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Villains We Want in 'Beware the Batman'

The new animated show takes pride in reinventing lesser-known villains, and there's quite a few we'd want to see in it.

One thing that helps Beware the Batman stand out from previous animated shows about the Dark Knight is its strong focus on avoiding A-list villains. As far as we know, characters like Joker, Poison Ivy and Bane aren't running around in this CGI version of Gotham City. Instead, we've seen far lesser-known characters populate the fictional city and give Batman all kinds of trouble (e.g. Anarky, Magpie, Humpty Dumpty).

Batman's made more than a few enemies over the years and has an incredibly diverse rogues gallery. Because of that, we took some time to think about which other non-A-listers could make a good addition to the program. We've somehow managed to narrow it down to just five picks (seriously wasn't an easy task given all the choices) and we think each could bring something new or at least entertaining to the show.


Batman is slowly making a few friends as the show progresses, but he's making a whole lot of enemies, and at a much quicker rate, too. With the Caped Crusader always interrupting so much business in the crime world, it would be quite cool to see one of these crime lords (Whale, perhaps?) reach out to a mercenary for help. Said mercenary: Anatoli Knyazev aka KGBeast. He enters the show with one simple objective: take out the Bat.

Sure, he's been a jobber at times (Nightwing has utterly humiliated him), but given proper respect, he has a lot of potential for stellar fights with Bruce. Upon suffering defeat at Batman's hands, this could give Knyazev a sense of revenge and transform him into a reoccurring character.

Calendar Man

If there's one thing this show continues to do exceptionally well, it's show off Wayne's abilities as a detective. Calendar Man seems like an excellent way to further test the hero's wits. Holidays tend to be days where people can unwind -- take some time off from work, celebrate, relax, etc. However, for Batman, these could now be days where he needs to be extra alert and try to prevent the worst.

No, we're not talking about a version of Calendar Man who's running around in a silly outfit with waving calendars and what not. Instead, it would be a more twisted and grounded take on the character. No elaborate costume is required. Just the tattoo on the head and a dark mentality is all this guy needs to be a solid adversary.


Copperhead's redesign for Batman: Arkham Origins is quite awesome. So awesome, in fact, that we think she should transfer into the TV universe as well. The show is more than welcoming to characters with powers, so having Batman square off against someone with jaw-dropping agility and a plethora of poisons could result in some hugely entertaining brawls. Additionally, Batman would be forced to use his brain when it comes to creating an antidote for her poison -- whether its to save his own skin or someone else she went after.

And if you want to learn more about the foe, don't forget to check out Tony's 3-Minute Expert video for Copperhead.

The Blockbuster Gang

Okay, they're technically Nightwing villains, but there's no good reason why this group can't be brought into Batman's animated world. There's a few scattered villains in Gotham, but right now the big players are just Whale's organization and the League of Assassins. So, why not give Whale some competition by having Blockbuster and his gang a part of the city?

Individually, these characters tend to be less than formidable. Even the likes of Lady Vic and Shrike end up getting wrecked by Grayson. And please, don't even get us started on how disappointing Brutale is. However, a fresh start could be just what these characters need and when grouped together they certainly hold the potential to give Batman a tough time. Then when they eventually fall, there's always Blockbuster. Honestly, who doesn't love a good raw power vs. Batman battle? Furthermore, this can open up the not-so-friendly door to some gang warfare between Whale and Blockbuster. Now wouldn't that be a nice little spectacle of chaos?

Condiment King

Beware the Batman does a fine job throwing some laughs our way every now and then, but wouldn't it be especially great if there was a character who's sole existence was to be a reoccurring gag? Obviously the flavorful Condiment King could just be a much appreciated bit of levity from time to time, never really taking up more than a handful of scenes at most. Although, if the writers were up for the task, they could eventually make the conceptual Condiment King upgrade his gear and be an actual threat (by adding spices and such). After being treated as a joke for so long, having him suddenly take Batman by surprise would be enthralling and downright hilarious. Sure, he'd still get owned in the end, but at least it could make for some hysterical moments.

If you could add five non-A-list villains to the show, who would they be and why? Speak your mind below!

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Posted by Life_Without_Progress

Oh wait, Lincoln March and Hush would also be good

Posted by Chubzhac

Orca the Whale Woman

Posted by AustinHasten

Tallyman,Order(Cult)of Saint Dumas,and Falcone crime family.

Spot on. Though Tallyman is really violent, so I'm not sure if he would translate so well to a show that's kind of aimed at kids.

Also, I'd love to see firefly show up.

Posted by ectoborge

@bloxxeh said:

I want Man-Bat to appear. So very much.

Yeah it would be a great twisted reflection and it would totally work in this world of Mutants and ninjas.

Also because they appear to be pulling from some of Grant Morison's work we could have those awesome man-bat-ninjas!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

The Firebug and Electrocutioner!

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

@k4tzm4n Why is Donatello on the picture that's on the news page?

Posted by venomoushatred1001
Edited by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg

A badass Killer Moth

Posted by chadparnell1


Killer Croc

Victor Zsasz

Soloman Grundy

Posted by kilowog52

What everyone seems to be forgetting is that the show's goal is not to give lesser-known villains the limelight, but to only use villains that have NEVER appeared outside of comics. EVER. In any form. Period. Most of the ones listed in this article however, have. Condiment King was in Batman: TAS. The previous Copperhead was featured somewhat prominently in a couple episodes of Justice League. KGBeast was in JLU. Blockbuster was also In JLU and Young Justice. Brutale even appeared briefly in an episode of Arrow. And I'm not sure, but Calendar Man may have appeared in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. That show also featured minor Batman villains when it featured Batman villains at all. (At least until someone said 'The heck with this' and introduced the Joker.) It featured the likes of Kite Man, Crazy Quilt, Mr. Polka Dot. So despite them being extremely minor villains, they are ineligible for inclusion in this series. Most of the ones that people are listing here have appeared in other media before. Several of them quite prominently in such series as Batman: TAS. Others are just too newly created to have appeared in other media before. That is obviously how Professor Pyg became involved in the show. Someone may down the line decide to reverse the decision to include only villains that have never before appeared in other media. However, such a decision greatly changes the identity of the show. It happened with Batman: TBaTB. They introduced the Joker, Robin, Superman, etc. after they clearly said they wouldn't. That shows identity clearly changed at that point. I'm not going to judge right now whether it was a good or bad change though. My point is this is this show's shtick. Right now, from what I've seen the show is bordering on awful. So they very well may add previously animated villains. And it might improve the show. But for now, that is not what they're doing because they're trying to do something different. And even among the A-list villains there are some that are better known than others. I'd say the Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Two-Face and Catwoman are in a League of their own; followed by other villains prominently featured in Batman: TAS such as Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Man-Bat, Mad Hatter, Killer Croc, Bane, Ra's al Ghul, etc. Many of these second tier A-list villains, I really enjoy seeing over and over again, but I'm always somewhat agitated when the villain in an episode is the Joker AGAIN. That is why I for one am glad to see a series without him. Doesn't anyone else ever get sick of the Joker? Or Lex Luthor? Or Sinestro? Or on the Marvel side, Magneto, Dr. Doom, etc.?

Posted by Mezmero

The villains aren't the big problem with this show. It's the writing. The villains being used are fine for a new continuity but some of their motivations are questionable at best or downright cliche. They all feel like pale reflections of better characters in the Batman fiction. I almost don't want any primary villains to show up because they'll have to go full blown insane to overshadow the lamer versions of themselves that we've seen so far. If this series turns into the full blown Outsiders cartoon that it's shaping up to be then it could start to get fun. Right now I don't care who shows up, I just want this show to get better.

Posted by AdmiralPetty

I always liked Orca...

I don't particularly care for Orca(neither did DC based on how they killed her off with little fanfare in the One Year Later Storyline involving Harvey reverting back to Two-Face). I think she could work well in this show however.

Posted by Bloxxeh
Posted by LyraFay

I just want to see Catwoman in cartoon again since she was fantastic in Batman: The Brave and The Bold. But I would like to see Firefly, he would be great.

Posted by Batmanx2005

I would to like to see deathstroke,harley and probably poison ivy . But they need to redesign batman and have Kevin conroy

Posted by CrazyScarecrow
Posted by Scorvos

I would ask for EggHead; Particularly if they can get a good Vincent Price voice to go with him.

Posted by cbishop
  1. Magpie - I've always referred to her as "the last of the theme villains," as she had the gimmick of stealing shiny baubles, and replacing them with lethal duplicates. She's one more bird name to add to Gotham, and they've never done much with her. She's not a top tier villain by any means, but she should be a fun bit of chaos in Gotham.
  2. Catman - go back to the magic cape, and have him come back from seeming death time-after-time. On the "ninth life" though, that should be a completely desperate, epic gambit.
  3. The Ventriloquist - the original guy, not the silly dame they replaced him with. His psychosis of needing the Scarface dummy is creepy cool. And perfect for the resurgence of...
  4. ...The Dummy- the living guy whose gimmick was that he looked like a ventriloquist dummy. If he showed up and started talking back to the Vent' for real, imagine what he could make that guy do. The Vent' would worship him.
  5. Spellbinder- Batman Beyond revamped this name for the future, but he originally existed as a current era villain. If he had some actual mystical ability, that could give a different tone story every now and then for Bats.
Posted by NightFang

Only one name comes to mind and the show feels incomplete without him.

Posted by DecoyElite

Only one name comes to mind and the show feels incomplete without him.

Don't worry he'll appear at some point.

Posted by Ten_Eyed_Man

@nightfang said:

Only one name comes to mind and the show feels incomplete without him.

Don't worry he'll appear at some point.

Really? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by TenEyedMen

That was actually a rumor made up in Wikipedia.

Maybe season two?

Posted by Bobsjonjon

Joker of course!

Posted by AmazingWebHead

My votes go to the Mad Monk...

...and Hugo Strange, Batman's pre-Joker nemesis

Posted by TheCheeseStabber


Tiger Shark

White Knight

Banes Main Henchmen from KnightFall (The one with the Bird, The one with the Knives and the other one)

Azrael (JPV at first a villan)

Grundy (One of his smart incarnations)

Posted by RustyRoy
  1. Ra's al Ghul.
  2. Riddler.
  3. Poison Ivy.
  4. Man-Bat.
  5. Killer Croc.
  6. Deadshot.
  7. Bane.
  8. Zsasz.
  9. Deathstroke.
  10. Calender Man.
Edited by vandinejd_1991


The Joker is Batman's archenemy therefore he is the best villain. Same goes for Lex and Superman, Green Lantern and Sinestro, Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom, Xmen and Magneto, Avengers and Ultron, Captain America and Red Skull, etc. You can't have a show based on any comic book character without including the archnemesis or it will fail miserably. Just look at Green Lantern: The Animated Series for proof of that.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

A badass Killer Moth

Yes. It's high time somebody actually remembered the original, anti-Batman version of Killer Moth, not the joke he's been reduced to.

Posted by LordoftheNorth
Posted by Experio


Posted by AmazingWebHead
Posted by AmazingWebHead
Proof that vampires didn't always suck so hard
  1. Hugo Strange, because he was Batman's pre-Joker nemesis, for crying out loud
  2. The Mad Monk (he was Batman's first multi-part story villain. That says something)
  3. Killer Moth, as in the original anti-Batman version (rather than the joke he is now) with Firefly as his "Katanna"
  4. The Terrible Trio
  5. Deathstroke in an episode called "Terminator"
  6. Bane, because Ra's al Ghul's presence show they can bend the "minor villains" rule, and it's high time we saw an animated Knightfall
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The Tweedles.