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Villains We Want in 'Beware the Batman'

The new animated show takes pride in reinventing lesser-known villains, and there's quite a few we'd want to see in it.

One thing that helps Beware the Batman stand out from previous animated shows about the Dark Knight is its strong focus on avoiding A-list villains. As far as we know, characters like Joker, Poison Ivy and Bane aren't running around in this CGI version of Gotham City. Instead, we've seen far lesser-known characters populate the fictional city and give Batman all kinds of trouble (e.g. Anarky, Magpie, Humpty Dumpty).

Batman's made more than a few enemies over the years and has an incredibly diverse rogues gallery. Because of that, we took some time to think about which other non-A-listers could make a good addition to the program. We've somehow managed to narrow it down to just five picks (seriously wasn't an easy task given all the choices) and we think each could bring something new or at least entertaining to the show.


Batman is slowly making a few friends as the show progresses, but he's making a whole lot of enemies, and at a much quicker rate, too. With the Caped Crusader always interrupting so much business in the crime world, it would be quite cool to see one of these crime lords (Whale, perhaps?) reach out to a mercenary for help. Said mercenary: Anatoli Knyazev aka KGBeast. He enters the show with one simple objective: take out the Bat.

Sure, he's been a jobber at times (Nightwing has utterly humiliated him), but given proper respect, he has a lot of potential for stellar fights with Bruce. Upon suffering defeat at Batman's hands, this could give Knyazev a sense of revenge and transform him into a reoccurring character.

Calendar Man

If there's one thing this show continues to do exceptionally well, it's show off Wayne's abilities as a detective. Calendar Man seems like an excellent way to further test the hero's wits. Holidays tend to be days where people can unwind -- take some time off from work, celebrate, relax, etc. However, for Batman, these could now be days where he needs to be extra alert and try to prevent the worst.

No, we're not talking about a version of Calendar Man who's running around in a silly outfit with waving calendars and what not. Instead, it would be a more twisted and grounded take on the character. No elaborate costume is required. Just the tattoo on the head and a dark mentality is all this guy needs to be a solid adversary.


Copperhead's redesign for Batman: Arkham Origins is quite awesome. So awesome, in fact, that we think she should transfer into the TV universe as well. The show is more than welcoming to characters with powers, so having Batman square off against someone with jaw-dropping agility and a plethora of poisons could result in some hugely entertaining brawls. Additionally, Batman would be forced to use his brain when it comes to creating an antidote for her poison -- whether its to save his own skin or someone else she went after.

And if you want to learn more about the foe, don't forget to check out Tony's 3-Minute Expert video for Copperhead.

The Blockbuster Gang

Okay, they're technically Nightwing villains, but there's no good reason why this group can't be brought into Batman's animated world. There's a few scattered villains in Gotham, but right now the big players are just Whale's organization and the League of Assassins. So, why not give Whale some competition by having Blockbuster and his gang a part of the city?

Individually, these characters tend to be less than formidable. Even the likes of Lady Vic and Shrike end up getting wrecked by Grayson. And please, don't even get us started on how disappointing Brutale is. However, a fresh start could be just what these characters need and when grouped together they certainly hold the potential to give Batman a tough time. Then when they eventually fall, there's always Blockbuster. Honestly, who doesn't love a good raw power vs. Batman battle? Furthermore, this can open up the not-so-friendly door to some gang warfare between Whale and Blockbuster. Now wouldn't that be a nice little spectacle of chaos?

Condiment King

Beware the Batman does a fine job throwing some laughs our way every now and then, but wouldn't it be especially great if there was a character who's sole existence was to be a reoccurring gag? Obviously the flavorful Condiment King could just be a much appreciated bit of levity from time to time, never really taking up more than a handful of scenes at most. Although, if the writers were up for the task, they could eventually make the conceptual Condiment King upgrade his gear and be an actual threat (by adding spices and such). After being treated as a joke for so long, having him suddenly take Batman by surprise would be enthralling and downright hilarious. Sure, he'd still get owned in the end, but at least it could make for some hysterical moments.

If you could add five non-A-list villains to the show, who would they be and why? Speak your mind below!

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Posted by Bloxxeh

I want Man-Bat to appear. So very much.

Posted by kaiklown

Would like to see Deadshot. Deadshot in his old outfit not the Arkham games one. Loved its design.

Posted by patrat18

How about Bane.

Posted by Master_Thief

@bloxxeh: This for a while he hasn't been on tv so i think its appropiate to have him in beaware the batman

Also I think we need an arkham style of calender man in the show

Posted by jwalser3

@bloxxeh said:

I want Man-Bat to appear. So very much.


Calenderman would be a cool idea.

Posted by War Killer

I appreciate that they're trying to give lesser villains some spotlight, but I hope that when/if the second season comes around, they will begin to introduce more well-known villains such as Joker, Mister Freeze, Black Mask, Riddler, etc.

Posted by Techherofan

Tallyman,Order(Cult)of Saint Dumas,and Falcone crime family.

Posted by Overlander
Edited by TekTheNinja
Posted by darkbeam

I no he's not a villian but can we get Richard Dragon.

Posted by TekTheNinja

Firefly would be cool.

Posted by Deadknight

@patrat18: As long as they finally do a version of him that's close to the comics - namely Gail Simone's Secret Six Bane.

Posted by Outside_85

Think I just found out what bothers me about the new Copperhead: She looks like a short-haired and scruffier version of Viper from Wolverine...the least enjoyable part of that movie.

Reinvent Ten Eyed Man perhaps? Maxie Zeus?

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

Killer Moth and Professor Milo

Posted by judasnixon

Roxy Rocket....

Edited by knightofthechronicle

Would Red Hood be considered a non-A list villain?

If not, I'd go with Reaper, Black Mask and the Falcone Family (Have a kind of Gotham civil war between them and Whale would be awesome for a series finale).

I agree on Calendar man, I think he would do really well on the show.

Edited by Jonny_Rogers

I love pretty much all of the Batman villains, but I'd love Clayface (the non-shapeshifting Basil Karlo version), Calender Man, Olwman, Maxie Zeus and Man-Bat to get more prominence. I would add Anarky to that list, but he's already in the show....

Posted by LCazT1996

Would Red Hood be considered a non-A list villain?

If not, I'd go with Reaper, Black Mask and the Falcone Family (Have a kind of Gotham civil war between them and Whale would be awesome for a series finale).

I agree on Calendar man, I think he would do really well on the show.

I don't consider Red Hood (Jason Todd) a villain, more an anti-hero/vigilante.. But if we're talking Red Hood as in Who-Joker-Was-Before-Joker then I would say yes, he's the perfect non-A list villain to introduce and eventually lead into the Joker down the road. I mean come on, it's Batman. You really think they're going to go more than two seasons without introducing the Joker??

I love your Gotham Civil War idea. Very clever and would have an excuse to have Black Mask (since he's the main villain in Arkham Origins).

I also like the Calendar Man idea.

As far as other characters....Firefly, Man-Bat, Tweedle Dee and Dum, Mad Hatter, Flamingo (from Morrison's Batman and Robin), Copperhead is a good pick, ummm...hell, I think Deathstroke, while definitely an A-list villain, would be great to have working with the League of Assassins or something. Or just having him introduced in general would be cool to see.

Posted by TenEyedMen
Edited by Life_Without_Progress

Court of Owls, period.

Edited by TenEyedMen

KGBeast is perfect for this show when you realize that Alfred has participated in the Cold War. Batman has Anarky. Katana has the League of Assassins. Why not give Alfred his own archnemesis?

I'd also love to see Killer Moth, Maxie Zeus, Lord Death-Man, the Monk, Tally Man, the Preston Payne version of Clayface, and the Court of Owls. I'd also like to see Hugo Strange as a major enemy.

Posted by Bloxxeh
Edited by Bloxxeh
Posted by M3th

Court of Owls?

-Abstract 4$$#073-

Posted by Barkley
Posted by Bloxxeh
Posted by KnightRise

Hush could be the new Joker.

Posted by krspaceT

Polka Dot Man...he has potential!

Posted by AdmiralPetty

Black Mask (Great Villain, but hardly A-List, especially to non comic readers)

Hush (See Black Mask)

Maxie Zeus (Would fit in great with the tone of the show)

Catman (Could start of bumbling, or they could go to the more deadly Secret Six version)

Order of St Dumas (Could start out battling Azrael before eventually allying)

Posted by JairamGanpat

Deadshot, Owlman from Earth 3, Dr. Hurt, KGBeast, Court of Owls

Posted by CitizenJP

Court of Owls >>>

Posted by ULTRAstarkiller

I want cancel this show.

Posted by Wilbertus

I think this show might indeed have the potential to really revamp some of the non A-list characters. I mean, look at Mr. Freeze, it was only after BTAS that he really had a cool defining (origin) story and became an A-list villain.

As for this show, I agree with Calendar Man. I would also like to see:

Black Mask, The Great White Shark, Killer Moth, Scarecrow, Firefly, Maxie Zeus, The Ventriloquist, Zsasz, The Ratcatcher, Cluemaster. And, obviously, Egghead!!

Posted by Batmanx2005

I want bane,wrath joker and mr freeze and red hood

Edited by nappystr8

Calender Man and the new female Copperhead are great choices. I would also add Ventriloquist...assuming that character hasn't already been in the show.

Posted by The Stegman

Royal Flush Gang

Black Mask

10 Eyed Man

Killer Croc

Ra's Al Ghul

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

Mirror House

Edited by Crom-Cruach

Roxy Rocket....

yes! She was awesome in that one episode she appears in B:TAS

Posted by Mellow_Hype
Posted by Miss_Garrick

Batman villains from TAS that I want to see in the new show.

1: Josiah Wormwood from the "The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy" episode

2: Kyodai Ken

3: Clayface (like his persona in "Feat of Clay")

4: Rupert Thorne

5: The Clock King

And on a side note, I want The Gray Ghost to show up and again voiced by Adam West.

Edited by chalkshark

No where near obscure enough. I vote for...

  1. Dr. No-Face
  2. Mr. Incognito
  3. Mirror Man
  4. The Masked Marauder
  5. The Monarch of Menace

It occurs to me that a suitable alternative to the Riddler would be Cluemaster.

Posted by TheFirstLantern

Hush all day every day

Posted by Dabee
Perfect for an all ages show. (I kid.)

Posted by Darkmount1

I like the suggestions you came up with, Gregg--I even came up with voice actors who could play them:

1. KGBeast--Peter Stormare (who actually dipped his toe into the Bat-mythos with "The Batman versus Dracula".

2. Calendar Man--Maurice LaMarche (who played the guy in Arkham City, but for this kind of portrayal I'd like to see him use a Truman Capote imitation)

3. Copperhead III--Tia Texada

4. Blockbuster--Ron Perlman (a vet of the DCAU and it'd be a nod to his voicing the Hulk). As for his gang:

-Kari Wahlgren as Lady Vic

-Dave Wittenberg as Shrike

-Rob Paulsen (imitating Pat Buttram of Green Acres fame) as the Trigger Twins

-Robert Davi as Brutale

5. Condiment King--Rob Paulsen (imitating Jim Carrey, as a subtle nod to Batman Forever)

Posted by Fantasgasmic

1) Scarface

2) Doodlebug

3) Killer Moth

4) Mad Hatter

5) Penguin

Posted by ThanosIsMad

Wraith and Scorn. Start off with Wraith, and introduce Scorn if/when a Robin or Batgirl appears in the show.

Posted by JamDamage

I was only about 4 years deep into collecting Marvel comics when Batman TAS began. I had owned few trades from Batman. I owned Frank Millers Complete Dark Knight which was a black leather bound hard cover that contained Year One, Santa Claus wanted dead or alive, and Dark Knight Returns. Burton's Batman was already out and the cartoon was stylized off of that. I knew shit about Batman's villains. Part of the show that made it so good was the focusing on Batman's Villains from the villains perspective. Why they did what they did. What motivated them. It's why the show was damn good. It wasn't just Batman, it was Batmans world. We keep seeing how people say the show came off like "little movies" and it did. Adults loved it. I bought all the seasons on DVD and watched them with my little nephew, and my father would sit down and watch them with us. He's old school. Cartoons are for kids. As he watched the show he started making comments on just how good the writing was and how it worked for all ages. It seemed adult like, but fun enough for the kids too. He also started mentioning how he liked the dark style, and I said it's actually noir, and he knew what I meat being his age noir films were everywhere in his life, and they're still there. I want that from this show. Focusing on villains. I don't watchi it tho. Is it good?

Posted by viin

KG Beast, Calendar Man, and Copperhead would be cool. What about Harley Quinn, Black Mask, Whisper A'Daire & Kyle Abbott.

Posted by Mr. Messy Face


Posted by manwithoutshame

I always liked Orca...

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