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Warner Bros. Registers Multiple Comic Book Film Domains [UPDATE]

Four DC properties now have websites connected to films.

Today, TechTimes unearthed some interesting information. Warner Bros. has registered four domain names for possible upcoming DC films. Recently, DC announced they are planning nine dates up until 2020 and gave us all a slew of dates with nothing else attached. Rumors started buzzing about what properties will make it to the big screen. Well, if these website domains are any indicator, here's what we can expect.

All of these links go to the Warner Bros. website. It should be noted that just because they registered these domain names it doesn't mean these films will be made. For all we know, they could just be throwing everyone off or playing it safe and grabbing these domains "just in case." When we actually look at the domain names though, there's no real surprises If Warner Bros. were moving into their next phase of characters, these would be the way to go, especially since Wonder Woman is appearing in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the fact there's been numerous rumors flying around about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson playing Shazam or Black Adam.

UPDATE: TechTimes reported that these films were recently registered, but in fact, this is not true. Here is when each of these films were actually registered by WB. (Registered 11/27/13) (Registered 11/21/00) (Registered 8/5/1999) (Registered 11/21/00)

Warner Bros. has been keeping most of these domains live for years, mainly so people don't snag the domains first, then try to sell it to them at a ridiculous cost. Don't be too upset though, chances of us seeing these films is still pretty high.

Source: TechTimes

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Posted by RustyRoy

Glad to see Aquaman and Shazam, hopefully they'll add Flash too.

Posted by SaintWildcard

Cool beans

Edited by McBig

I really hope they do an aquaman film. And it's well done. Hopefully that'll help to stop some of the jokes.

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse That's surprising.

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

This is good news.

Posted by JoshuaDBr

I should have read that they all go to the Warner bros. Website before I checked them myself.

Posted by Saren

It's like they don't even want money

Posted by StMichalofWilson
Posted by Grimoire

Very cool news.

Posted by DeathpooltheT1000

Aquaman Movie?

That is a terrible movie name.

Why not King of Atlantis?

Posted by MrTummyTumms

Didn't WB say they were going to announce some of those untitled projects at the end of August?

Posted by jorgeareizaga

I LOVE DC FILMS, Marvel movies are so boring and cliche

Posted by RavenVice01

@deathpoolthet1000: if the aquaman movie does well then the sequel can be called king of atlantis. The first movie can be Arthur discovering who he is and going up against ocean master and siren for the throne. The sequel can hav black manta and Arthur struggling to rule atlantis

Hopefully, they introduce the flash in the shazam movie. It would make sense. Barry Allen is studying the effects of the velocity 6 drug then all of a sudden the shazam lightning bolt hits Barry ' s crime lab.

Posted by Krypton-115


Posted by BlueBeetle1

@deathpoolthet1000: those arent the names of the movies. Theyre the names of the websites...

Posted by Mrnoital

not surprised to hear about those movies at all, they could all do an awesome solo movie, mostly cause lots of the general public doesn't know much about wonder woman(she's just female superman) or aquaman(all he can do is talk to fish) and those movies would get those characters some much needed respect(if done right)

Green Lantern flopped and Flash has a tv show, they might be have solos(or a team up) after some other stuff

Edited by JJ_Was_Here

Here are some other domains I'd like to see them register:

Oh yes. I want espionage. Get some solid and proven espionage writers up in there and pow. Why couldn't Checkmate be a flick? It would make sense. As for Jonah Hex, I just want a straight out western with him kicking ass. Maybe with Vandal Savage as the villain and then the villain in the second JL movie. Plus I totally want to be his wacky sidekick. I promise you, it wouldn't get old....

Posted by The Impersonator

I wonder if they have this on her site. =P

Posted by RavenVice01

Sure hope Ryan Reynolds comes back as hal Jordan for the justice League movie. What they should do for the justice League movie is try to revamp the green lantern franchise with a threat that the guardians have been fighting like despero. NO DARKSEID!!!

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

Honestly, as long as Mr. Johnson is not in the film, I may be able to accept a Captain Marvel movie.... maybe.

Edited by dagmar_merrill
Posted by Mrnoital

@captainmarvel4ever: If he is in it you'll have to accept it anyways

or i guess every time you hear anything about it you can stick fingers in your ears going "LALALALALA!!!!!"

that works too

Posted by Captain13

Hopefully a GL/Flash domain is registered as well.

The Brave and The Bold

Posted by Koays

Lol.....I love how every DC movie post is a picture of Gal Gadot

Edited by KouNurasaka

@captain13: That actually.. looks like good casting!

Yes for Shazam. I am excited for no one else than him. I actually want Dwayne Johnson for Black Adam more than Shazam. I feel like the Shazam role would be too corny with him in it, but he could some amazing stuff with Black Adam. Has he ever played an honest villain before?

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever
Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

@mrnoital: I just won't consider it a true part of Captain Marvel's history, much like his New 52 counterpart (or at the very least a dark day).

Edited by Mrnoital

@kounurasaka: Black Adam isn't really an honest villain, but more of an anti hero(lots of the time)

and he was scorpion king in the mummy returns if that counts

@captainmarvel4ever: that's fine

Edited by MrTummyTumms

@captainmarvel4ever: he's not that bad, but I can see why you wouldn't want him associated with a character that I assume you hold very close to you.

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever
Posted by EyeDCyou

Best news in a while. Glad we now have some form of confirmation

Posted by JJ_Was_Here

@captainmarvel4ever said:

@dagmar_merrill said:

@captainmarvel4ever: But, the rock is awesome!

I'm sure Mr. Johnson is a fine wrestler, but he is not an actor.

I could totally appreciate your skepticism on this. I think he would make a better Shazam than Black Adam. BA would need to have that accent, yeah? I don't know if Rock could pull that off. HOWEVER, that being said, I think that he does have the acting chops to be a 10 year old boy in the body of a big ass dude. I have faith he could pull that off.

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

@jj_was_here: No he doesn't. The story of Captain marvel is an interesting character study, and the lead actor has to have the skill to juggle many different emotions that must be conveyed through the face and eyes, while still staying true to what Captain Marvel stands for. Mr. Johnson is a very bad actor and has none of those necessary skills.

Posted by JJ_Was_Here

@captainmarvel4ever: I'm not saying the guy's going to get an Oscar nod for it, but he's going to be in the movie. Which role he plays, I don't know. I'm just trying to help you to have an open mind. I'm being your friend here, buddy.

Edited by CaptainMarvel4Ever

@jj_was_here: I can appreciate that, but when Hollywood gets a non actor to play someone from a beloved franchise, it's a middle finger to the people who hold that franchise close to there hearts. It's no different then the way Michel Bay casts his films.

I do appreciate the attempted support from one fan to another though.

Posted by Just1Mado

The update spoiled the joy

Posted by DeathpooltheT1000
Posted by JJ_Was_Here

@captainmarvel4ever: No, I get what you're saying. But he is The Rock. And he is going to put asses in seats. And, no offense to the Captain, but I think that movie does need a little star power. Just because he doesn't have huge exposure (to my knowledge).

Out of curiosity though, who do you think could play Shazam or Black Adam. I'm picking Mark Strong for Black Adam all day.

Edited by AmazingWebHead

What, no :(

Here are some other domains I'd like to see them register:

Oh yes. I want espionage. Get some solid and proven espionage writers up in there and pow. Why couldn't Checkmate be a flick? It would make sense. As for Jonah Hex, I just want a straight out western with him kicking ass. Maybe with Vandal Savage as the villain and then the villain in the second JL movie. Plus I totally want to be his wacky sidekick. I promise you, it wouldn't get old....

That would totally kick ass!

Posted by JJ_Was_Here

@amazingwebhead: Dude! I totally didn't even think about that. But with this alleged "no jokes" policy DC has right now, I'm not sure they would bite on that one. But yes. Hell yes! Hmmm...what other movies would be awesome to see.....?

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

Thank God, this is all not true.

I'm sure this is not the last we will hear of them, but at least I can relax.

Edited by Misterwizz

I think the fact they registered domains for Shazam, Wonder Woman and Aquaman in 2000 and did nothing with them for years, shows how much they actually care about their non Batman / Superman properties.

I'm not gonna get super excited, though an Aquaman could be badass, but I expect it to be "meh" currently.

Edited by JJ_Was_Here

@captainmarvel4ever: Brother man, I'm pretty sure The Rock has been more confirmed for Shazam than Jason Mamoa as Aquaman.

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

@jj_was_here: Jason Mamoa has been confirmed, but nobody yet knows what Mr. Johnson is doing.

Posted by JJ_Was_Here

@captainmarvel4ever: They don't know which role he's playing, but he's going to be in that movie.

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

@jj_was_here: He may be, but he may not be, and if he is in it he may play a minor role. Heck the movie may not even happen, they were going to make a Captain Marvel movie years ago (with Mr. Johnson), but it never happened. Hopefully this one never will either.

Posted by JJ_Was_Here

@captainmarvel4ever: Alright, well, you still haven't answered who you think would do justice to those roles.

Edited by CaptainMarvel4Ever

@jj_was_here: I would like Jon Hamm for Captain Marvel, and Karl Urban for Black Adam (although I don't think BA should be in the first film).

Edited by ScrappyDont27

Hope these movies can change my opinion on DC movies, still haven't seen the dark night returns and really it just didn't interest me and saw man of steel and was not impressed. DC has some great characters so hopefully they do a good job.

Posted by NightFang

It's about time Aquaman and Wonder Woman got there own movies!

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