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UPDATE: Cyclops Will Return To Lead UNCANNY X-MEN

Not only will the character be returning to a leadership role, but he may experience a shift in his powers.

When we first posted about Marvel's UNCANNY teaser about a week ago, we speculated that based on the title and the red underlay of the graphic in the teaser, we had a funny feeling that this series would have something to do with Cyclops and the X-Men. Apparently, we were right. Artist Chris Bachalo who will be penciling the upcoming series that is being written by Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed yet another teaser image on his blog.

The image focuses on Cyclops, front and center, standing before what appears to be Magik and Magneto. It seems that the former X-Men leader won't be staying in prison for very much longer, and might soon be making his way out to rejoin his group of rebellious mutants. According to the artist, the decision to make the switch from WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN to the launch of this new UNCANNY X-MEN book was a "tough one," but that when Bendis approached him for the relaunch, "how do you turn down that offer." The artist went on to describe the book as being a little bit darker than what he's been working on lately, and that can also be attributed to the fact that the Phoenix Force "adjusted" some of the powers of certain characters. But wait, that's not all. According to Bachalo "as of today, there are two new mutants," and it's a "big jump that I'm sure will turn a few off," but that he and Bendis are "betting most will welcome and enjoy."

This is kind of big news for fans of Cyclops and the X-Men, and I'm sure many of you (myself included), are definitely looking forward to seeing how the Phoenix Force alters the powers of certain characters, and who these new characters are and what they will be like. Interesting stuff! What do you think of the news? How do you think these characters' powers will change? Do you think we will see a more powerful Cyclops? And is it just their powers that will be altered, or will we see these characters change psychologically, as well? Regardless, it is definitely an interesting time to be a fan of Cyclops and the X-Men.


Oh look, we were right. Earlier today Marvel released the full cover to the first issue of the upcoming UNCANNY X-MEN which Bachalo had teased about on his blog yesterday.

== TEASER ==

Cyclops will be joined by Magneto, Emma Frost, Magik and a slew of new X-Men in this upcoming series that is sure to be the "flagship" X-Men title.

What do you guys think? Does it look good? Are you excited about reading this series?

Source: Chris Bachalo Illustration

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Posted by Ramier

but where does the All New Xmen fit into this?

Posted by AgeofHurricane

@Mercy_ said:

Yay Bachalo...damn Bendis.

Posted by queenfrost_

@god_spawn: Yaaay!

Posted by GreenFuse

I was never really a Cyclops fan until I read bits and pieces of Schism and then all of AvX. And I'm loving that costume/helmet too! So sick! Looking forward to this and how their powers will have changed.

Posted by sora_thekey

I guess this ties closely to the end of AVX: Consequences since Magneto and Magik are present...

I can't help but think of Ultimate Universe's Reed Richards now that I see what Cyclops is going through. I really dislike his outfit by the way.

Posted by feargalr

Love that Magneto Helmut

Posted by DMC

hmmmm.....never knew Magneto was so shy...

Posted by John Valentine

@Ramier said:

but where does the All New Xmen fit into this?

The first arc occurs before the new Uncanny, I think. That will feature the 05 who've been transported to the present as well as both Wolverine's and Cyclops' teams.

The new Uncanny will focus on Cyclops's squad. Given that they're both being written by Bendis I'd assume there will be a lot of interplay between them.

Posted by Spideycap

Yes! Love Cyke as a character and am very excited for a new beginning for him. Also I love the new look for him, and as for altered powers Im guessing Scott will just be able to control his beams completely with no glasses. Magneto looks a little...fantasy RPGish?

Posted by Scantenii

If they were gonna tweak cyclops powers/costume I wish the Phoenix had healed Cyclops from the head injury that caused him to have to use a visor to control his power. (I think I remember reading that the reason why Cyclops could not control his power is due to a head injury he suffered as a kid.) This could have have been interpreted as a "gift" from the Phoenix for "keeping the faith". It would have also re-enforced the "Cyclops was right" side of the argument. I hope whatever they do it's good.

Posted by Timotheus316

Cyclops altered powers? Omega beams. They go where he wants them to go!

Posted by NXH

Ah, man! Not a Rouge book then. Oh well. I will still check it out nonetheless.

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

So, does that mean that Cyclops and his Phoenix Force are now sort of the anti X-men (not saying bad guys necessarily) but are more on the dark side than the other X-Men? Are they more willing to do bad things for what they see as the greater good? And is that why Beast goes back in time in All New X-Men to get young Cyclops to stop his older self from committing genocide? Because now Cyclops is a darker character more in line with Magneto than ever before?

Also the younger self will probably be the one who stops him and turns older Cyclops back to a better guy than he is now. But he wont be so clean cut after, just not as dark and reckless or whatever. My guess.

Personally I LOVE the idea of taking a well established character who has been a good guy for years and over the coarse of 5 years or so turn him into a darker and darker character until he is basically a bad guy and then keeping him that way. Makes you understand their motivations and actions more and maybe root for them and see how the "bad guy" isn't completely bad. Instead of just creating a bad guy who is bad from the beginning like most comics do. Or having them turn bad in their introduction comic. This is more like the realistic gradual growth of a character, whoever it might be.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I might check out the first issue, but I don't think I am going to be sticking with this one. I am just not a big Cyclops fan

Posted by Grey56

First, that outfit is atrocious...and I love Bachalo - truly. Second - I am thankful that Marvel is going to write Uncanny. That said - please bring back the classic title artwork and please go back to the original numbering. The rest - go wild. Thanks.

Posted by judasnixon

1 Oh god, I don't think I'm ready for Uncanny Avengers vs Uncanny X-Men.  
2 At lest they finally up dated Magneto's outfit.  
3 Wish Magik kept her Lady Gaga bangs, it made telling her, and Emma apart a lot easier.  
4 Not really feeling that they're adding new mutants to the team, I would love if they Drafted Hellion, Dust, or Mercury, because they aren't doing $h!t right now. 

Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale

Whats' with Mags helmet ?

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

Make Cyclops an Anti-hero!!! and also, let cylops beat down his young self!!! show him why he's boss nao ^_^

Posted by zombietag

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no non no nom

Posted by John Valentine

@judasnixon said:

4 Not really feeling that they're adding new mutants to the team, I would love if they Drafted Hellion, Dust, or Mercury, because they aren't doing $h!t right now.


Edited by Sleepbutnodream15

@ApatheticAvenger: It's not Rachel. If you look at the previews for All New X-Men #1, you'll see that it's a new mutant. She just kinda looks like Rachel.

Posted by ssejllenrad

Go slim! Kill em Uncanny Avengers pretenders, Cykes... Kill em all!

Posted by x_29

I hate Cyclops's redesign. Bendis has not proven he can write 616 x-men yet, so for now I remain caustically optimistic.

Posted by EnSabahNurX

@Sleepbutnodream15 said:

@ApatheticAvenger: It's not Rachel. If you look at the previews for All New X-Men #1, you'll see that it's a new mutant. She just kinda looks like Rachel.

>_> another short haired red head >_> Can we get some new ideas lol

Posted by Rabbitearsblog
@nick7913 said:

I really can't help but feel there has been a huge missed opportunity ever since Joss Whedon left Astonishing X-Men for Scott to get some real growth to his character. None of this silly "darker and edgier" thing we've been seeing for the last decade or so, which really doesn't gel at all with the character both as he was conceived and as he was subsequently evolved. He finally grew into the leader role that Xavier always envisaged for him, gained control of his powers and got the confidence he needed. Then, after Whedon was done they picked up all his toys and put them back in the box, just like they did after Grant Morrison's run. It's obvious that they want the character to change but whenever they get the chance they wipe the slate and go back to this stupid idea of Scott ordering executions and whatnot. Really? Scott Summers? And Logan is the sensible one? And please stop using Emma as a crutch for weak writing because all the bad things he does seem to stem from her influence and writers are quick to forget that this is not the Dark Phoenix Saga days, Emma has evolved as well. Whedon is the only one who ever made me feel like Cyclops was cool, I wish someone could continue in that direction.

I definitely agree with this! I loved the direction that Whedon was taking Cyclops.
Posted by ReadItNow

Be dis on Uncanny yes!!! Uncanny should always be the flagship x book!

Posted by Trodorne

@rudorudo said:

@EdwardWindsor said:

Phoenix altered powers bit sounds intresting. Will be keeping an eye on this

i see what you did thar - Puns galore!

Im not a fan of the new costume, but with Cyclops incharge does Magneto become his Pupil?

Posted by VictorVonDoom_1

Ever since AvX, the mutants have gotten my attention. I really want to get more into mutants, so I'm definitely picking up this up. That costume though, wth..

Posted by RoastedRay

I just can't read anything with Cyclops in it if he looks like that........He just looks so stupid I can't even get over it.

Posted by God_Spawn

@ReadItNow said:

Be dis on Uncanny yes!!! Uncanny should always be the flagship x book!

Uncanny is a side book now. All New X-Men is the new flagship.

Posted by Radread

Have to say, this does seem interesting and the new costumes are growing on me, but sorry trades only, I can't pick up Bendis on a regular basis.

Posted by xanthiss

Cyclops says.. BEHAVE KIDS or I will give you the CLAW!

Posted by xanthiss

Maybe his power shift allows him to see invisible door knobs.

Posted by antemiusenteri

Just keep him away from the main X-men team, and i hope he doesn't call his team anything x-related cause it confusing, how are you gonna know who the good guys are ?

Posted by mightypug78

like his new costume, really makes him look like a cyclops and it makes it cool at the same time.

Posted by Super_SoldierXII

Dear lord ... could it be Cyclops might be turning into a *gasps* 3 dimensional character at long last?

We'll see. And yes, that means I'll be pulling this title for sure.

Posted by MrMazz

I actually like this new Racer X look from Cyke. Also why dose Magneto look like a Cylon?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I always figured something like this would happen with the PF...changing Cyclops' powers and all. With him now coming back though,and being with Magneto and Magik? Sounds deliciously evil to me.

@brucecapell: Too true...

Posted by BoyWander

So this is like his second mutation now? That'll be kinda fun to see. I believe the X-men anime brought up that you can mutate twice like Emma Frost (I also personally believe this is true for Wolverine as he can heal and has claws). So I'd like to see Scott Mutate further.

Posted by GonnaRain

Loving the new costumes. Specially Magneto's Helmet.

Posted by UrmanitaRules

@LordRequiem: Which Power Ranger?

Posted by PassionFlower

They had to do this Bendis has too big a cast for one book. I admit it sounds interesting.

Posted by edictzero
Posted by Skaddix

@ssejllenrad said:

Go slim! Kill em Uncanny Avengers pretenders, Cykes... Kill em all!

That would be an interesting fight well provided the Avengers had TP Defense. Not much of a fight otherwise.

Magik v Wanda

Magneto v Thor

Cyclops v Havok

Frost would have to wait to see what else the team can do.

Posted by God_Spawn

Who needs peripheral vision anyway?

Posted by Miss_Garrick

This is a bad idea. Cyclops should be serving a life sentence for his crimes!

Edited by FoxxFireArt

Despite adoring Chris Bachalo's art. I hate that new Cyclops mask design. With little to no word on Emma's place in these series. My interest drops off exponentially.

The entire Marvel Now event feels incredibly cheap. It's a poor premise to reboot their series titles to #1s, and everyone knows that they will go back to the original titles in no time. DARK AVENGERS lasted a year before it went back, and does anyone think the SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN title will last?

On Update:

I love Bachalo work, but I'd more wait for the trade of this. Are we sure that isn't Jubilee in the rear left. Again, Emma in something other than white??

Posted by Sahil749

If people who had the phoenix force get abit of an upgrade, wouldn't hope get one as well being the true host for the phoenix force since jean? Hate how hope has no powers or u don't see her use any powers. She should have at least some remnant of the phoenix to use.

Posted by Crimsonlord53

@EnSabahNurX said:

@Sleepbutnodream15 said:

@ApatheticAvenger: It's not Rachel. If you look at the previews for All New X-Men #1, you'll see that it's a new mutant. She just kinda looks like Rachel.

>_> another short haired red head >_> Can we get some new ideas lol


Posted by n25philly

Won't read, Bachalo = epic art fail