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Will the upcoming film be related to the 'Spider-Man' franchise?

Will the upcoming film be related to the 'Spider-Man' franchise?

It my be fair to say that since it was first revealed that 'Venom' would be getting his own film, many people have been wondering whether or not actor Topher Grace would reprise his role as 'Venom' or if the film would be completely unrelated to the 'Venom' we saw in 'Spider-Man 3.' In a recent interview with MTV, 'Spidey' director Sam Raimi revealed that he does not know whether or not 'Venom will be an entirely separate film concept, or if it will be an off-shoot related to the 'Spider-Man' franchise.

 "I think that the studio is just letting me work with the writers and trying to make the best stories possible for this universe," he added. "I don't know if Venom is a separate universe or not."

Do you think that the film should be unrelated to the franchise, or would you like to see Topher Grace as 'Venom' once again? Who do you think would play Eddie Brock well?
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Posted by Grendel

They can make it part of the Spiderman universe and not use Topher Grace (Or Spiderman himself, since that isn't going to happen either)

Posted by BigDingo

Please let us all forget about the Venom (even though he was never actually called Venom) from Spider-Man 3.  They should just restart the character.  I would be ok with changing Venom's origins if it meant that the portrayal was closer to the Eddie Brock Venom fans love.
Posted by fesak

They could always cast another actor and let him portray Mac Gargan.

Posted by Moomin123

I think that it'd be good to relate the Venom film to the Spider-Man trilogy.
Posted by Nyogtha

They even messed up the "We're poison to you" line. No Topher.

Posted by Bruce Vain

Yea of course make it the same universe in the Spider-Man films. Just get a different actor that's all. It's been twice before in the Batman films. With Katie Holmes being replaced by Maggie Glynenhal and of course Billy Dee Williams being replaced by Tommy Lee Jones. And if anything that was the biggest change from going to a black actor to a white actor. But it seems no one really noticed or cared so I don't see why it couldn't be done for Venom. Just get someone who actually looks like Brock and I don't mean the Ultimateverse Brock.
Posted by Breaker envoy of Setron

Get that douche out of the equation. Spider-man 3 never happened.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Not in the same universe that treated Venom like shit. No. New universe, with flashbacks about Spidey, nothing more. And NO TOPHER GRACE!!! SERIOUSLY!!! He SUCKED! He's better at acting characters who are sarcastic smooth talkers... Eddie Brock ain't that, he's a dark, serious guy...... who's also insane. And also uh.. Eddie ain't a weasel, he's got a sort of "Victim complex" or something, but he didn't deserve what happened to him in the comics. The movie version was a jackass who deserved it. But that's because Sam Raimi hated the character and wanted to ruin it for his fans.  
So make this movie have a scary Venom that doesn't suck. 
Not as hard as you'd think it would be. 
Posted by spectaculous

topher wasn't that bad. i think some people don't understand they were kinda going by the ultimate universe, because eddie brock is pretty scrawny in the ultimate spiderman comics. and topher did have arguably the greatest line in the movie: "My spider sense is tingling...if you know what i mean!" and for people that hated topher, fesak has a very good idea!

Posted by DEGRAAF

it should be the same universewith a different actor playing eddie
Posted by sunshinethewerewolf

it should just not be made.

Posted by Sheep-Kill

Noooooooooooo Toperrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!   AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 
 We want the 616 Venom!!!!! 
Get a twisted actor man.  Henry Rollins.  LOl HE built, can act, and warpped.

Posted by MrCipher

I always saw Eddie Brock as being a lot like Flash Thompson - arrogant, muscular and generally much better looking than gangly topher grace.  
I am getting sick of the trend of selecting these gangly, dorky-looking or somewhat unattractive (or really unattractive as the case may be) people to play parts that do not fit them at all. Since when has Peter Parker ever been a bad looking kid? Since when has Mary Jane been a short dumpy-looking, plain, stoner chick? Tobey maguire is way to dorky to have picked up that roll - and Raimi made him even more so with the glasses in the first scene of the first movie - like some nerd boy. Peter was picked on by the jocks in high school, thats obvious, but that doesn't make him a geek, dork or nerd - the jocks at my high school were d!ckhe@ds and picked on anyone that wasn't in their clique, not just the nerds.
Posted by Dark Cell

Related but rebooted i say
Posted by The WeatherMan

Peter Parked always has been a nerd. In the comics. Always! 
But Venom should be different. Not Topher Grace. I believe the majority of the people do agree that Venom from the comics is the better one. The big, muscled, twisted jerk that was the real Eddy Brock. I don't care where the story goes, as long as the Venom is the one from the comics.  
Will the real Venom please stand up?
Posted by fesak

The more i think about it the more i hope they use Gargan instead of Brock in this movie.
And Topher Grace is awesome, but he should have been cast as Spider-Man in the first place. Toby Macguire is not a very good actor.

Posted by Adam Michaels

I seriously feel like both Spider-Man 4 and the Venom spin-off are the first comics films I'm definitely not excited about.  
I may be the only one or part of a minority here, but the Spider-Man franchise is an atrocity and I have 0 faith in Sony/Columbia to make things right. I can understand them not wanting to relinquish the rights because this is huge money for them. But, it doesn't mean they know what they should do with this franchise, creatively.
Posted by goldenkey

this is just another Sider man movie.  It's evil Spidey nothing else.  Is this goning to be R rated, if not we're getting cheated because Venom kills. 
Posted by zombietag

unrelated, NO TOPHER GRACE. does he really look like eddie brock at ALL? no he doesnt. i like him, but not as eddie brock.

Posted by InnerVenom123
WHOA!!! Why!?!? No way in hell I'm seeing two hours (presumably) of a Venom ripoff eating strippers and acting like a moron!!
Posted by War Killer

Am I the only one who liked Topher as Eddie?

Posted by HaHaManHV

Brock Lesnar. Not only does he look like the Eddie Brock of the comics, but he has at least some experience acting (Wrestling does count in my book). They need to make Venom a big guy the way he originally was, and Lesnar is ripped and when you look for a big guy they can rarely act but at least here there is some basis. And to top it off, it's all in the name, Brock.

Posted by wadey wilson

Topher, no offense or anything, but STAY OUT OF THE NEW MOVIE YOU %$#&"/ 
I mean seriously, he isn't a bad actor, he just didn't fit in the role at all. We need the big, strong, dark venom we all want (with eddie brock inside the costume)
Posted by jakob187

Topher go bye bye.

Posted by Sir Kyle

Toby Maguire, I thought, was perfect. Kirsten Dunst was good, but she didn't look the part. No offense to Topher Grace, who was brilliant in That 70's Show, but he was not Eddie Brock. They need to do a really dark Venom movie completely redone and seperate from the Spiderman 3 movie which we should all just not even ecknowledge at all. If they do a Venom movie Spiderman shouldn't even be in it. 

Posted by Media_Master

As long as Venom is played by a muscle bound actor, and acting chops, then were talking.

Posted by UnsolvedParadox

I don't think Venom or Eddie Brock are compelling enough to carry their own film...

Posted by 00 Raiser

Sorry folks but Sam's version of Vemon sucked!

Posted by Grubich
@War Killer said:
"Am I the only one who liked Topher as Eddie? "

No, actualy I think he's PERFECT for the role. Anyone else?
Posted by Ikkybooger

While I don't think Topher Grace was perfect for the role of Venom, I am growing tired of this apparent trend to want to reboot story-lines over and over. Things like what they've done with the Punisher and the Hulk is just annoying. So I don't want to see this as a stand-alone movie or a reboot. How could you do a Venom movie without at least mentioning Spider-man anyway? I think the best idea is to have Gargan as the new Venom using the piece of symbiot that was left with Connors during Spidey 3.  
I read earlier that there was a push to portray Venom as a "hero" because that sells more. I think that's the most ridiculous idea ever. This was the same approach used in Catwoman and I think we all know how that turned out. The writers have been given a unique opportunity to do something unusual with this character. They should work with that instead of messing with the characters.  Then could have Carnage enter the scene. That way, by  the end of the movie, we could see a better side of Venom since he was always the lesser of the two evils.  But keep the movie dark.  And Venom better KEEP HIS MASK ON!
This movie has potential to be kick-ass, the trick is to just remain close to the characters and not let studio squabbling and stats get in the way.

Posted by G Bird

Topher was horrible. They need to do the movie as Scorpion at first then show how he gets infused with the Venom symbiote and go from there. A Carnage cameo would be sweet but probably wouldn't work.

Posted by ToxVenCarn

ok here is what i say get a big tough venom, get a small but dangerous carnage i dnt care who the heck the are played by, not topher though.
make it a movie like AVP movie. but take off the spider-man symbol from venom he looks way to much like a wusy with it and sides the symbiote attaches to the persons personality and brock isnt spider-man. make it  PG-13 but... dont make toys for it they kill people!
Posted by Jedted

I was skeptical about about Topher as Venom when i first heard about it but i think he pulled it off well enough, if the story is done right i'd love it if he returned in the Venom movie.  They can always make Brock a skinny dude and then dress em up in a bulky muscle suit when he becomes Venom. 
Posted by childroland

i didnt think topher was eddie at all and i think they could have done so much more with venom an i hope they do this time i know it sounds stupid but i think mark walburg would make a good eddie
Posted by childroland

they could use the venom lethal protector series
Posted by DeathDefyingDevil
I want a badass as Venom not a wimp! Jensen Ackles maybe? I did not like how they chose to make Eddie Brock a total dweeb in Spider-Man 3 cuz he's supposed to be A TOTAL BADASS!!!!!
Edited by 12345F12345

I want carnage film after,if this flim happens