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Venom Movie Still Moving Forward

How badly do you want to see a Venom movie?

There's no question that Venom has his share of fans.  When it was revealed that he'd be one of the villains in 2007's Spider-Man 3, fans rejoiced.  When the movie was released, it was a different story.  While we enjoyed seeing Venom on screen, I think it's safe to say we were a bit disappointed.  It's natural that certain elements need to be changed for a movie adaption but it almost felt as if Venom had lost most of what made him who he is.
With the word of a spin-off movie, we're left being a little skeptical.  A Venom solo movie would be rad but of course we're going to be worried about it letting us down again.  Sony is still pushing to get the movie made.  Again, on the heals of the Disney/Marvel purchase, Sony will want to make use of the Spider-Man franchise in order to retain the rights to the characters.  Zombieland co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have been attached to the movie for some time.  In an interview with Sci-Fi Wire they revealed a little information.

We've written two drafts of Venom, and the studio has it, and they're pushing forward in whatever ways they push forward.

They're not sure when the movie will go into production or if there'd be any ties between it and Spider-Man 4.  That would be the main question.  Will this movie have any connection to the Spider-Man movies?  We pretty much saw the end of Venom in 3.  Will they just come up with some way that he survived or will they reboot and start over?  As much as I like Topher Grace, he's just not Eddie Brock to me.  They should get someone else and perhaps it would be best to start over.  What are your thoughts?
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Posted by Agent Buttons

Posted by Constantine

I prefer Venom when attached to Spidey, never seen him much as a solo guy

Posted by jefprice

To be honest I wasn't that let down by Venom in the film. I felt Topher was fine. I thought that they really should have shown some size growth when he turned into Venom, but other then that, I was really happy with the way he acted, moved and fought. Felt like a meaner, more violent verson of Pete, which is how I felt back around 300 when TM created him.

Posted by goldenkey

Topher is not a good Venom.  I didn't mind the Venom rendtion in the movie, in fact I thought he was cool as hell, but Grace sucked as Eddie. 
Posted by Green ankh

i'll pass
Posted by Agent355

No Topher Grace would be a big step in the right direction.  But they'll have to be a little crafty to make this movie work.  He's not exactly an anti-hero.  He's a villain, and a ruthless one at that.  I'd still like to see it go into production, but there are so many variables here as to whether it would work or not...

Posted by Green Skin

They need a new Eddie, and Venom needs to big bigger.  Take the scrawny Venow from 3, have it  'get down' with the Queen from Aliens, and the offspring from that is what Venom should look like.

Posted by Sasuke
@Green Skin: Excellent I totally agree.
Posted by Typesbeast

Topher Grace was a horrible Eddie Brock and a worse Venom. But in my opinion Topher would have made an amazing Peter Parker/Spiderman. He's the scrawny wise cracking kid who gets himself into worlds of trouble but still always has a smart remark.  Much unlike His more emo counter part which another aspect of Spiderman and I understand that.  He's funny and joking to hide his doubt and fear and depression, but I would have loved to see Topher as Parker and maybe the guy who played sandman as Eddie?  Or possibly Brock Lesner if they could get someone to teach him how to act lol.  But the Venom movie itself should be good.  It's being written by two people who were supposed to be huge Venom fans like we are (Not like Rami who hated the idea of Venom in the first place) So we should see something interesting here, especially if they learned anything from seeing the Wolverine movie and fans reactions.

Edited by Bobby X

I just cringe hard when I think about this... 
I don't think a Venom movie without Spidey will work.
Posted by Typesbeast

Secondly Eddie Brock is supposed to be dark twisted and brooding but in his own sense a being of justice.  He is twisted to the point he belives that he is the hero and spiderman is the menace as he even blames other peoples problems on spidey in the comics.  He is supposed to be obsessed with working out and bulking up to be stronger because he was never given attention by his father and was never "good enough" hence why is at olympic strength as a human and why he is supposed to be bigger than parker.  He is supposed to be smart cunning and ruthless feeding into the fact that the symbiote isn't bound by earth's code of morals and ethics.  It craves adrenaline and doesn't see a problem with killing like most people would, plus has a hunger and need to feed so this makes it like Venom is a bulked enraged alien that while wanting to do the right thing has alot of rage angst and hunger to take out so who ever he deems guilty of harming the innocent he goes to town on not holding back.  Plus he has his own sence of dark humor in what he does that made him sadistically funny. these are key elements to making venom. a guy down on his luck with a vicious animal inside of him (kinda like sabertooth but with tendrils webs and ooze lol not movie sarbertooth either though it was good im talking comic sabertooth). so if they can keep these points in mind they should be fine though there are alot of other points to venom those of the first basic off the top of my head they need to atleast have for a good movie.  probably also his conflict and disgust with himself cause he is a religious man with rage but if he never had the suit he wouldnt be a villian/anti-hero so he thinks of himself as a monster for succumbing to temptation and becoming venom and commiting the acts that he does (sorry im an obsessed venom fan lol) im waiting to see if they ever do anything with the creeper cause that made venom look freaky o.o;

Posted by LoganRogue24

how can they do a Venom film i mean really how can they do a Venom film.
Posted by lmothander

Topher should have been Spiderman. Case closed. Toby is an @$$ clown. I think venom could be played well by Jason Statham if he could lose his accent.

Posted by Moomin123

I thought Topher Grace was a good Eddie Brock. I wish Venom would return for another Spider-Man film. I was outraged at the fact that Eddie only had about 30 minutes (or meybe a bit more) of air-time as Venom. BOOO!!! 

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Venom was supposed to have muscles, like in the comics, but instead he was a skinny little Et alien  

Posted by Decept-O
@Green ankh said:
"i'll pass "

Ditto.  Most have stated what I've been thinking all along.  Again, the studios see the green and can't see the lines between.   --rhyming intended---
Edited by Adam Michaels

I'm with you G-Man about the Topher Grace comment. I'm a fan of his, but he wasn't right for the role. Topher is real great at playing sarcastic characters (it's his specialty). But we all know Brock is not a sarcastic man. He's mainly frustrated until Venom takes a hold of him and then he feels more liberated, yet still dependant on the symbiote. 
I am not a fan of Sony/Columbia's job on the Spider-Man franchise. I hate all 3 films. And this has me very skeptical/pessimistic about how good a job they will do with Venom.   
And sometimes I wonder how many comic characters can be done right in live-action. Some of these characters, I would prefer seeing in 3D animation. The main reason is because in animation, there are less rules to follow than you would in live-action. And sometimes, the mix of CGI effects with live-action does not blend well. And that is a big reason why I hate the Spider-Man franchise.
Posted by Nyogtha

Now we see what can be done with Iron Man and Hulk (though they are Marvel movies) they can make a good Venom. No Grace, you need someone that doesn't look so dainty. Like Brock Lesnar.

Posted by bigmoneyb

i like venom as much  as the next guy but its like a she hulk movie u cant do it with out the hulk and u cant have a  venom movie with out spiderman an topher grace is 2 damn skinny 2 be venom anyway lol

Posted by Lyrad
@G-Man said:

 We pretty much saw the end of Venom in 3.  Will they just come up with some way that he survived or will they reboot and start over?  What are your thoughts? "

The Venom suit didn't completely die.........Dr. Conners still has the litte bit of the Venom suit in his test tube remember.
Posted by Incredible Hulk-Prime

This movie would be good
Posted by FoxxFireArt

I had really looked forward to seeing Venom in the movies, but what we got was a disappointment. Eddie Brock was more like some disillusioned stalker, the way he claimed to be dating Gwen Stacy.
I thought it would of been more interesting if they had made the third movie all about Peter over coming the suit, the the fourth movie in the series be about Venom.
I say reboot, again. Though that's been my theme song lately about comic based movies. They did it with the Punisher movies. One after the other they did two different movies. There was The Punisher (2004) starring Thomas Jane, which I really enjoyed. Soon after that we were given Punisher: War Zone with Ray Stevenson.

Posted by Calvin

not reallly....

Posted by box turtle

Have Venom turn into Anti-Venom in the movie, and then fight Mac Gargan Venom.
Posted by Bruce Vain

I hated the Eddie Brock/ Venom in Spider-Man 3. I hated how they pretty much used the Eddie Brock in Ultimate Spider-Man rather than the Eddie in 616 universe. I thought Topher was just annoying in the film. I'd rather have had the tension between Eddie & Peter build up and had saved Venom for Spider-Man 4 then rush to use him in 3. Spider-Man 3 should've focused more on Sandman & I heard Sam was wanting Ben Kingsley as Vulture instead of Venom. So I blame the studio and Marvel for how Venom came out and not put any of the blame on Sam. Since he clearly stated his dislike for the character. 
So if it means for Venom to have his own movie to get the Venom that I WANTED to see from the 616 universe. Then I'm all for a Venom movie & have someone that actually looks like Brock . Someone that resembles Howie Long pretty much. A Venom  movie could work if done right.
Posted by Blackandredflag

the problem with topher grace is hes not very intimidating, hilarious and likeable, yes. but scary no.
it think he would of made a good peter parker tbh, prob need to bulk up a bit tho...

Posted by hero vs. villian

Really Badly me wanna see a Venom movie.

Posted by Crackdown

Does the term "I really really want to see this movie" mean nything? I'm a huge fan of Venom, and all the symbiotes. Even though he only lasted 21 minutes on screen, it was still SOMETHING. If they could bring back the movie about Venom fighting Carnage, that was almost made in the 90's that would be awesome. Theres a picture of it on the web, and the costumes, and effects look spectacular.
Posted by Aronmorales

Shoot, I'm up for a Venom movie.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Okay, heres a list.. 
-Tongue with slime(green optional XD) 
-A dual twisted distorted voice 
-The ability to turn invisible, as in the comics 
-A good Eddie Brock who's actually sympathetic and isn't an Ultimate Venom ripoff (Ultimate Venom sucks by the way) 
-Scarier look, he looked midly intimidating in SM3, lets make him TERRIFYING like in that pic that G-man put up, it actually had some of my friends scared until the fully finished "meh" version came out on a trailer.... which sucked.
Posted by Bruce Vain
@InnerVenom123 said:
"Okay, heres a list..  THINGS VENOM LACKED IN SM3 THAT ARE NEEDED IN A SPINOFF -Tongue with slime(green optional XD) -MUSCLE -A dual twisted distorted voice -The ability to turn invisible, as in the comics -A good Eddie Brock who's actually sympathetic and isn't an Ultimate Venom ripoff (Ultimate Venom sucks by the way) -Scarier look, he looked midly intimidating in SM3, lets make him TERRIFYING like in that pic that G-man put up, it actually had some of my friends scared until the fully finished "meh" version came out on a trailer.... which sucked. "

THANK YOU !! And Ultimate Venom does suck.
Posted by Dark Cell

If they make him awesome like in the comics, im all for it
Posted by dancingphlower

Eh....a Venom film would not be good.

Posted by KasadyCarnage

I know the perfect villain for the Venom movie. You all know who I will say, that's right! CARNAGE!!
Edited by Grubich

what's wrong with topher?  so he' not 2x the size of spiderman,big deal!  he was at lest a little bigger than him. cgi can do most of the venom details. 

Posted by Winduizcool
@Green Skin said:
" They need a new Eddie, and Venom needs to big bigger.  Take the scrawny Venow from 3, have it  'get down' with the Queen from Aliens, and the offspring from that is what Venom should look like. "
Posted by Nort

They could reboot spider-man with Topher Grace as peter parker and  Laura Prepon as Mary Jane.

Posted by HaloKing343


Posted by RaptorFratBoy

There's like, a 50/50 chance this will be horrible or at best, pretty-OK. I can't see a major studio getting a character like Venom correctly, not unless they allow actual comic book writers who have experience with the character have a LOT of input. However, I can see them making a good action flick with a character slightly-resembling Venom in the lead, some nice, mindless popcorn-movie. 
But that's all the hope I'm going to have for this project, especially after "Spider-Man 3" so gloriously dropped the ball on Eddie Brock's credibility...

Posted by G'bandit

LETHAL PROTECTOR FOR THE FREAKING WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by creed603

Complete reboot needed. I'm not sure exactly how but he needs to be linked with spidey and eventually they would need to bring in Carnage.
Posted by Darkhawk77

Not interested in a Venom film.
Posted by Meteorite

They should do a reboot. For a storyline, they should adapt the Venom: Lethal Protector miniseries into a film.

Posted by Liam Bradley

Topher would make a better peter parker than an Eddie Brock

Posted by InnerVenom123
@Bruce Vain:
Ultimate Eddie likes to rape 15 year old girls... I literally dropped the comic in disgust. Ugh. And don't get me started on the chin hair. Can you say "Stereotypical college douchebag"?
Posted by kaorumonster

We need an Emma Frost movie. They should have had an X-Men/Spider-Man crossover.

Posted by bx1

 "How badly do you want to see a Venom movie?"  
As much as I wanted an Elektra movie. Not at all.   

Posted by Grubich

I want Topher Grace to come back as Eddie Brock, beleive it or not. 

Posted by Media_Master

Venom desperately needs a proper reboot.

Posted by TazzMission

topher was good as venom but he needs to bulk up more imo also they really need to fix venoms look because i swear when he was venom he looked like flava flav with vampire teeth and the venom symbol
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