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LMAO! This is great! It got me excited about the comic and gave me a whole new perspective on G-Man :P

Posted by Spider-Pantrelli

Is that really your voice G-Man?

Posted by Slinger

lol. G-Man sounds like a math teacher.

Good review, it's definitely gonna get me to reread the House of M series. Can't wait til Wednesday.

Posted by The Scientist

LOL nice

Posted by Eddie Brock/Venom

hehe lol

Posted by Venom-Hulker_1

LMAO!!! that was awesome I love ya lil G-manI like the end with the Skrull Saying "Hi mom"

Posted by Asymmetrical

LMFAO!!! I am so hoping for more reviews by Lil G-Man :D

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its official lil G-Man rules!


Posted by Lil G-Man

Okay.  You asked for it:

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Yay for Lil' G, lol. But... what effect did House of M have on anything? From my understanding, it was completely reversed... (although some could remember the events).


Are we talkin' M-Day? Cos, yeah, I never really thought about how M-Day would affect skrulls.

Posted by G-Man

House of M lead to 'M'-Day.  At the end is when the Scarlet Bitch said "No More Mutants."

Posted by Starleafgirl

Haha, yeah.

I'm just confused as to whether you meant the events that happened in an altered earth (which were reversed) or Decimation (which did have lasting effects) affecting the Skrulls. That was where someone was supposed to jump in with some Skrully speculation. ;D

You goin' to be doing one of these Lil' G Reviews every week? :)

Posted by G-Man

He's a little tough to work with.  Very demanding.  We'll see.  As long as his fans demand it. 

Posted by Starleafgirl

A real diva, huh? Wants a double-sized trailer? Won't eat the red M&Ms? Yeah, I know his type.

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