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Watchmen Teaser Poster

I think we'll all be 'watching the Watchmen'

Check out the rating.  Looks like it will be rated R for "graphic violence, sexuality, nudity and language."  If you've read the book then you know this is exactly what we would expect.  No cutting corners or watering down the content. 

I do have to say that I am both excited and scared for this.  There's a lot riding on this.  I'd hate to be in the filmmakers' shoes if it doesn't meet our expectations.  But then if they do, they will become our heroes.

I still think it's odd that Alan Moore refuses to see any adaptions of his works.  You would think there'd be at least a tiny bit of curiousity.

Here's the trailer shown at the Scream Awards.  Not sure if it will get pulled soon:


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Posted by NightFang

This movie is going to kick ass.

Posted by NiteFly

This continues to look so absolutely amazing. 

Posted by Carlos Morales

I'm absolutely watching this

Posted by J1NX

Rorschark is by far one of the most awesome detectives.....this will be badass.

Posted by Gaveedra7

it still could suck. trailers and teasers are the edited best parts of the movie. still, if it does suck no big loss. they will still make comic movies and alan moore will still write crazy stuff to blow us all away.

Posted by KingGraham

Nice, it looks tight, ive never actually read the comic before but its looks like a mix of Sin City and maybe a X Men Film. It looks good though i going to see it .

Posted by defunkt

Yeah I really hope this film turns out good. Doubt it will be as good the book, but what film ever is? It has the potential to be as good as The Dark Knight.

Posted by inferiorego

I'm in, and I'm going to try and have a great time no matter if the movie sucks or is great. The GN is phenomenal. (for those who haven't read it, all two of you)

Posted by Booster Gold Prime

I will defin8ly be there with the t-shirt on. LOL. Oh yes, there will be t-shirts! If there arent any, well dammit, I'll make my own.

Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

This movie will be very very good.