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What Does The End Of Cable's Series Mean For Cable?

Does this mean he won't be around much longer?

Second Coming is just around the corner. We've seen that image of Cyclops standing over a grave with the title, " One Will Die..." Many believe that it will be Cable that kicks the bucket. He's sacrificed so much for Hope throughout his series. Will the end of his series also mean the end of Cable?
Issue #24 is the conclusion to "Homecoming." This issue is supposed to give us the final showdown between Cable and Bishop. According to the solicit for the issue:

No more hiding. No more plots. No more weapons. It’s coming down to mutant vs. mutant in the subterranean tunnels of New York, and only one of them will make it back to Westchester alive.

 Sure, we've heard that type of stuff before but if you check the solicits further, you know there is no listing for Cable #25. Instead, the series reverts back to its previous title, "Deadpool & Cable." Here's the full solicit for issue #25:

“TWO MUTANTS AND A BABY” DOUBLE-SIZED FINAL ISSUE CO-STARRING DEADPOOL! You know, before that red-headed would-be messiah/destroyer of the world showed up, Cable had another partner. That’s right: Wade Wilson -- a.k.a. Deadpool! And while everybody’s excited about Cable bringing Hope back to the present to rejoin the X-Men, they’re forgetting the most important part of the story: The beginning, back when Cable first lifted the helpless baby out of her incubator up in Alaska. Wait -- You don’t think Cable did that alone, did you? You don’t think he managed to make his way across hundreds of miles, avoiding Predator X and Purifiers without a little assist, do you? Hell no. Cable asked for help from his favorite Merc with a Mouth and now, finally, this action-packed, oversized story can be told. Before there can be an end, there must be a beginning.

Is this the final nail in Cable's time-traveling coffin? There is still the question as to whether or not Hope will be a savior or the beginning of the end for mutants, as Bishop believes. Could the death of Cable be the incident that pushes her over the edge? Do you think Cable will truly die or will it just be a mutant/X-Men death (meaning he'll eventually 'get better' and return)?

Deadpool & Cable #25 is on sale April 7, 2010. It will be written by Duane Swierczynski with pencils by Paco Medina. Cover by Simone Bianchi.
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Posted by HaloKing343

I hadn't thought that but maybe you are right. Cable could go.
Posted by starkiller95

nice art

Edited by They Killed Cap! would be a powerful loss 
Then again that makes things good.

Posted by G-Man
@starkiller95: Yeah, I just added that the cover to #25 is by Simone Bianchi.
Posted by simsey

cable is a class chacter but he'll be back if he dies
Edited by cmaprice

Even more interesting is the old series was Cable & Deadpool. Now it's Deadpool & Cable.
Could be a meaningless marketing ploy. Could be significant. Afterall, the last few issues of Cable & Deadpool didn't feature Cable after he "died"

Posted by immortalfireboy

STUPID MARVEL!!!!!! ITS CABLE & DEADPOOL. Not the other way around. What a stupid gimmick. Theres no need to change the name.

Posted by Kurrent

Cable and hope are the cover to X-Force 27 and it looks like he is wearing an X-Force costume

Posted by jamesewelch

Hey guys, it is Deadpool recognition month (remember the 15 or so Deadpool variant covers out this month), so that could be why it's Deadpool & Cable rather than Cable & Deadpool. Deadpool doesn't really need marketing right now. He's got a dozen variant covers, several series with him in it, and next month a new prelude limited series kicking off.

Posted by Dane

Marvel's over-advertising bullsh#t has ruined Deadpool for me entirely. 
On topic, I hope Cable doesn't die because I think he's an awesome character. However, he has been visibly aging throughout the current series. I think he's too good to go and Bishop is too much of a punk to take him down but things aren't looking good.

Posted by Archetype

Cable will die and then be resurrected by The Phoenix in turn for rescuing and raising her.I like Cable a lot though so it wouldn't bother me if they did that, I know some people have a hang up on death in comics but I just don't mind especially if they're brining a good character back.

Posted by Nyogtha

Simone is a god.

Posted by Kid_Zombie

I think Cabel is the one whos gonna die for sure. BUT i had an idea, what if its bishop? What if Bishop relizes the errors in his ways and sacrafices himself to save hope? Dont think that will happen but it will be an awesome twist!

Posted by ironshadow

If he dies he'll probably be replaced by a younger version of himself from a different point in time and that younger version will probably save his older self at some point in time

Posted by ironshadow

if he dies maybe he'll be replaced by a younger version of himself from another point in time

Posted by Adam Michaels
@ironshadow said:
"if he dies maybe he'll be replaced by a younger version of himself from another point in time "

Like Nathaniel Grey, maybe?
Posted by Meteorite

I've never really liked Cable, so I'm fine to see him die.

Posted by Misk14

Cable cant die who will laugh at deadpools jokes?

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

big Cable from from the start but if he dies at the end of the story it
would be the logical closure point and im cool with that.

Posted by kerukun878

Well, Cable isn't on the All Will Unite teaser, but neither is Hope, though All Will Unite could be just to throw us off*doesnt want Bishop to be right.*
Posted by Yung ANcient One

Deadpool and Cable 25?
when did they start making a Deadpool and Cable Series...
i kno theres Cable and Deadpool but that made it to Issue 50

Posted by mavfan626

lol what deadpool is the guy who dies and just comes back