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What Does Alex Proyas Think About A Crow Remake?

Alex Proyas, director of 1994's "The Crow" speaks out about the planned remake.

Alex Proyas was the director of 1994's "The Crow" with Brandon Lee.  It was a tragic time when Lee was accidentally shot during filming and died.  Most of the movie was completed and Proyas finished it as a tribute to Lee.  Lee was a big fan of James O'Barr's comic.

Back in December, it was mentioned that Stephen Norrington was planning on remaking the movie.  Some people are against the idea since it was Brandon Lee's last film and others feel it's the right thing to do as the movie focused on different aspects of the actual comic.  Alex Proyas has told Digital Spy how he feels about a remake.
"I have nothing to do with the remake of The Crow. That's other people involved with that and I wouldn't even dream of remaking the movie, because as far as I'm concerned that's Brandon Lee's movie and that's why I finished the movie - in memory of Brandon. That's the only reason I finished it actually.

"So the whole notion of remaking it, to me, is just ridiculous and I'd have nothing to do with it, as I've had nothing to do with any of the sequels or the TV show or any of that stuff."

The question is, should "The Crow" be remade?  I, myself, have only seen the first.  It was hard for me to watch the tv series and the sequels just didn't look good.  This is similar to the group that wanted the Joker to be retired from movies because of the death of Heath Ledger.  Does an actor's death make a character off limits?  If so, we wouldn't have had "Superman Returns."  Okay, maybe that's not a good example.  It's hard for those that are deeply affected by an actor's performance.  I don't think the death of an actor should prohibit the character ever being used again.  Hopefully when the character is used again, it will be done properly and not try to cash in on any previous performances by a late actor.
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Posted by Darkchild

Alright Stair Way to Heaven was the only Crow sequal that EVER was any good. And the first movie was superb, i loved it. I could not s ee a remake being done in a way that would out do the original. And i do agree that it should be kept Brandons last movie.

Posted by G-Man

I think I started watching the first episode when it came on but couldn't sit through it.  For me, it was too close to Brandon Lee's death.  But I never said it shouldn't have been made.  People have the option (like I did) whether or not they want to see it. 

So all the Heath Ledger fans calling for the Joker to be retired, they can always not see a movie if the Joker is in it.

Posted by the guv'nor

once again though,does it need to be re made ?? whats wrong with the original ?? people need to be concentrating on new and fresh ideas.the film isnt even that old ,i can maybe understand a remake of the fantastic voyage or forbidden planet,films that were made well before the advent of special effects like cgi but the crow,no i dont think so

Posted by DEGRAAF

i like the original and i havent been happy with any sequel or the show.

I dont think they should remake the movie not because it was brandons movie but bc i dont think it needs to be. i thik they would just screw it up.

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.


I am so sick of remakes... leave the originals alone or we are going to get a generation of kids who think the remakes are the originals -_-

rant over ;-)

Posted by G-Man
HERE's the first mention of the remake.
Posted by Media_Master

Any character should not be "off limits" period.

Posted by Venom=sickest

I mean...what new innovation can this remake provide?

That's what I want to know.

Edited by redhood21

i think a remake is probably the best way to reintroduce the first movie to a new generation. They'll google it hopefully some will watch or be shown the movie and it lives on. the remake might actually be worthy and be thoroughly enjoyable who knows. I dont see why it cant /shouldnt happen.