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[Updated]: Superman/Batman Teaming Up For 2015 Film

Warner Bros. teams up its two most popular characters for a Zack Snyder-directed blockbuster.

This morning, the LA Times Hero Complex broke the news that Warner Bros. has plans for the Caped Crusader to join in for the 2015 sequel to MAN OF STEEL. The Hollywood Reporter chimed in to confirm, and it looks like we're likely to see the team-up, featuring Henry Cavill in a reprisal of his role as Superman, along with a yet-to-be-announced Batman. David Goyer and Zach Snyder are also expected to be attached to this project.

Also rumored to be in development: a FLASH movie for 2016 and the much-awaited JUSTICE LEAGUE film in 2017.

We'll find out more after the Warner Bros./Legendary panel (currently in session!).


The Batman/Superman movie is officially happening!

"Snyder is co-writing the story with David S. Goyer, who will then pen the screenplay. Production is expected to begin in 2014, with an anticipated release date in Summer 2015."

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Oh great, another Batman / Superman movie with the only difference is now they're in the same film.......whoopty f**kin do. And still no Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern reboot, or Aquaman mention. Smh. And the fact that they're rebooting Bats after only 3 years just reaks of desperation of cash cowing. And it doesn't help that Zack Snyder is co-writing the script of Goyer's screenplay.......sounds like SUCKER PUNCH 2 to me. Does WB/DC have any confidence in any character beside Bats and Supes?

Posted by Shallbecomeabattoo


Its sad that Snyder gets treated like the black sheep of geek movie directors, even if most of his movies were pretty great for what he set out to achieve. Dawn of the Dead is one of the best modern zombie movies, 300 is a perfect version of the comic and I for one still think Watchmen is THE best superhero team movie we have. Yes, better than Avengers.

Sure, Sucker Punch wasn't good, but it also is not without merit entirely. It sure looks pretty great, has cool action sequences and a few very good ideas. Man of Steel is, for me, one of the top three superhero movies of all time.

Overall, he has had not more failures as Wheadon (Dollhouse anyone) and directs the living crap out of the Buffy creator. Lets face it, Avengers is cool, but directing wise it looks like a TV pilot with a huge blockbuster budget. And Snyder? He is one of the greatest visual geek directors out there! He might not be a great writer, but thats just it. He is a director first and he should be judged on that. Just as I judge Wheadon mostly on his writing skills, which are pretty great.

Just look at the fightscenes with Rorschach and Ozymandias in Watchmen, and you will have an idea of how great he will make Batman look. He is the perfect guy to do Batman, after Nolan is gone, and it will be a very different take, which will provide us with something fresh.

Sure, he will "write" the story with Goyer, which sounds like a mistake, but to be honest... I really don't think he will actually write on the script. He will bounce a few ideas around with Goyer and that will be all. I also think that Nolan will at least give them pointers about the story, since he will still be producing, albeit in a very hands off way.

So all in all, I think this is a great way to further develop the DC universe on film AND its only logical that Bruce appears after MoS. I mean, come on... he just saw Aliens appear on earth, who also destroyed one of his satellites! He has to do something about that and find out who that alien is and if the world can trust Superman.

I just hope they do a stand alone Batman dilm soon after that and get Rian Johnson to helm the new Batman franchise. He would be great. Snyder cannot do all DC movies at once.

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I happy that we're finally going to see a Batman/Superman movie on the big screen but I'd rather have any other writer-director for the movie not Snyder and Goyer. And a Flash movie would be sweet, he deserves it more than any other DC character IMO.

Posted by Bobsjonjon

Can't wait for another average DC live action movie ...woohoo. Please oh please cast the mad whisperer Christian Bale that would be just grand.

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So whos gonna be the villiian in the Worlds finest movie?

Lex Luthor?

And I prefer Christian Bale just retire from Batman, his Batman voice is just terrible...

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Not sure I would like Snyder directing this to be honest.

Posted by LordRequiem

Huzzah for Barry Allen.

Posted by flameboy298
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This is awesome but I want

Wrong picture I just want a Aquaman movie

Posted by flameboy298

@drgnx: I like the Idea @bobsjonjon: OMG...So many people complaining about no christian bale,I know your not complaining but He doesn't make the movie he's just an actor also he can't be Bruce Wayne forever.

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"No one liked the new Superman, boss."

"Put Batman in it."



Posted by Kal'smahboi

Wait, so what about the news right after MoS's release that they were fast tracking the sequel for 2014? Is that still happening with a third movie including Batman? Or is the Superman/Batman movie the next sequel?

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Conflicted feelings. Joy that this team up is coming screens before justice league, but also dred that it could very likely become a huge disappointment moneygrab. Pleas write and direct them as actual characters rather than symbols (which is also someshing that WB should learn to do with wonder woman live adoptions) and give them some fun banter. And above all else, make it FUN!!!

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Posted by KRYPTON

Can I get an AMEN!!!! FINALLY

Posted by Red_Robin212

They could just do "Worlds Finest" from Superman TAS

But replace Joker with another villain

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Posted by Red_Robin212

@flameboy298: Because it'll give another villain a chance to shine plus people will throw a wobbler because it's not Heath Ledger playing the Joker.

Posted by flameboy298

@red_robin212: Honestly I'd prefer a Batman villian we've never seen on the big screen before..Im tired of seeing the same villians

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Well done WB and DC. You're making the best move you can make.

Posted by laabitres

@teamunitednerds: actually a flash movie would be harder to mke cause of his villians cept for reverse flash

Posted by monkeyonurback_

i hope DC have just accepted that they will never beat Marvel's profits over the last 4 years...maybe the movie will be good but i really do not want zack shiter attached to everything...

Posted by Doctor_Whovian

@teamunitednerds: Unqualified? What exactly is the criteria for being considered for the Batman role? I'm just curious, as Christian Bale was one of the all-time worst representations of Batman, what qualified him for the part.

Posted by heroesgold

Awesome! Finally both heroes getting the screen time at the same time.

Posted by Darksider16

i hope they make the new batman acrobatic and a good martial artist

Posted by yotaman

@maccyd: ww should have first appearance in jl movie, she should start there as a rookie that by the end stands equal to both sup and bat!

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I'm sorry - going to be a little pessimistic about this. While Batman/Superman works well in the comics, I don't think this is going to translate well at all into a big screen movie as a concept. The guys are on completely different levels. Go watch the Batman movies. Then go watch the new Superman movie. A street level human struggles to take down some criminals in the first. The second? An unstoppable superhuman is flying in space and leveling entire cities during fights. How do you really put Batman on Superman's level in a non-comic/animated fashion? What? Is Batman going to fly around on a jet pack or wear his silly Iron-Man like Apokolips suit? I know it's fun to joke around and say Batman can take Superman and Bruce has all these contingencies, and he might in the comics, but in a logical real life scenario (if both of these guys really did exist, which is the atmosphere DC creates in their movies), Superman would annihilate Batman without Bruce even knowing what happened. Sorry, but they are on two different levels. How this will translate into a silver screen live movie is going to be interesting to say the least ... and I'm not sure possible without being silly. DC has done a great job of making slower, quality, and more serious movies where as Marvel has made many more less quality films in the same time span - some of which are comical. I applaud DC for delivering solid movies, and would like to see them expand on other characters such as Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, etc, but I'm very hesitant about how this one is going to end up.

Don't get me wrong - I want a good film and I believe in DC, but I was always sort of hesitant on them doing a Batman/Superman team-up movie. Great in comics. Not sure about in a live action movie with serious undertones.

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@barkley said:


I liked it...80 percent of the fans who saw it liked it....every one I know but one person liked it......

I didn't like it.

And you're totally entitled to that opinion. Does that mean you have to disapprove of others saying they did? No.

Am I the only one thinking World's Finest is a whole new entity and just another film before MOS 2?

I'm thinking, World's Finest, then MOS2, Flash, New Batman film and some other heroes then comes JLA, then comes other heroes again.... Just my 2 pence.

Toss a Wonder Woman movie in between the Flash movie and the new Batman movie and I think that'd be a great model for DC to follow in building a cinematic universe.

Posted by Perfect 10

you should listen to buddha. you put it out in the universe and it shall come to pass. me and grace put it out there and now dc is making it come true. just hope its some good

Posted by uberathlete

Crazy. Exciting. But this is why I would love to see a Batman movie first. A Batman movie that displays the full extent of his detective skills. A movie where his fighting style is graceful, efficient, and badass. A movie where he is in his absolute prime and doesn't have a silly voice. That's he only way to establish him as Superman's equal. This'll be really tricky for Snyder and Goyer. Hope they can deliver. And please, follow it up with a badass Wonder Woman movie.

Posted by BaneStrokeLoboGrundyBatArrow


Posted by raidenmitsuru
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Im glad that DC is getting some plans together but they should atleast try to make 2 movies a year. Inestead of just one. They should make MoS 2 and Wonder Woman for 2015. Flash and Aquaman for 2016 and a Green Lantern movie before Justice League in 2017.

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@shallbecomeabattoo: I really don't think anyone can put it in better words than that. You are so right about Snyder. He's a fantastic director the Rorschach Viedt and Nite Owl scene was awesome, it was almost a shot for shot from the greatest comic ever (yes they changed the ending but it didn't really make a difference to me it had the exact same effect) Watchmen comes to #5 for me on my greatest comic book films of all time and Avengers is off my top 10. I think it was just a very silly movie that has a plot like a point and click video game made for 6 year olds. Just so strait forward, an ending that ties up all lose ends, family friendly, MAJOR plot holes (Hulk was able to control his powers 30 minutes after he tried to kill black widow just because the plot demanded it) And the finally, the acting was terrible. Edward Norton, one of the greatest actors of the generation, and has proven in like all his movies he can pull a Norman Bates (two personalities) and then just replace him with this rom com mother fucker. RDjr just plays himself so its not that hard for him. The human torch was even more of a douche than cap in the comics, he's a comedy guy playing cap what a god awful choice.

Posted by cfrehse

@chillinvillain: thats what im thinking. They need to make hum like his comic version. Agile fast and strong.

Posted by bigboi100000


Posted by Mercy_

Where is my Wonder Woman movie :(

Posted by Commander_Kane

@sandman_: Goyer is a fine writer, he has a unique story telling ability that is obvious in all he's done. It's Snyder that worries me...just oh so much

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

@maccyd: Exactly! I love Flash! Though I certainly think they need to get the Trinity out of the way before the movie. Glad they are doing something new and doing my favorite hero after Batman and Dick Grayson.

Posted by TeamUnitedNerds

@teamunitednerds: actually a flash movie would be harder to mke cause of his villians cept for reverse flash


Posted by The Stegman

As usual, Jeremy knows best.

Posted by DarklyDreamingDeadpool

AWSOME!!!! i can't wait to see this!!! man of steel was my second fav cbm and this is gonna be the best ever. now bring karl urban as the dark knight and i will give you all my money dc.

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@gor724: Thanks for your comment. For me Avengers is in my top 10, but near the end. I like it a lot, but it has no real substance. When I watched it the first time, I had a really great time in the theatre and really loved it, but it loses a lot of steam, since it is so fluffy and relies to much on the team up WOW factor instead of a real story. Its still a good movie, but that the masses praise it as the best thing ever is a bit much. But to be fair, I am a bigger DC fan anyway and prefer serious movies from comedies.

But back to Superman/Batman and Snyder! He is also the perfect director to give us very iconic Batman shots, righ out of the comics! He loves that visual stuff, even if it is not realistic.

I love the Nolan Batmans more than any other film franchise, but he didn't show us a lot of iconic Batman shots, apart from Rises, where he finally did a few great ones (like the pose on the bridge, or the thing with the muzzle flash). I know that Snyder won't do a cerebral story like Nolan did in his TDK trilogy, but if the story is on par with MoS (which I also loved! would rank it in my personal superhero movies on 3, after Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises), and he manages to make Batman an even bigger badass and show him in a more iconic light, I think we are going to get something great! I am as pumped about this announcement as I was when I learned about Nolan doing Batman Begins! This is the nest step for Batman films and I will savor ever second of the ride, from now until I am sitting in the theatre in 2015!

@The Stegman: I love Jeremy Jahns! He is so positive and pumped, not like most whining naysayers on the web!

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"No one liked the new Superman, boss."

"Put Batman in it."


Right. No one cuz you say so? Fact is, The Man of Steel has gone "Cha-Ching" many times over. Huge box office success bud. And many folks loved the movie. Myself included. Some fans had mixed views, and yes, some downright didn't like it - these latter were the exception, and most certainly not the rule.

Based on multiple fan reviews, critic's reviews and general comments ... safe to say claiming "no one" liked it is complete rubbish. And that's taking into account that folks who gripe and complain are the same brood who like to plaster their complaints online wheresoever they can. Negativity loves consensus.

They wouldn't be pushing a sequel within two year's time if the film wasn't a complete success. With, or without Batman.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

This...will be LEGEN...wait for it...DARY!

Posted by Super_SoldierXII

Awesome but I am worried about power levels.

I wouldn't be too worried. The Man of Steel has already established Superman as a powerhouse mirroring his comic book persona fairly well - capable of bringing an entire city down in a battle of epic proportions. That said, I don't see them downplaying Superman ...

As to the awesomeness that is Batman being overshadowed by said power, to that I have one word ... Luthor.

If the powers that be can highlight Luthor, a human, as a credible Superman villain, then Bruce Wayne can be given a definite role to play in a team-up. As to how Batman can fit in to all of that, I see him as the brains working in the shadows to uncover the devious plot, taking out the troops on the ground level of things and giving Superman the chance / intel / device / means he'll need to take out the world level threat ... or some such thing.