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What We Want From AMC's The Walking Dead Season 2

Here's our picks for what we want to see from the second season of AMC's zombie drama.

The first season of The Walking Dead ended roughly two weeks ago. Since that time we’ve been theorizing about where the show will go next. It’s apparent that AMC’s version of The Walking Dead differs greatly from the original comic source material, but that’s OK. Now all fans are in the dark about what AMC is cooking up. So with that in mind we’ve decided to break down what we want to see in Season 2 of The Walking Dead. Be advised: major spoilers beyond this point.

It’s also worth noting that the second season of The Walking Dead will be the standard 13-episode season that most hour long dramas are accustomed to. Therefore, we can expect a whole lot more to happen during the next round of the zombie apocalypse.
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Tyreese is Awesome

I’m sorry to say it, but T-Dog just does not cut it. We need Tyreese introduced to AMC’s version of The Walking Dead ASAP. Not only is Tyreese a complete and utter badass (remember that scene where he locks himself in a dark room with a horde of zombies?), but he also plays a vital role in the camp of survivors: he’s Rick’s right-hand man; his second in command. With the introduction of Tyreese we also expect to see his daughter and boyfriend. Without getting into spoilers, we really want to see what happens to them play out in the show just as it does in the comic. Yea, we’re a little messed up in the head for wishing this.

Shane Gets Killed   

We’re all for change and deviation, but this has to happen at some point. Jon Bernthal has done an amazing job playing Shane in AMC’s The Walking Dead. We’re not trying to take anything away from that. But there are just too many significant threads that pick up and carry on from the death of Shane. Not only does Rick lose his best friend, which constantly haunts him, but Shane’s death is also the turning point in little Carl’s life--the moment when he loses his adolescent naivety and is thrust into premature adulthood (that is if they take that route with Shane’s demise). With Shane being out of the picture, it will also be easier for viewers to accept Tyreese as Rick’s new muscle.

The Pregnancy  

Honestly, with Shane still alive at this very moment we have no idea what path AMC will be taking with this significant plot thread. Will they try to spice up the formula of the comic and instead have Rick raise Shane’s baby while Shane still lives, unable to come forward with the truth? Or will the discovery of Lori being pregnant with Shane’s child drive Rick insane, leading him to murder his best friend? Both of these options are interesting routes, to say the least. Whichever way AMC decides to approach this topic, let’s just hope it leads to good drama and we’ll be happy.

Wiltshire Estates

This location will forever be known as the place where Dale and Andrea seal the deal, so to speak. For that very reason alone, we want to see the gang stop at the potential utopia of Wiltshire Estates. This pit-stop on the road to oblivion also acts as yet another example of how Rick, his family and the rest of the group of survivors can’t buy a bucket when it comes to a safe living environment.

Hershel’s Farm 

The impromptu visit to Hershel’s farm after Carl is mistakenly shot in the back is a major story beat in the comic version of The Walking Dead. Namely, this section of the comic introduces us to Maggie, the daughter of Hershel, and soon-to-be significant other to Glenn. While we would love to see Hershel himself in the AMC TV series, the growth of Glenn as a character is more important and reason numero uno why the group of survivors should pay a visit to Hershel’s farm in Season 2.

The Prison

After being kicked out of Hershel’s farm due to freeloading, Rick and the gang stumble upon an unoccupied prison during their quest to scrimp together food and supplies. It wouldn’t surprise us if the majority of the 13 episodes take place inside this prison setting. For comparison sake, the comic spent issue 13 to 48 inside the prison (OK, that’s kind of a lie, there were moments spent outside the barbwire fencing). But the prison setting does provide an ample amount of storytelling possibilities for AMC to draw upon. They can introduce the group of prison inmates still residing within the prison, as well as show the messed up fate of Tyreese’s daughter and boyfriend (as mentioned above). We even get one of the best speeches in the entire comic series when Rick explains who really are the walking dead. There is just so much that happens while our cast of characters live inside this prison. Skipping it would be a grave mistake by AMC. That’s why we think it’s safe to assume the prison will be making an appearance in Season 2.

Michonne Kicks Ass

Is there really much else to say? Michonne is one of the best characters in The Walking Dead. Easily. Frank Darabont, the creator of the AMC television series, even said at the New York Comic Con that Michonne was his favorite character. That’s why we think she’ll definitely be strolling into Season 2--duster jacket, katana and zombie minions included. Michonne also plays a big part in forthcoming events with The Walking Dead’s first true “villain,” The Governor.

The Governor is One Sick S.O.B.  

The Governor doesn’t appear in the comics still shortly after the 24th issue. That’s still quiet a ways off. However, we would not be surprised if AMC expedites his introduction to give Rick and the rest of the survivors their first true villain of the series. Seriously, this guy is screwed up. We will be shocked if AMC puts to film everything The Governor does in the original comic. But we’re throwing down the gauntlet. Bring it, AMC. Make us throw up while watching your television show!

Merle is Still Alive, Remember?

Merle was never dealt with by the end of Season 1 of The Walking Dead. All that was found on the roof was Merle’s hand, the body missing with a blood trail leading down and out of the building. It would be naive of us to think Merle won’t be showing up in the second season of The Walking Dead, coming after Rick specifically for leaving him behind to die. There are some pretty wild theories out there: Merle being the AMC version of The Governor, for example. While that hypothesis seems far-fetched--especially considering the profoundly different personality traits of Merle and the comic Governor--it would give new meaning to the term “eye for an eye.” Whatever the case may be, we want to see Merle back in all his racist glory for Season 2.


This is our wishlist for The Walking Dead Season 2. Now the question is: what do YOU want to see in The Walking Dead Season 2? Would you like to see the TV series continue to differentiate itself from the comic? Or would you like the AMC series to reel itself back in and more closely follow the original source material? Sound off in the comments below to voice your opinion.
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Posted by spider-man 2996

It would be cool if all of the above were inclued in the 2nd season but it might be alot anyway bring on season 2 and btw great article

Posted by InnerVenom123

I'd love to see Merle as the Governor for AMC's version.

Posted by jamdown

when does it come back on
Posted by InnerVenom123
@jamdown said:
" when does it come back on "
Posted by Chane
Posted by danhimself

Frank Darabont has said that he absolutely loves the Governor character and that Merle is definitely not the Governor

Posted by Virus_Warning

Aren't there supposed to be a set of twins running around?
I want to see them!

Posted by .o0Johnny0o.

 There are some pretty wild theories out there: Merle being the AMC version of The Governor, for example.

I said this after the first episode thinking I was being very shrewd.. apparently not lol
I want to see Carl develop more because I always see his character as what happens to the innocence of youth against hardship and it'd be horrible to see a weakened version on the TV version.  Michonne should also rise!  I could see her walking with her samurai sword, not being explained, at the opening of episode one and have her encounter the group as a sort of cliffhanger.
Posted by vincethekid

Everything you suggested is spot on but, your wrong on one or two things. 
Shane def needs to die.  I'm thinking by episode 2 he should die.  I'm thinking T-dog might be getting it around that time too.  They leads us to Tyreese.   Merle could show up around this time too.
Then they go to the farm.  Hershel is intro with the rest of his family and Glenn meets Maggie.  Say around 5-7 episodes there.   
I think the last 4 episdoes we will get Michonne and they discover the prision for the last episode.


I think the pregency and the governor won't happen to Season 3.  There a lot going on at the prision.  You don't want to rush that stuff.  I think an entire season will be devoted to this.  Def season 3 for ALL the prision stuff.
I think my synopsis is a little more spot on.   
Let me know what you think.



Posted by CrimsonInuTears

Shane is my big one! Though the estates are seriously fun, an I just love the prison, but that should be like season 3 in itself. ^_^
Posted by Joeybagad0nutz

I'd love to see Melre be the Governor-Type character and watch as Deryl sides with the group over his sick-twisted brother.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

I'm happy to hear that it'll be getting a full 13 treatment.  Personally, I'm not sure what exactly I'd like to see in the first 2/3's, but I think introducing the prison would make a fine way to end season 2 and leave us hungry (har har) for season 3.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Damn, that would royally suck. Having your wife cheat on you, then discover she's pregnant with the guys child. Oh, and the father is your best friend.
Personally, I don't think I could ever tolerate infidelity. I don't think either of them had much of an excuse. It's not as if Rick was gone that long. Since Rick was left alone in that hospital. A person can only list so long without any food or water. It couldn't of been more than a week or two an most.
Even if she thought he was dead. She sure as hell didn't mourn him for long.

Posted by dewboy01

I hope shane kills someone like his dad's friend.

Edited by CC_Scorsese

I was really hoping to see Shane die at the end of S1, but with the way they're going now, I think he should die towards the middle of S2, with the rest of the season focusing on the prison. 
I REALLY wanna see how AMC puts the Governor in this! He's such a sick motherf**ker, you just love to hate him! I can see...AHNULD AS THE GOVERNOR! :P 
 nah, jk. Danny Trejo, maybe? idk. I like the idea of Merle coming back as AMC's The Governor. That way, they can include *SPOILER* Rick getting his hand cut off by the Governor, and you could look at it that way as Merle getting even with him.

Edited by Bruce Vain

 I really hope we get Tyrese in the 2nd season and show Carol's attraction for him. I would like to see the twins as well. 
I think them finding the prison should be for the last episode on the 2nd season. That way the majority of the 3rd season will take place in the prison and we can introduce Michonne and the Governor. 
I would love it if they got Joe Pilato who played Captain Rhodes in Day of the Dead , to play the Governor. That man would be perfect for the part. 

Posted by TheMinister707
@CC_Scorsese:  As The Governor, Danny Trejo all the way!
Posted by grkpektis

1.  I want them to figure out that the anyone who dies turns into a zombie no matter how they die in the same way they figured it out in the comics..
2. Psycho in the prison

Posted by Yummylee

I totally want Daryl to be the one to kill Merl, if it does lead to that. Daryl's already proving to have more depth as a character and the type who I suspect will fall into the ''unlikely hero'' archetype.

Posted by thepurplepiledriver

I want the Governor introduced at the end of season 2 setting up season 3

Edited by Captainthunder

They come apon a convention center. Where a comic convention had been held and inside was all these costumed zombies. It would be the walking dead meets marvel zombies. That's what I want to see.
Posted by skaarason

for next season stay close to the comics !

Posted by ViciousCesar!

shane must die. 

Posted by NightFang
@spider-man 2996: I think some of that could be done in season 2, 3 maybe 4.
Posted by Ereedmas

I agree with Shane dying. I haven't liked him from whatever time in Episode 1 he first appeared.

Posted by Eyz

I was surprised Shane will make it into S2! 
Also, like you guys, Hershelneeds to appear next season!

Posted by Kid_Zombie

YES!! I really want tyrese and his messed up kids. and winter!
Shane MUST DIE and CARL MUST KILL HIM!! Carl got put aside in the first season, and he is one of the best characters in the books, give him his cowboy hat and a gun and let him shoot Shane!
I hope Season 2 sticks closer to the books. I dont mind if they stray from the book a little bit, but that whole sci fi resident evil crap in the last two episodes was weak and ruined some of the atmosphere for the story and characters. And make Rick the bas ass he is and not a pussy!

Posted by G-Man

I wonder how Michonne will be portrayed. Would someone slicing off zombies' heads work on the show? I really hope she makes shows up next season.

Staff Online
Posted by Bruce Vain
I'd save her and the Governor for the 3rd season.
Edited by The Impersonator

I really wanted to watch this show. But I have to wait a little bit longer to see if the show can run longer. Seriously, I don't want to see a good show go off the air quickly. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time for watching six or 19 episodes. But I'll be waiting. Once the show passes at least 3-4 seasons. Then I'll watch it.

Posted by Adamtimtim

Lori has to die. Thats all I really care about since its pretty big into the plot of TWD.

Posted by JonesDeini

I approve of most of their deviations but certain things MUST happen for this show to be the best it can be. Tyrese, Shane's Death, The Prison, all essential to what makes the comic so great.

Posted by Mercy_


Edited by Mutieloverx

In the second season I would like to see 
1. Shane Die same as in comics (wont happen) 
2. Tyreese and his lovely family that meet same fate in season 3 (wont happen)  
3. Wiltshire Estates 
4. Hershel's Farm with all the family members (bet the little sisters get cut out) 
5.Tyeese and Carol hook up 
6. Maggie and Glen hook up 
7. Season end with them finding the prison 
have the fan's mouth's watering for michonne, the cons, and one day the governor
Posted by Newmen

i hope season 2 will have more episodes than season 1

Posted by ZombiePie

All I ask for is that they tighten up the acting and the number of awkward close up bug eyes shots of the actors stop. The awkward pauses between two or more characters talking to one another is duly annoying.

Posted by OhhIzzy

I can't wait for the prison setting to come into the tele show; there were a lot of great moments! Also, the governor in the show? That is just too brutal haha 

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

Frank Darabont has expressed interest in introducing the characters of Michonne, and Tyreese. I am fully supportive of that. I liked how the CDC was its own subplot, separate from the existing storyline. It shows how the creators are infusing fresh ideas into the script, while staying true to Kirkman's vision.

Posted by blindcrimson

It sucks that the first season went so fast. I'm really hoping the second lives up to it's predecessor.

Posted by ayaly

Didn't read the comic, but a fan of the show. I don't want Shane to die in the show. He's the most interesting guy on the show. The kind of anti-hero you want to see win or at least get a good punch in. Not a clean cut good guy like Rick, so he's not boring. Shane's got enough good/bad/edge that I want to see him around as long as the series. 

Posted by Zeefense

I agree...Danny Trejo is the perfect Governor.  Not just for the fact that he looks like him, but he could definitely portray that evil and ego that the Governor displays.

Posted by jarko

All I want to see is, that AMC would stick with the original source material, if they can't bring anything better on the table. What I mean is, that if you start to do your own additions and alterations, you have to make sure, that you're actually making the product better, which imo isn't the how the things turned out here. Only thing I think is a good and interesting addition/alteration is Daryl. Eventhough there's one "redneck" in the comic book story, he is not even close to be as interesting as Daryl, which Norman Reedus portrays brilliantly.
So, like many have already said before my post, what really should happen, is: Carl shooting Shane, introducing of Maggie, Tyreese (or if T-Dog is supposed to be Tyreese, he got to grow a pair), Hershell, Michonne and the prison, and the pregnancy. If Carl don't kill Shane on the 2nd season, it's pretty obvious, that the AMC route is going to be very different on the seasons to become, compared to the original story. Can be good or bad, but by judging by the quality of the AMC-additions so far, it would be bad (for my personal taste).
I hope the 2nd season would deliver better than the 1st one as I would like to like the tv-version of one of my favourite comic book series.

Posted by Prims777
@InnerVenom123: I think that'd be great too, a few differences between the comics and movie would be great, leaves you on your toes not knowing what to expect.
Posted by Carradinebatman

Oh I love this show I wasn't sure if they were getting a renewed season though ?

Posted by Catman9


Edited by THEBlaqueBasterd

I can see only two ppl portraying Tyreese.. Dennis Haysbert- [HEAT, 24, The Unit ](the best most logical option) solid actor can flip the switch from captain america leader type to hard nosed black  uber b*stard in 0.2 secs flat..also easily believable as an ex-pro footballer
Or... as a Dream Pick &dont laugh... Laurence Fishburne...... we know what a true blue comic/sci-fi fan he is so the sell would be easy..&lil time inda gym &he'd be bang-tidy, he's beem doin great on CSI.. but I also think by the time the show gets around to introducing Tyreese a surprise inclusion of Fishbourne could be a ratings kickstart (if need be)  to regenerate any needed interest

FalloutGuys: Mr Ecko (SnM) or Keith Hamilton Cobb-[Andromeda], ideal physical/aesthetic approach esp since shaving the locks.. but possibly too prettyboy &or shakespearian for the character

Wildcard: Idris Elba [The Wire, American Gangster, Takers]

I can see only two ppl portraying Michonne: 1st off, Saana Lathan [Aliens vs Predator, Out of Time] IS Michonne END OF STORY.. The produceers should do everything in ther power short of sellin ther kidneys to get her in the show, I know they seem to have a strict none-alister policy..but in her defence shes just low profile enough &has the acting chops/raw innate sex appeal/hidden depth to portray perhaps the series most interesting character so far

2ndly..Keri Washington... lool..ok maybe coz Ive the hots for her.. but she CAN &has played psycho bitch roles with great effectiveness on occasion so maybe not as farfetched as I 1st thought >:P

3rd (2nd rilly lol) Anika Noni Rose [DreamGirlls, For Cloured Girls, The Good Wife] solid versatile actress who can turn on a dime.. &not as high profile as the aforementioned stars, which would fit perfectly into the producers current ethos whilst possibly creating a legend
lowkey but well lauded in the indie community &also the only one possibly more physically reticent of the character than Lathan.