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Warner Bros and DC Entertainment Extend Relationship with Mattel

Prepare for more DC action figures made by Mattel for the foreseeable future.

In a press release, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, with DC Entertainment, announced that they have extended their relationship with Mattel, Inc. This multi-year agreement gives Mattel the rights to go on as master toy licensee for DC Comics characters and the rest of the DCU. This includes thousands of heroes and villains from the DCU. This deal goes all across Mattel's core brands including Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Barbie, Mattel Games, and Fisher-Price.

“Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have an unrivaled portfolio of characters and a strong slate of content across all platforms which is essential to driving our global consumer products business—a business anchored by our long-term partnership with Mattel,” said Brad Globe, President, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “With so much opportunity on the horizon, we know Mattel will bring the talents of its world-class organization to create and market product lines for fans of all ages.”

This extension also includes the rights to create toys based on upcoming DC Comics films, animation, and television shows that are developed during this agreement. Mattel is ready to start work on two of WB's theatrical releases: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. This deal also includes the rights to develop product based on some of these DC television properties: Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Constantine, and iZombie.

“In our fifteen years of collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Mattel has been honored with bringing the stories and characters of the DC Comics universe to life in toy form,” said Doug Wadleigh, Senior Vice President, Global Brands Marketing, Boys and Entertainment for Mattel. “Mattel’s robust portfolio has helped extend DC Comics properties to new consumers utilizing the toy brands they know and trust. We are excited to continue our partnership, and look forward to supporting upcoming entertainment launches and franchise development.”

Look forward to big things from the extension of this partnership in the future.

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That's too bad.

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I'll be anxious to see what they put out. Hard to imagine Mattel rivaling the DC Direct stuff. But I guess maybe they're going after a different market.

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I'm on board, before this announcement I saw this cool Cyborg figure they made.

Good to know they won't only be making Batman toys.

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That's unfortunate

Posted by SpitfirePanda

There was talk a few years ago of Disney buying Hasbro. I wonder if that talk will resurface in the light of this info.

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I'm on board, before this announcement I saw this cool Cyborg figure they made.

Good to know they won't only be making Batman toys.


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DC needs to dumb Mattel and get with Hasbro.

Posted by Sighburr_Punk

Ugh, every single DC figure I've ever seen (in person) made by Mattel has been garbage. I wish they'd just go with Hasbro. Marvel knows what's up.

Posted by nappystr8

Well, this was a bad decision.

Posted by iaconpoint

Mattel is awful. They re-use parts to no end, have poor, poor, poor distribution and have figures with the articulation and detail of figures from 20 years ago. Also, whist Hasbro has toy-centric lines of Spider-Man, Thor, Cap and Iron Man, Mattel can't even keep a Batman-centric line going and he's more marketable than all of the others put together. Just an awful mess of a toy company.