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Where has Ultimate Nick Fury been?

I don't know if they're trying to be like the regular old Nick Fury but I'm sure you've noticed that Ultimate Nick Fury pulled a disappearing act recently.  He hasn't made an appearance (besides in the Iron Man movie) in some time.  I can't tell if this will explain where he's been or if it's a flashback tale.

Either way, Squadron Supreme returning sounds cool to me.

Squadron Supreme Returns…With Ultimate Nick Fury!

The comeback of Squadron Supreme begins with four astronauts returning to Earth from a fantastic space mission, changed in a familiar way…and Ultimate Nick Fury will learn the truth about their quest! Squadron Supreme 2 #1, a bold new ongoing series from comics legend Howard Chaykin and Chesterquest artist Marco Turini, follows the hit Ultimate Power series as the mankind struggles to rebuild! But what is the secret behind a new group of heroes who’ve appeared? And whatever happened to the Squadron Supreme?
Squadron Supreme 2 #1 exposes the secrets of the lunar mission…and the truth that Fury discovers will rock the Supreme-verse to its core!
Penciled by MARCO TURINI
Cover by GREG LAND
Parental Advisory …$2.99
FOC—6/12/08, On-Sale—7/02/08

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Posted by Iron Apollo

Not only sounds cool but looks cool!

Posted by Ebony Bishop

He got pulled into the Squadron Supreme-iverse during the Ultimate Power crossover.