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Visit the 2010 Stark Expo

And a story of how Pinchuk was tricked by Tony Stark's people.

 I'm glad it doesn't say "Axe" on it.

You’ve wondered, as I have so often wondered, what would happen if Iron Man were to ever take control of EPCOT ( Disney’s ExPerimental Community Of Tomorrow). Though such a venture is brazen fantasy laying somewhere in the multiverse, I’ll hazard a guess that it would look a lot like the 2010 Stark Expo. The story world and the real world are bleeding over each other today, because there actually is a website for this fantastical showcase of all the technology of tomorrow. Witness the Oracle dome to your right!  Behold the proton-powered monorail, below!  Gaze upon the colossal, moon-shining spotlights and tremble with awe!

I’m playing along with the conceit of a clever viral website that’s just been put up to promote the release of IRON MAN 2. Surely, this factors into that big presentation Tony Stark makes in the trailers where he flies down onto a stage and parties with line-dancing “Ironettes” in front of a crowd of thousands. Given how these kind of promotions play out, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some secret portion of the site where Whiplash takes over, though it’s only viewable if you’re kind of person who clicks EVERY link and examines EVERY line of source code. 


== TEASER ==

 The armors, and that sign, should've clued me.

Seeing this reminds me of the time when Tom Pinchuk, himself, was duped by Stark Industries. See, Archaia’s booth was right next to Marvel at last year’s Comic Con and, after finishing a signing, I decided to head over and see if I could talk to some editors. As I’m looking around, I get approached by this pretty lady in a suit. I asked her if the editors I was looking for were around and she said they’d be back soon. Then she said that they were hiring and handed me a business card. Juggling a lot things in my head, I assumed, for the briefest moments, that she was talking about Marvel. Perhaps this would be my in? Then I looked down at the business card…

Stark Industries.

That’s right, not Marvel. Stark. The fictitious company. She was an actress promoting IRON MAN 2. Le that be a lesson, everybody. Always be skeptical of official-looking people claiming to be recruiters. Be skeptical of them at the mall, on the street, at a convention - - because odds are they’re really just promoting a movie.

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this April - - available for pre-order now on

Posted by Crackdown

Haha, if you think that's bad, when I was filling out job applications a few weeks ago, a pop up came around that said Stark Industries, it was a full out application, from a respectable apllication site.
I still filled it out and sent it in though. No word yet V.V

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Posted by Nova`Prime`

LOL ya I ran into that Stark Industries application myself once before. I thought it was an awesome way for promoting the movie.

Posted by No_name_here
@Crackdown: That's positively diabolical.
Posted by sora_thekey

Hey I have that Stark Industires card! 
I just never went to the web page to recruit myself as part of staff!
Posted by Journey Into Chaos

XD this sounds abit ridiculus.
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Posted by Grim

the next step would have been to obtain as many of these cards as you can (by any means necessary), get spiffy looking, and repeat the gag to friends and strangers until you honor was restored.
 you have shamed this family...

Posted by 123422

I'm visiting alright, and well product placement is really blatant here, possibly to increase realism