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Video: 25 Moments In the Struggle Between X-Men And Humans

Check out this video that goes along with the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past

Excited for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past film? Well, check out this video for a new website that discusses the 25 moments in the struggle between X-Men and humans.

Baby Colossus? Nixon not being a crook? What do you guys think?

Make sure to check out all these moments at! X-Men: Days of Future Past opens up May 23rd, 2014.

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This was really cool to watch. Thanks for posting.

Posted by cattlebattle

That site is amazing.

Posted by MrMazz

Solid slide show.

It's interesting to see how they are fully taking X-Men into the alternative histor line after Singer did so much in X1 and 2 to try and build the world out to be our own, it just happened to have mutants in it.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

This is pretty great.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@themightymazahs: Who said the times the movies were released is the in universe time they happened?

Posted by darkbeam

Nope still not interested Fox.

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I love how South Africa is basically Genosha

Posted by scouts1998

I love this kind of movie advertising

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after 2006 on the website it was very interesting read

Posted by Vitalius


A Russian giant 14 or 15 year-old? It is a franchise that put Emma Frost as tennager and girl that isnt Emma Frost but is the same character and creates Stepfor Cuckoos for cameos.

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Know what's cool? An early draft of the first X-men script had Magneto being responsible for Chernobyl disaster so I guess they held onto that idea.

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This is actually one of the reasons I'm glad the X-Men aren't a part of the MCU. I love how Fox used this timeline to integrate Mutants into real-world events all the way up to the present day and even into the future.

I know most fans don't care for the changes (some drastic) to different characters, but at this point I just look at Fox's X-Verse as its own alternate reality and enjoy seeing the different changes and how everything comes together.

I think one of Fox's biggest problems has been creating a good continuity between the movies. But I like that they're trying to fix that by tying together the original X-Trilogy with the new X-Movies. Hopefully after DoFP the original X-Trilogy won't exist anymore and we can have a fresh start with the cast from First Class. From there Fox can begin to build an actually universe and work to keep their continuity in order.

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Interesting video.

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@themightymazahs: Who said the times the movies were released is the in universe time they happened?

This 25 moments site says the events of X3 were in 2006.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@jonny_anonymous said:

@themightymazahs: Who said the times the movies were released is the in universe time they happened?

This 25 moments site says the events of X3 were in 2006.

That doesn't mean everything corresponds

Posted by Cuboid

Very cool site. Love alternative history and the way they wrote mutants into historic events here is really cool, in my opinion.

Posted by AmazingWebHead
  • So, experimenting with the x-gene caused mad cow disease? I enjoy when they use creative licensing on history like this!
  • Angel died? Aw, jeez. Poor Warren. He never even got to do anything cool.
  • Beast too? Wait, "dragged out by protestors"? Bull. S%*#! He's way to badass to go down like that!
Posted by Crackdown

Dude, the berlin wall is still in place in the X-universe!

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While looking through all this stuff, I'm reminded how awesome the X-Men can be.

Posted by ComicStooge

It also occurs to me that we have nuclear testing on our soil before. Damn, we should have a fair few mutants running around.

Posted by LyraFay

Okay is somebody going to create a video mash-up of the beginning of Watchmen with this??

Posted by Gotham331

That website was pretty good. I must admit, I am intrigued.

Posted by MannyCabrales

its that a cow? can that be somehow connected to F4? you know... a skrull maybe.

Posted by JonSmith

its that a cow? can that be somehow connected to F4? you know... a skrull maybe.

... Huh. While it's obviously only a reference to the whole Mad Cow Disease part of that slideshow, that's actually a pretty neat idea: The Skrull equivalent of suicide bombers; Shapeshift into a major foodsource of a population, maybe infect the kamikaze's with a tailored disease of some kind. The Skrull's get chopped up, shipped out, eaten, massive population death before anyone even knows what's happened.

Posted by Pikachunicorn

Okay, I was really into this sight until I reached 2011. FOR GODS SAKE, FOX! You've already killed off Scott, can't you leave Warren alone?! D:

Posted by batshrine

@themightymazahs: I mean I can see it possible especially if they used chernobyl as a means to have accelerated when the mutation happened, it could have also accelerated his aging too, allowing him to be that 10 year old boss. Though I think its easier to say that they are trying to unify the x-men franchise, and just like any quilt, the patches are noticeable but it's still a masterpiece in its own right. So we will see gaping plot holes, but i'm more than satisfied with ignore them.

@war_killer: huh, I didn't even think about how DoFP could over right the original movies. Omg that would be kinda cool. I would still want the OG cast though (i'm sorry but an x-men without storm is a bad thing imo), but thats an interesting idea to explore. Imagine if Jean was back alive...hahaha if movies can connect together like comics in one universe, then like comics they must be able to have some weird and cooky things happen too.

And now on to my thoughts about this BRILLIANT move. So first I want to say I have always preferred the X-Men franchise whether it is in comics, shows, and in this case movies to the Avengers. (i actually like x-men over everything that doesn't have Batman). The reason I do is because not only are the stories interesting but they deal with deep social issues in such a beautiful metaphoric (either subtle or very obvious) ways. And this 25 events list is literally the icing on the cake!

Magneto Implicated for Murder ---> Islamophobia and assuming terrorist=muslim

Nixon and Trask ---> Corporate influence over the gov't, especially if they focus on military tech.

God's Curse ---> homophobic rhetoric

Legacy Virus ---> Aids epidemic and homophobia

Berlin Wall ---> Racial segregation

Mutant Registry ---> Patriot Act, and NSA

Guantanamo Bay ---> War on Terror and Islamophobia, and camps used for ethnic cleansing

Mexican Border Wall ---> Poor treatment of illegal immigrants, xenophobic immigration policies

Mutant Inhibitor Collars ---> Forced change on a group (think forced conversions)

Mutant Cure ---> Cure for Homosexuality

March on X-Mansion ---> Police and state brutality

Death of Hank McCoy ---> Lynching, and its modern forms

But the best part, being a Superhero tale, with all these problems in our society that's presented, this franchise still takes the time to show the good things too!

South African Reform ---> the end of a (de jure) apartheid

Hank McCoy UN Rep ---> gov't trying to also take care of it's citizens

Zapatistas ---> civil rights groups and movements

Posted by ngrey651

"Mutant Registry ---> Patriot Act, and NSA"

Yeah, uh...I agree the Patriot Act and NSA are examples of things going too far. But let us please not compare mutants to the Japanese internment or to Jews in Germany during WWII or to govt overreach that's so ridiculous. HOW many times has a mutant ended up nearly destroying the world? How many times do the X-Men cause more damage than they solve? Wanda Maximoff slaughtered the Avengers when she went nuts. Then there was Onslaught, who killed off almost all of Earth's heroes one time, and of course there's Magneto's REPEATED genocidal attempts, shall I go on?

I never thought I'd quote Kelly. But what IS there to stop them from walking into a bank vault? Or into your homes? Can the average person actually match the average mutant in a fight? Not really, no! Can the military handle any kind of mutant-NO, as we've seen eighteen thousand times over. And as we saw in X-Men First Class and the original trilogy, it isn't like their MORALITY CODE is all that strong, Magneto's mom got killed by a mutant, but nooo, it's HUMANS that are all bad. Oh, and then there's Mystique, who just switches sides because...because!

If there were schools like Xavier's all over the world. In every country. With mentors like him all over the place to help children who are mutants cope with their powers and learn to use them responsibily...that would be one thing. But since there isn't...the ONLY smart alternative is to have teams like the Avengers, who aren't mutants, to fight them if things get out of hand, to have deterrants like that. The ONLY reason I'm against registration is because I wouldn't trust ANYONE in the Marvel universe with that knowledge. Half the time the heroes get brainwashed or replaced by villains. It would take less than a month for that sensitive info to get stolen. But let's stop pretending that mutants are just poor, misunderstood people. They're not. They are just as d--kish as everyone ELSE in the Marvel universe. The only difference is THEY get a free pass just because they're different.

Posted by KidChipotle

Real cool video.