Greek god after all, isn't he?

Posted by tensor

either  ares or osborn

Posted by Freddy.Mercurial

it'll be someone nobody cares about, like USAgent...

Posted by timrothsays
Lol, I care. He's funny
Posted by Thunder God

Please be Sentry and make him permanently dead.

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

either Bucky or Clint

Posted by Decept-O

Blast you, Marvel, you've got me interested in this now.  The fact Thor got his a$$ handed to him is a bit scary, so its possible Ares can take a dirt nap but like everyone is saying, he could be "resurrected" in some way.  I am HOPING its Sentry but I don't know, I think Marvel has some surprising plans for that character.  Guess we'll just have to check it out! 
Posted by Benzo

my bets on either Ares or moonstone. 

Posted by Tirchett

Well Osborn is dead ... Daken killed himm in Dark Wolverine 82# maybe he's the one that dies !!!
Posted by Queen's Halo

I hope it's not Moonstone or any female Avenger.

Posted by Rick475069

OH GOD I hope its Sentry.

Posted by speedlgt

it cant be osborn I think he will die by the end of this series but not it issue 2  i say moonstone she doesnt matter at all other than to sleep with her whole team she kinda useless
Posted by Ice Princess

Dark Avenger or not ... I'm REALLY tired of characters dying. I really am. What's the point in reading this stuff these days if everyone just gets killed off.
The only way this won't drive a further wedge between myself and Marvel is if they kill Sentry. I REALLY hate that guy.

Posted by Rick475069
@Ice Princess: Amen to that.
Edited by Archetype
@They Killed Cap!: No way will it be Tony the current Iron Man book has been too good to let him die and besides he just went through a form of death by rebooting his brain and we just saw what his new armor would look like and he has another movie due out this summer.
Also I don't care who dies...What is Wonder Man going to die?*gasp*
*le sigh*
Posted by ArachKnight

 "Ms. Marvel?  Maybe, her series is getting canceled  "   - Whoah,wait, really? Why? I just got into the MS. Marvel series and to be honest I really liked it. Well except when they switch artist halfway through the comic but that is just a little annoying.  Didn't Ms.Marvel just barley come back from being dead?!!!    
I think they should kill Tony.......bout time too
Posted by Watch Dog

I hope it's Gargan

Posted by ArachKnight

Hopefully this will not be what it looks like....... cool cover though :
Posted by goldenkey

does anyone really care?  Thats the question to ask.  I do kind of like the idea of Steve becoming Iron Man.  Actually after Osborn is done, I see him being Iron Patriot.  It would work. 
Posted by k4tzm4n

Someone will also die in Second Coming.  Is this what Marvel has resorted to in an attempt to get people to pick up titles? Oooh, look! Someone is going to die, find out who! I'd rather have them NOT say it and leave a death as a shock.
Staff Online
Posted by vicsrealms

I hope its Stark as well, as he is the reason for most of what has happened over the years.  The Civil War, World War Hulk, and whether he knew it or not he had a hand in the Secret Invasion as well.  Sentry is just irritating so I wouldn't mind him getting killed, and so is Osborn ( have never liked him).

Posted by The_Martian


Edited by Kid_Zombie

This has nothing to do with who will die, but I just found out who will be drawing the new "The Avengers" title, and its JR JR which makes me pissed off! Sorry to his fans, but sadly I am not a fan of his at all. 
ok rant done, needed to get that off my chest ha ha
I just remembered something. Didnt we see a cover hinting towards Hercules dying? Is this after seige? or is this part of seige? no idea, but it was hinted that Hercules will be dying.

Posted by jedd

noing bendis it'll be someone random like Bob agent of Hydra
Edited by Kid_Zombie
@goldenkey:  I think cap becomes the new head of SHIELD. they have hinted towards this many times.
Also they have hinted that it could be Sentry that dies in the upcoming issue of dark Avengers. And Ms.Marvel #50 is her last issue. does this mean shes is the one that gets axed?
Posted by InnerVenom123

Kill Mac Gargan and have the symbiote slither to a host that isn't a driveling bafoon. Thanks.
Edited by defaultdefaultdefault
what the hell is that?!!! what they forgot to give her a proper burial so they bring her back and kill
her a few issues after?!
( and why is Ultimates Colossus there?)

Posted by Kid_Zombie
@CATMANEXE: I noticed that also, and whos the guy in the top corner?
Maybe they arnt killing her off, never trust a cover, I was just speculating. they also have a cover with hercules dying so who knows. Maybe marvel is manning up finally and killing off a bunch of characters. I always thought they pussied out with secret invation, had an opertunity to knock off so many characters and instead they killed one person off a brought back like 3.
i hope its not Ms.marvel that gets killed off, but her last issue being #50 makes me think that it could be her. Again though #50 dosent come out till after seige #2 so it might not be her in seige that gets killed. AH so many questions ha ha ha
Posted by Omega Ray Jay
@goldenkey said:
" does anyone really care?  Thats the question to ask.  I do kind of like the idea of Steve becoming Iron Man.  Actually after Osborn is done, I see him being Iron Patriot.  It would work.  "
Now that sounds interesting.
Posted by Son_of_Magnus

All of them

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
hopefully not. moreso because it would be corny than anything.
guy in the corner is Dr.Voodoo
(his mini is awesome stuff BTW)
Posted by Aspenite

I think it will be Ms Marvel and I will cry about it because I like her so much!

Posted by brewski420

Jessica Jones will come flying in to help Asgard and she will be killed. No one else said Jessica Jones so i thought i would.
Posted by sora_thekey

If Ares were to die... the story would be intresting then.. becuase now the Secret Warriors could join in since Ares' son is part of the team... 
Let just go with the obvious choice... who has Marvel killed again and again.... Jean Grey... I mean Sentry!
Posted by FoxxFireArt

So, are they just determined to keep at least one Avenger dead?
Ms. Marvel just came back from the dead as well.

Posted by The Crimson Nutcase
@They Killed Cap! said:
" I think it would be great if Tony Stark dies, cruel Irony. He created the Civil War and in turn Cap died. Now he dies because of reprocussions to his actions.  None the less, you know that anybody they kill will be back and better than ever in 6months. Perhaps another magic bullet.   If Steve does take the mantel of Iron Man he could be the knew IRON PATRIOT "
I like your theory lol :D
Posted by Blindside002

If they kill Ms. Marvel I will not be buying anymore Marvel comics. The screwed over alot of my favorite characters and I will have no desire to read them anymore. First the cancel She-hulk, now Ms Marvel, I'm about to just stick with DC.
Posted by Mattersuit

F#ck off Osborn. Daken should treat him like Frank Castle lol.
Posted by jefprice

I love how people all blame tony. Steve would have died no matter what, and the CW and DR never would have happened if anyone had followed tony and tried to do things peacefully. But in any case it's not him, Mat Fraction already has said that it's tony getting the new armor after disassembled 

Posted by HackedLife
@Kid_Zombie said:
" and whos the guy in the top corner? "
Looks like Brother Voodoo.  Although I don't think it will be Sentry, that is my vote.  What good is the power of ten thousand suns when you are a whiny little b$%^&?  Also, Ms. Marvel was just dead for a few months in late 2009 so I don't think it will be her.
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