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WARLORD OF MARS Interview With Arvid Nelson

The writer reveals some details about John Carter and his never-ending battle on Mars.

There's a lot of John Carter going around these days. Considering the character made his debut back in 1912, nearly one hundred years ago, it's great to see the recent revival along different interpretations and updates to the character. Edgar Rice Burroughs (also know for creating Tarzan), wrote several novels depicting the adventures of Carter and established that the natives of Mars refer to their home as Barsoom.

As a former Confederate Soldier, Carter was transported to Mars and became a hero and prince.

We caught up with writer Arvid Nelson to find out what makes John Carter tick and what's coming up with him.

Comic Vine: At this point, how long has John Carter been on Mars?

Arvid Nelson: It's more a question of how long he hasn't been on Mars! Carter was back on Earth for ten years – and not by his own choice. When he returns to the Red Planet, things are very different.

At first, he's not even sure he's on Mars. But when he finds out the exact spot he's returned to, he realizes he's in a whole heap of trouble.

CV: What can you tell us about the "son he never knew" as mentioned in the upcoming solicits?

AN: Carthoris – that's his son – is a chip off the old block. We've spent some time developing his character in the last few issues. Carthoris has his father's super strength and agility, but not his forbearance. Who could be a better teacher to him than John Carter?

CV: How does John Carter feel about his situation? Is he content to be on Mars fighting or would he rather be back on Earth away from the fighting?

AN:There's nothing John Carter loves more than a good fight, and there's nowhere he'd rather be than Mars. But his second time around on the Red Planet, he finds he can't rely on just his sword arm. He's forced to deal with a political crisis in Helium, the city-state where he is a prince, and he's trying to reconcile the entire planet to the grim truth about very deeply held religious beliefs.

CV: John Carter has been through a lot. What would be something that would surprise or frighten him?

AN: Carter loves his princess, Dejah Thoris, more than his own life. That's how to get at him. It's the classic ploy of any villain, real or imagined – "defy us, and we'll hurt your family". That's the exact situation Carter finds himself in in Gods of Mars.

CV: The 'history' of John Carter has been written already. Have you thought about how you would write his final days? Would it follow the existing mythos or would you rather add your own spin?

AN: Interesting question! I'm not sure I have the right to kill him off, to tell anyone else what his final days are like. I guess I sort of reject the idea a hero like John Carter has an "ending". First of all, Carter is literally immortal – that's made explicitly clear in the books.

WARLORD OF MARS #13 is on sale right now and issue #14 is out in January. Check out these pages for both issues (along with covers to issues 15 & 16) to get a taste of what the action is all about.

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Posted by Daveyo520

Well that guy was naked.

Posted by G-Man

@Daveyo520: It's only fair since the women often run around with very little. And it shows how tough the guy is. How many people would be willing to go into a major battle naked?

Posted by Daveyo520

@G-Man: Very true. Probably more naked women then clothed men.

I am sure Wolverine has done it once or 17 times.

Posted by Thunderscream

they need to add more shadows or just commit to straight up nudity...he looks like a porn star in the undies but a Ken doll in the buff O.o

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Very nice...not about the nude male of course, but yes have always enjoyed John Carter of Mars. Can't wait for the film.

Posted by The Impersonator

The naked truth about John Carter. :P

Posted by Nova`Prime`

This title is a much read, I read the books not to long ago before the comics came out and I am pleasantly surprised that they stick very close to the books. They do cut out a lot of the fluff, but that's alright the art does a very good job of expanding on the story.

And to all complaining about the lack of clothing. In the original books all the characters were naked, all the time.

Posted by rasx

I plan to check-out Dynamites, LORD OF THE JUNGLE, maybe I'll read Warlord of Mars too. Since they're both written by the same guy.

Posted by satanmode

@Nova`Prime` said:

And to all complaining about the lack of clothing. In the original books all the characters were naked, all the time.

I don't remember him being naked the entire time, I seem to remember him eventually obtaining a gun & holster, sword & scabbard, and some sort of other attire (albeit limited) that those weapons were attached to. But it's been a while since I read it so perhaps I'm wrong. And, of course, I do tend to remember John Carter as Frazetta painted him.

Posted by thesensationaldevourerofworlds

I hate to complain, cause I am a huge John Carter of Mars, but aren't the Martian's supposed to NOT have navels? In every picture I see of Dejah Thoris she has a belly button.

Posted by ForeignLawns

I consider it a question of sexism to not show a proportionate amount of naked men and women. How skewed is the ratio now? More than 90% of gratuitous nudity is of women, because our society is biased and wants to objectify and depower women. What we need to do is correct that imbalance with an initial over-correction. Say, 50 years of 95% male nudity. I want to see penises everywhere!

Posted by Nova`Prime`

@satanmode: Very true he did and they do wear somethings, but they never come off as clothing. There is even one part in Princess of Mars where Carter and Thories are actually talking about the lack of clothing and she mentions something about the ancient white Martians wore clothing, questioned why people on Earth wore clothes. I'd say the clothes you see Carter and Thories wear in various art forms would probably be the limit of the clothing, but its practically naked anyway.

Posted by Telcalipoca

ugh whats with the art? previous issues have had amazing art the writting and visuals were spectacular.well so long as the writting doesnt drop ill be content.

Posted by Eyz

This is so metal XD