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'Vostok-X' Joins 'The Others' In AQUAMAN #7

Writer Geoff Johns unveils yet another member of 'The Others' set to appear in the upcoming issue of Aquaman.

The next member of Geoff Johns' 'The Others' team set to make their first appearance in AQUAMAN # 7 will be Vostok-X. Vostok-X is unlike any of his teammates; in fact, it's hard to say whether he is even entirely human. This new character was created on a Russian space station in a controlled environment. Evidently, Vostok-X is also the only one of his kind -- at least for now. According to Johns Vostok-X is not only able to fly, but he is also fully equipped and is considered a "perfect cosmonaut," giving him heightened endurance, strength and intelligence.

Conceived in a controlled test aboard a Russian space station, the man known as Vostok-X was genetically designed to be the perfect cosmonaut. Heightened endurance, enhanced strength and intelligence and most importantly to the scientists overseeing the project, he was psychologically programmed through intense experimentation to embrace human isolationism. Vostok struggles with making emotional connections with other people.

However, as strong and awesome as he sounds, Vostok-X still has some difficulty connecting with people on an emotional level. What do you think of the character design? Do you like Vostok-X so far? Are you looking forward to seeing him as well as the previously revealed 'Others' teammates?

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Posted by The Mighty Monarch

These 'Others' are getting more and more generic.

Posted by wowylied

Maybe we will have different atlantis like in the marvel universe with namor's city, the one under the ice and the new on tabula rasa ?

Edited by DMC

I'll quote what someone said on facebook:

Instead of giving us the "expected" team of underwater heroes, Johns and co. have created a unique and unexpected team that will stress Aquaman's versatility.

Well said ^_^

Still, there is a part of me that has a hard time seeing all this in an Aquaman book. The fact that they all have gold artifacts helps though.

I was thinking that maybe these items aren't just involved with the destruction of Atlantis but maybe every lost "mythical" civilization in history. Sweet right?

Posted by Outside_85

Question, why is stuff like this even being hyped?

Posted by cagedleo730

@Outside_85: Because it's a Geoff Johns book. The higher sellers are always more hyped up then the bottom dwellers. It's a problem with both DC and Marvel.

Posted by BlackArmor

I like it, it's much less generic then the last one. BlackArmor approves

Posted by jsphsmth

Cannot help but wonder at the long-term plans for this team. Too much development and hype to be a throwaway team created solely for one arc in Aquaman.

Posted by Bestostero

@The Mighty Monarch said:

These 'Others' are getting more and more generic.

Agreed. None of them look interesting or unique at all...

Posted by Skaddix

@The Mighty Monarch said:

These 'Others' are getting more and more generic.

There is nothing new. Application is what is important.

Posted by Video_Martian

Looks badass, waiting to see what comes from these "Others"...

Posted by LordRequiem

A cosmonaut that wears belts around his torso? Riiiight.

Posted by MonkeyToe

@LordRequiem said:

A cosmonaut that wears belts around his torso? Riiiight.

Because.... in Russia... belts wear you?

Posted by ARMIV2

I gotta say that this is an epic design.

Posted by The Average Bear

Six-six from Ben 10, anyone?

Posted by cagedleo730

@LordRequiem: Belts attached to a jetpack.

Posted by JamDamage

I dropped this title. I like Aquaman, I don't like the book tho. It kind of sucks.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus
Posted by The Impersonator

@ARMIV2 said:

I gotta say that this is an epic design.

Posted by JairamGanpat

Left leg looks like penis

Posted by wdchefdave

Looks like someone has been smoking Tim Burton's stash!

None of these characters look like Aquaman villains.

No sharks,, mantas, or squids?!?

I'll be quiet as a clam and watch from the shore.

Posted by Nefilim927

This one looks pretty interesting. Lake Vostok is that frozen lake in Antarctica which has been untouched for like 40 million years, that Russian scientists have actually just been able to bore into. I'd really like to see this guys backstory have something to do with all of that.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@wdchefdave said:

Looks like someone has been smoking Tim Burton's stash!

None of these characters look like Aquaman villains.

No sharks,, mantas, or squids?!?

I'll be quiet as a clam and watch from the shore.

There not villains 
Posted by fACEmelter88

Whatever, he looks pretty cool. I'm really curious to see how their all connected to Aquaman and Atlantis.

Posted by KidChipotle

Waiting on Garth, still.

Posted by KidSupreme

That's a sick design!

Posted by Secret Identity

I like the designs for Seer and Prisoner of War quite a lot and in colour Vostok-X looks good. (see cover of Aquaman 7) I'm not a fan of the other two designs so much but I am looking forward to seeing them all in story and finding out about the artifacts and their link with Atlantis. I really like the idea of PoW having been a prisoner in Atlantis.

Posted by Grey56

@JamDamage: Then why are you bothering to investigate further upon whom this character is. I'd be eager to see just what merits on which you are judging this book to 'suck'.

I've read each one of the new series, and furthermore I read all 75 issues of the long standing series and most of the one following it. Johns does an excellent job of establishing continuity and bringing life to the characters within this new title. Try to flesh our your complaint before rattling off whatever pops into your mind.

On a separate note - Bostok is an anglisized pronunciation of the russian word for 'East'. And after looking at the character - I'm curious to see where Johns takes the reins from here.

Posted by JamDamage

I'm not investigationg anything further upon this character.  I read that article because it's on here and I pretty much read every article that is posted here by great one who make up Comicvine.  I like Aquaman because I alaways that he was a bad ass character.  I always thought Superman was a bad ass character too but I don't think I'll get to many complainers to say that his titles have sucked for many many years.  I also dropped the title because I didn't like the stories.  I allowed that freedom.  As for Bostok, maybe he'll be cool, maybe he won't.  Maybe you like the fact that you went looked up what the meaning of his name was.  I won't find out right now because Im not reading Aquaman anymore.  I like Johns.  I hope Im wrong and I have to come back to the title because to many people tell me do it because I missed out.  Oh well.  I don't like right now.  Then again Im really loving Stormwatch, and not to many people agree with me on that one.  As for merits on why I think the book sucks.  Not liking my story is my top one and pretty much the only I really have to give, isn't it?
Posted by Grey56

@JamDamage: Good grief. I rest my case, folks.

Posted by JamDamage

where do you rest your case at?  You asked why I'm investigating the charter further and I said I'm not.  I read all the articles posted on here.  I said the book sucks because I don't like the story, what else do you want, examples?  Are you really that much of a fanboy that when someone says they don't like something just because they don't you get all hot and bothered?  I tried to be nice and say that it's just my opinion and maybe I'll be wrong and go back to it but that wasn't good enough.
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

The more I here about this team the more it makes me think of the  Cobra Unit