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Warners President Says Green Lantern Movie Is Next

Green Lantern might be the next superhero movie out from Warner Bros.

I've reported some news already about the Green Lantern movie.  There is the chance that Superman could have a cameo.  There's also been some concept art that has been released.  We haven't had any firm news on who could play the role. got a chance to speak to the President of Warner Bros., Alan Horn.  They quickly asked him a few questions about upcoming projects.  It seems we could see a Superman movie within the next couple years.  Chris Nolan is not going to be rushed into making the next Batman movie.

When asked about the next superhero property they'll release, Horn said, "I think Green Lantern is probably the best guess but I can't promise it at this moment."

Let's hope this will be the case.  I'd love to see how they take on Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps.  You know they have to have Sinestro in it too.  Will they change the way he looks?  I'm not sure how a pinkish/purplish dude will look on the big screen.  And they better have the mustache on him too.
Posted by AtPhantom

THANK YOU WARNER!!! And you better not screw it up!

Posted by King Saturn
Finally  !  Its About Time We Get The Green Lantern Film On Schedule  !  Cant Wait For This Film  !
Posted by NightFang

I just can't wait to see this film!!!!

Posted by G-Man

It's gonna be tough.  Do they focus more on Hal Jordan on Earth or out in space with the Corps.  Guggenheim has already stated that Oa will look amazing.  I think having lots of space scenes could make some movie goers hesitate over seeing it.  I'm talking about the non-comic fans.  Sure we say, screw those idiots for not having the common sense to actually read comics, but the reality is there's more non-reading movie goers.  That's what Hollywood is thinking about.  They're the ones that will help cover the cost of the budget and make the movie a success.

Posted by seamat

Josh Brolin for Hal Jordan please  ; )

Posted by Nighthunter

I'm personally hoping for Nathan Fillion

Posted by Paragon

I still say David Boreanaz.

Posted by Moomin123

I totally agree with DC taking on a Green Lantern film. I think for the role of Hal Jordan, they should have either Mark Wahlberg or Michael C. Hall from Dexter. They're both good actors.
Sinestro would be a good person to have on a movie. He could be played by Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger actor) with magenta-coloured make-up and his hair dyed black. I wonder who'll be the Guardians of the Universe? Probably use CGI and have voice actors

Posted by Methos
Paragon said:
"I still say David Boreanaz."

agreed... he'd be the perfect Kyle Rayner

Posted by No_Name_

yummm john stewart =]

Posted by G-Man

I refused to post the rumor of the kid (Anton Yelchin) playing Kyle Reese in Terminator Salvation was up for Hal.  Thankfully it was shot down.  He just doesn't seem...old/mature enough for Hal.

Posted by Spectrum

Im thinking......okay dont shoot me down....

Christain Bale.......anyone?

Its a pretty hard role to cast cause Jordans going to have to be old enough to pull of the whole maturity but hell have to young enough to be commercail and not old!!! its a hard one alright!

Posted by Tsuik

I think I heard that a teaser will be on 'The Black Freighter' DVD, could be wrong.

Posted by Methos
Tsuik said:
"I think I heard that a teaser will be on 'The Black Freighter' DVD, could be wrong."

the movie hasn't even entered pre-production yet... they haven't even finalised a cast, let alone started filming lol

Posted by The Scientist
Methos said:
"Paragon said:
"I still say David Boreanaz."

agreed... he'd be the perfect Kyle Rayner

Posted by grimreaper1980

it's true, with ryan reynolds