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What Can We Expect from Brightest Day: Aftermath?

The entire DCU has been shaken up!

 The biggest result of Brightest Day is obviously the return of Swamp Thing.

A lot happened in the final issue of Brightest Day. Characters died, characters came back, and the DC Universe has been shaken up in a lot of ways. So, this got me thinking as to what we can expect in the immediate future from some of these characters and specifically what we might be looking at in the three issue mini-series, Brightest Day: Aftermath, that will chronicle just how big the fallout is from this DC event.

I’m going to start with characters from Brightest Day that I think will play little to no part in Aftermath and then move up in importance of who will influence what I believe will be the DC Universe’s future as a whole. And be forewarned that if you have not ready Brightest Day #24 then, well, what's wrong with you. Go! Now! Read it!  What are you waiting for?! And then immediately come back here because there will be spoilers ahead. You have been warned.  == TEASER == 

Professor Zoom, Captain Boomerang, Osiris, Maxwell Lord, and Jade were part of the group that was resurrected by the White Lantern. Over the final 31 pages of the extra-sized final issue of Brightest Day, these characters were featured in a single panel (except for Zoom who wasn’t even featured at all after he freed Barry Allen from the Speed Force). One. That’s it. They’re jobs were done in other comics or in the case of Captain Boomerang; he threw his one boomerang in Brightest Day #24 and supposedly slinked back off to the Rogues. 

It is safe to assume that because of this, it would be unlikely for these characters to have a major impact of any sort in Aftermath as they go back to their lives that will have their own respective ripples in the DCU. Jade is now a part of the JLA and dealing with Eclipso, Professor Zoom promised to cause trouble for Captain Boomerang in the future who will of course go back to the Rogues, Maxwell Lord will likely have his hands full being hunted by the former members of the JLI after killing Blue Beetle, and Osiris brought back Isis who will likely have more of an impact than her brother in the Aftermath if she is fated to help Swamp Thing as insinuated by the White Lantern.

Hawkman and Aquaman might be too busy getting ready for their own monthly comics to deal with Swamp Thing. Firestorm and Martian Manhunter should have some free time.

The next characters that I doubt will have much influence in Aftermath will be Aquaman and Hawkman. Already confirmed to be having their own monthly comics to come out of Brightest Day, they’ll have their own problems to deal with. There is a traitor in Aquaman’s midst as revealed in the Brightest Day prologue pages as well as he’ll have the responsibility of having to train the new Aqualad. Hawkman also seems like he’ll need some time alone, as he’s not too thrilled over the fact that Hawkgirl was dust when Swamp Thing released him and the other element avatars. With these more pressing issues for these characters, I doubt they’ll be too worried about the rest of the DCU and Swamp Thing in particular for the time being.

Now there is no word of a monthly for Firestorm or Martian Manhunter, but I think these other two element avatars are characters who might have tougher times pulling off a monthly and could go right back to business as normal in the JLA. And considering the partial reveal we’ve seen of the first Aftermath cover featuring Batman and Superman, you can figure the heavy hitters of the JLA will be involved with this and they’ll need these two powerhouses who have also had experience with Swamp Thing and the White Lantern to help quell whatever conflict may be the spark for Aftermath. Not to mention Martian Manhunter had no problems in his prologue page of Brightest Day so it makes sense for him to go straight back to the JLA, who are also the most likely people to help Firestorm fix his matrix problems.

Deadman is back to his ghostly ways. Will he stick around with Hawk and Dove? 

This leaves Deadman and Hawk of the 12 resurrected. I don’t see Hawk being of much use, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Dove and Deadman considering their relationship and so Hank Hall will have to tag along just for fun. Deadman though will likely be critical in the Aftermath because of his previous working relationship with Swamp Thing and he was also the most crucial of the resurrected over the course of Brightest Day. Deadman is not happy being a ghost again, but he knows he might have to hold Swamp Thing’s hand for a while in Aftermath.

 The partial cover of Brightest Day: Aftermath. Batman and Superman will definitely be involved.

And this brings us to characters that weren’t really featured in Brightest Day but look to have a major role in Aftermath. Aftermath has been described on DC’s The Source blog as “the new protector of Earth has been chosen – but one reluctant hero makes a return to try and convince Batman, Superman, and the rest of the DC Universe’s heroes that this may not be a good thing at all.”

The obvious choice for someone having a problem with this is John Constantine since he was revealed on the last page of Brightest Day after Swamp Thing causes some carnage in a big business meeting room and says “Bollocks.” Either he’s not happy or he doesn’t believe it. Constantine and Swamp Thing have a long and storied history with one another, and this could also serve as a gateway to work in Tefe, Swamp Thing’s daughter, who was created when Swamp Thing possessed Constantine briefly. Of course, Deadman could also logically have the biggest problem with this because he was forced to sacrifice his life in order to bring back Swamp Thing and wants some kind of retribution.

So those are my thoughts on what we can immediately expect in Brightest Day: Aftermath. Aquaman is going to be busy with a war beneath the waves. Hawkman has to deal with his girlfriend being dust. And the rest of the DCU is going to have to deal with Swamp Thing trying to re-acclimate himself to the world. What will Batman, Superman, and the rest of the JLA think of this? What kind of damage can Swamp Thing do and how will our heroes find him considering he can be anywhere in the world there is plant life? Let us know what you think with comments below!

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Posted by The Fastest Man Alive

I just want to know how this event (Brightest Day) changes to flashpoint

Posted by DarthStorm

I hated the end of Brightest day. I felt cheated and felt like I wasted 24 issue. It felt like Earth's ultimate protector was Captain Planet.

"Bollocks" pretty much sums up how I felt about the end. They could have easily had someone much better as the protector.
Posted by NightFang

Whatever happens, I knew it will be entertaining. 

Posted by Eyz

Is this from Geoff Johns?

If not, I fear an improvised filler from some random fill-in writer...

As for Zoom, his on-going storyline is to be continued in Flashpoint I'm guessing..

Posted by karbacca

When this finally is all put together into a collected edition, I might pick it up.

Posted by IronSpidy-Rooney

Can we expect sex? We got that in issue 0 of Brightest day :L

Posted by blur1528
I feel the same way but I'm gonna see what happens here
Posted by G-Man

I wanna hear what Swamp Thing and Constantine fans have to say about this.

Staff Online
Posted by reaper2923

Wait Hawkman is still kickin, I'm sooooooooooooooooo happy and he's getting a monthly title? Well my day just got better :D

Posted by Kurrent

Are Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, The Hawks and Firestorm going to combine their powers and make Captain Planet

Posted by doordoor123

It pretty much gave everyone a new status quo for the future. Im sure well find out more in Brightest Day: Aftermath.

Posted by NightFang
@Kurrent: Lol, they would need heart for that too happen. 
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

All this is starting to make me think is...are Vertigo characters being annexed into DCU now?  Swamp Thing, Constantine, we saw Death in the pages of Black Ring.  Seriously as much as I love the entire crossover event, its starting to make me think that this is all a ploy to add the Vertigoverse to the DCU just like Wildstorm came to an end and the Dakotaverse.  I could be wrong though :;shrugs:: 

Posted by bingbangboom

No offense but I tried to follow this for the first six issues and was just completely lost. In fairness, it seems like it is more geared for people that really follow DC comics vs. someone using it as a jumping off point but it just didn't grab me and was confusing as hell.

I have tried a few times to get into DC comics but I just can't find a good jumping off point. It has always difficult unless it was some sort of trade out of continuity like All-Star Superman or Batman Long Halloween.

Flashpoint ain't helping either.
Posted by sj_esposito

I don't know how comfortable I am with bringing Constantine to the mainstream DCU in full. I guess we'll see how it turns out, but he's always been a character that's best set in his own corner of the multiverse if you ask me.

I am, however, thoroughly excited to see what Swamp Thing brings to the mix. He's a very interesting character, immensely powerful, and I think Johns and Co. were brave and bold to make him the center of Brightest Day.

I absolutely cannot wait to read what Johns has in store for Aquaman. And as for the Hawkman series: they had me at Hawkman. I would've loved to see Manhunter get a series, and honestly, I'm shock that one hasn't been announced, but I suppose it'll be nice to see him back with the League. Speaking of that, if there's one thing I want out of Brightest Day, it's the JLA going back to its roots -- classic team, good creators and being the center of the DCU.

Posted by Video_Martian

Can't wait to read the new Aquaman series =D

Posted by DepressedHippie

I agree with DarthStorm. I was expecting Dove to be granted the power of "heart" so we could welcome Captain Planet back good and propper.


 I have a feeling Geoff Johns was taking on more than he can chew by Writing Brightest Day, War of the Green Langern, and Flash all at the same time. Now he has to jungle Flash Point and Aquaman along with GL.

Posted by RYU/BATMAN

Why did they have to kill Deadman, again. He was better off as a human being again.

Posted by kennybaese
@RedheadedAtrocitus said:
" All this is starting to make me think is...are Vertigo characters being annexed into DCU now?  Swamp Thing, Constantine, we saw Death in the pages of Black Ring.  Seriously as much as I love the entire crossover event, its starting to make me think that this is all a ploy to add the Vertigoverse to the DCU just like Wildstorm came to an end and the Dakotaverse.  I could be wrong though :;shrugs::  "
I think Dan DiDio said that they were slowly bringing characters that started out as DC characters and got moved over to Vertigo back to DC. Constantine, Swamp Thing and Sandman were all originally DC books, but Vertigo. Stuff like Fables will stay Vertigo, but Swamp Thing and Sandman are getting phased back into the main DC universe. 

And I think Sandman visits both Constantine and Martian Manhunter on the Watchtower in the first Neil Gaiman run. He also shows up in one of Grant Morrison's JLA stories, I'm pretty sure. So Death showing up in Action Comics isn't really that strange. 
Posted by Duo_forbidden

I wish that Deadman didn't have to die again, because I was getting used to the idea of him and Dove together. But now that Brightest Day is over, Maybe Hawk and Dove can play a bigger role in Birds of Prey now.

As for Swamp Thing being back in the DC universe, I'm still mixed on that. On one hand, it's cool that Johns brought him back, but as the savior of Earth, that was just a slap to the face.

Posted by Mbecks14

I want a real Justice League again! After Geoff Johns gets his Aquaman series running, and post-flashpoint (where they'll hopefully fix wonder woman [and now Superman]) i want a real JLA with Superman, Batman (bruce), Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and the Martain Manhunter. Atom, Hawkman, Black Canary, and Zatanna can come too. And Green Arrow if he's not busy.

But a Geoff Johns Justice League is definitely something i'd want to see. It'd  be a smart move by DC
Edited by The Gray Fox

 Nekron was right.
If Johns had allowed Deadman and Hawkgirl to remain alive, then I would have been fine (and I use that term loosely) with the ending. But he didn't, he killed them and left Dove and Hawkman to despair over the loss of their lovers not to mention leaving Boston's grandfather a drifter once more and for what?

So the White Lantern could prove to us once more that it is a worthless, manipulative piece of trash who cares only about itself and its own personal agendas? Nekron was right from the start, The White Lantern was an intruder/invader of lives, fates and destinies. As far as I'm concerned, The White Lantern can go to Hell.
Posted by PrinceIMC
@Mbecks14: You may get your wish since it looks like we're going to have two Justice Leagues since Justice League International is making a comeback too. I agree that the JLA should be the traditional big guns while JLI should be those second and third string characters working together. Though I kinda think that it might be a while before Bruce and Diana make it back to the team so to me Dick and Donna can stay there until then.
Posted by Out_of_Space
@NightFang said:
" Whatever happens, I knew it will be entertaining.  "
Posted by Mumbles

Aquaman is the only good thing that came form this series

Edited by JonesDeini

@G-Man said:

"I wanna hear what Swamp Thing and Constantine fans have to say about this. "


Well G-Man I can pipe up as a swamp thing fan (I know Silk Cuts'll have plenty to say about this). I'm beyond pissed at how Johns has treated Swamp Thing in his short time using the character. Making Holland into Swamp Thing pissed me off to no end. Alan Moore created the best version, other writers should stick to the script, expand, but not ape. And on top of that making Swamp Thing a blend of the Punisher/Captain Planet made me vomit in my mouth a little. And I'm pretty sure a good bit of my inner child felt violently molested as well. I like Constantine and have sense I first read the character in the early run of Sandman. To see him return to the DCU broke my heart, because I know deep, deep down inside he will not be done justice their. He's a character so vital to Vertigo and he's a character that's grown faaar beyond the box that the DCU's writers have to work within (aside from a few like Nick Spencer on T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and John Rozum on Xombi). If Swamp Thing & constantine were going to be in their own titles that exist in their own little corners of the DCU I could live with that. But I know for a fact they will be involved in the mainstream cape and boot adventures...sigh. This is going to be a debacle. I wish I could be optimistic, man. But I can't my brain works to well for that.    



As far as what we can expect, more senseless deaths, poor characterization, needless retcons, plot holes large enough to swallow a sun, the systematic destruction of classic vertigo characters, and of course...ever more lackluster events. Oh I almost forgot the ham-fisted environmentalist rhetoric. Geoff Johns inane fan fiction has finally gone off the deep end.  



Posted by JonesDeini


DC needs their flagship team fixed even more so than Marvel needs the Avengers fixed, bro. And that's saying something, folk. The Big 7 need to be the focus of the title again. I don't want to hear that BS about their solo adventures stopping it either. Because all heroes have the power of multi tasking.

Posted by TDK_1997

It will be entertainning

Posted by vincethekid

I hope Swamp Thing kicks major ass. I always thought he was cool.  I like that Constantine is about to do his thing.  I think that Dove and Deadman will cross paths again.  Finally, I think a Aquaman monthly and Hawkman monthly will both be awesome!  They're really changing up the Atlantans giving them more mystical properties.  The new Aqualad is awesome!  Aquaman is going to be fire!  I'm calling it now.  Johns is a beast!

Posted by The Stegman
@G-Man:  Well Swamp Thing is one of the few Dc characters who i know NOTHING about, so i have nothing to say about him, as for Brightest was "decent" no where NEAR as good as Blackest Night, and some of the stories (like Hawkman and Hawkgirl's) i really didn't like nor care about, although Firestorm, and DeadMan's stories were cool. the ending was a bit of a let down, i knew the Forest was going to play an important part..but i didn't think it would have been so..."Earth Day, save the planet-ish" however i'm super excited about the New Aquaman series coming out! and i'll probably pick up Hawkman too..just because
Posted by Mbecks14

I stopped collecting Brightest Day half way through, but i continued to follow the story...But i feel like this whole Swamp Thing business came out of nowhere. Is it just me? Do you have to read it?

I think Brightest Day as a series seemed unsuccessful, they should've just done mini series that followed the resserected characters so it wasn't so slow and confusing.
Posted by goldenkey

I thought the whole Brightest day story sucked donkey dick.  Waist of time, waist of money.  I won't be reading aftermath.

Posted by Skogen
@DarthStorm said:
" I hated the end of Brightest day. I felt cheated and felt like I wasted 24 issue. It felt like Earth's ultimate protector was Captain Planet.
"Bollocks" pretty much sums up how I felt about the end. They could have easily had someone much better as the protector.
This is exactly how I feel.

It left a bad taste in my mouth, after having to stomach 24 issues with little to no payoff.
Posted by The Sadhu

Seeing Swamp Thing brought into the main DC Universe was interesting for me... so I am looking forward to see what he will bring to the table.


Constantine will also be of interest for me but not as much as Swamp Thing... I see alot of interaction between Constantine and Deadman in the future.


Of all the 12 that were ressurected... I was really interested in Osiris but felt let down by his story... I hope his return will have some link to maybe the return of Billy Batson as Captain Marvel.


Thats all I can think of at the moment!

Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

i think the aftermath of brightest day is something that everyone has been curious about since issue 0. i know i was. im excited to see what writers are gonna do with it. some new titles sound pretty good maybe a new team is gonna form from this just like the new JLI thats coming from justice league generation lost!
Posted by ChadwickDavis

Personally, I'm still mad about the fact that they killed Kendra off. I wasn't a huge fan of Shiera (this doesn't count the DCAU version--I liked her a lot) but then they kill her too simply to make hawkman go back to his Winged avenger roots. Hawkman has never been a big interest of mine and I didn't get really big into the "Hawk Family" until after I read up on Kendra, then the Justice League Cartoon came out... Personally I think that killing her was a bad Idea, especially to make Hawkman the headliner.    

Posted by Praetor_fenix

I'll have to read the aftermath, but the last issues of brightest day have been really disapointing, i'll probably stop reading many DC series as soon as the current arc (in each of them) is over, though i'll keep reading everithing Green Lantern, Birds of Prey, Green Arrow (if it doesn't end) and maybe a couple more bat related books.

Posted by webling

Surprise, It's Zatanna!
Posted by KnightlyTales

Not having read the issue yet (due to distance, I am a month behind mostly) I am not surprised to learn of Deadman's fate. I predicted either he or Dove would die back in my comment on issue 18. This is standard fare in the DCU. Expect one of the lady lanterns to kick off before long, either Carol (most likely) or Sorana Natu. Hal's Cowgirl would be a third choice. As far as Swampy being back - I have been waiting, I hope things go well as Vertigo ruined the character in my opinion.


The big question is what's next for DCU? We've had all the 'Final Crisis' (plural), Zero Hour, Blackest Night, Brightest Day, all HUGE impacts on DCU. How are they going to try and top them without going overboard? Personally, I rather see a calming down of major story arcs. If someone wants to go into something different then go into an alternate universe storyline, the "What If's". I find these are far more interesting.

Posted by darkrider