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Vote for the Character of the Month: 9/14

This month's theme: X-Men. Will Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Storm, or Wolverine take the top spot and receive a whole month of features? Come vote for the one you want to win!

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The Bat-Signal is being turned off and Batman's time as our Character of the Month has come to an end (if you missed it, here's his Best Covers, Best Battles, and Must Read Stories). So, who will be the next Character of the Month, you ask? Well, that's a great question and it's one that you can help answer. Last month's theme was about a DC team, so we'll be fair and make this month's theme about a Marvel team! Our choice: the X-Men! It wasn't easy, but we narrowed down the options to just five characters from the team and we're hoping that'll make it a tighter race.

Your options include Scott Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops; Jean Grey; Kurt Wagner, a.k.a. Nightcrawler; Ororo Munroe, a.k.a. Storm; and James Howlett, a.k.a. Wolverine. They're all great characters with whole lot of interesting history, but only one will become the next Character of the Month! The winner will appear in the Battle of the Week and receive their own edition of Best Battles, Best Covers, and Must Read Stories.


The poll will remain open until Friday morning (ET). Don't forget to check the homepage later that day for the article announcing the winner and more. Which X-Men character will earn the honor of becoming the next Character of the Month, Viners? Go support your favorite option and do your your best to make sure they get the number of votes they deserve!

Want to make a theme and character suggestions for an upcoming edition of Character of the Month? Let us know below or tell us via Twitter.

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Posted by HushoftheWind

oooooh Man, or should i oooooooooooooh X-MEN!!!

Posted by Veitha

Wait. No Emma Frost? I need an Emma Frost month!! I really do!

With no Emma I'll have to go with Cyclops just to boicot Jean Bloody Grey.

Posted by Veitha

Make a bad girls themed pool with her next month and I'll forgive you :)

Edited by Sovereign91001

No Psylocke. :(

Posted by Vulshock

Voted for Cyclops. His development over the last decade or so has been really great in my opinion.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh


Edited by AmazingWebHead

Ooh, this is a tough one.

Posted by darkrider


Posted by StarWatcher

Man, I REALLY REALLY hope Cyclops wins this.

Posted by Koays

Vote Cyclops or Jean Grey for much needed character appreciation

Edited by RunawayAvenger


Posted by johnny_blaze


Posted by johnny_blaze
Posted by Krypton-115

Vote for Wolverine, at least give him a good funeral...

Posted by TheTrueRedKid

First time commenting on one of these.

Gotta go with Cyclops because I feel like his '90's "not cool" guy persona is still sticking around, and this month is a good opportunity to shed light on how badass this character really is.

Also, it'll be really cool to see the famous optic blasts be put to the test.

Cyclops ftw.

Posted by DrThanos91

Magneto ftw!!

Posted by super_dooper_man

Vote for nightcrawler hes just such a BAMF

Posted by M3th

If Wolverine wins tHis competition/poll tHen I don't want to Hear about How Wolverine is played out because tHe fans obviously adore tHe guy.


Posted by frogjitsu

How do I vote? These are all some of my favorite characters. Just seeing those 5 there, I kinda want a comic featuring them. Just a team, of Scott, Jean, Kurt, Ororo, and Logan.

Posted by TaxidermyLove

Hard to choose which x-man but had to go with, cyclops would love to see the list for must read cyclops stories, covers and fights etc.

Posted by midgard2

Cyclops or Magneto

Posted by KikeJunior

Cyclops is my favorite X-Man... He's the real savior of the mutantkind, thanks to him Hope made it to survive through many events, such as Messiah Complex, Second Coming and Avengers vs X-Men; he took the difficult decisions and the leadership when no else could. Yes! He killed Xavier but Wolverine or even Jean Grey have killed a lot more people and besides he was possessed by the Phoenix Force!!! NUFF SAID!!!

Edited by adamTRMM

I vote Cyclops, even though there's nothing positive I can say about a watered down Bendis-clops, post-Decimation Cyke was awesome, by every writer I can think of, besides Fraction's of course.

Posted by Jeremy1989

Wait, I thought the voting for this already happened before? De Ja Vu?

Posted by Weddep

Don't let Wolverine win! We need to show Marvel that he's not as popular as they think and to stop putting him in every book!

Posted by Jay_Alam

I voted for Cyclops.

Posted by Knightsofdarkness2

Wolverine because I just literally finished watching the Wolverine a couple of moments ago. Plus his death is this month so not voting for him would kinda weird.

And to all the Wolverine haters who are telling everyone not to vote for Wolverine need to grow up, just because YOU don't like a character that doesn't mean everybody else has the same opinion as you, everyone has the right to choose any character they want.

Posted by M3th

Wolverine sHould win since He is dying tHis montH.


Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

If it's not Storm then the entire month will be a waste of time for me. Kidding aside STORM needs to get some love! She is easily the most bad ass X-chick ever and my top 3 favorite X-Man ( Nightcrawler, Colossus and Storm)

Posted by kilowog52

I won't vote because I really don't care for any of these characters.

Posted by deathstroke_deadpool


Next month could you do Birds of Prey?

Posted by Mangakid1995

I'm torn. Wolverine gets so much attention I feel like I should avoid him in the hopes of giving another X-person a little attention. Jean Grey isn't very interesting what with all the death and resurrection, it gets boring after awhile although I will admit I am a fan of Young Jean in All-New. Storm deserves more attention but she just isn't my favorite. I love Cyclops recent character arc, as far as I'm concerned the character of Scott Summers has only improved since Decimation. Which leaves us with the swashbuckling Blue Elf, the man of god, the Amazing Nightcrawler! Kurt gets my vote but if I'm being honest my actual favorite X-Man is t even on this list unfortunately.

Posted by MrDaniPhantom

Still waiting for that Gambit, Havok, Cable or Iron Man month.

Posted by toastyroasted


Posted by New_World_Order

Storm or Nightcrawler

Posted by Malachi_Munroe

Storm or Jean.

Posted by GillaDro


Posted by Techherofan

I went with Storm she's one of the greatest classic X-men.

Edited by TheAmazingImmortalMan


Posted by MyNameIsWill

Logan dies this month so...

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by maaask12

Storm all the way

Posted by jewunit

Cyclops has been there since the beginning and has had a fascinating character arc. Sorry Jean......

Posted by CosmicOldGuy


Edited by The Impersonator

I vote for Wolverine because he's the best there is.

Posted by Testament


Edited by jumpstart55

Gotta give it to Wolvie. He definitely earned it this month.

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