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Umbrella Academy Movie Is Coming

Gerard Way's comic is getting adapted for the big screen.

What are your thoughts on Umbrella Academy, the comic written by My Chemical Romance singer, Gerard Way?  The Hollywood Reporter has announced that a movie is in the works at Universal and will be written by Mark Bomback.  Bomback is not a stranger to comic adaptions as he wrote the "Constantine" movie.  His other credits include "Live Free Or Die Hard" and "Race To Witch Mountain."  I'm not so sure what to think about this.

Umbrella Academy is a good comic (there's been a couple mini's).  It deals with an alien named Sir Reginald Hargreeves (disguised as a healthy entrepreneur) who adopts some super-powered kids and trains them to save the world.  After his death, they get back together to continue his plan.

I think this can easily make a good movie.  It's just a matter of how it will be made.  I couldn't bring myself to see "Constantine" so the fact that Mark Bomback is writing this concerns me a little.  I will just cross my fingers and hope for the best.
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Posted by Vortex13

I like Umbrella Academy, and Hellblazer. I saw the movie before I read the comic and liked it, after reading the comic I can't stand the movie. I'm honestly not looking forward to this I feel like bringing this comic to the big screen wont work it's too... different like main stream audiences wont like it so they're going to change a lot of it, I'm just not sure.

Posted by Psychotime

I read a few pages of Umbrella Academy, didn't care for it.

Posted by Rune

Movie should do the comic justice it just seems like a natural progression for the story.

Posted by Media_Master

here it comes...."meh"

Posted by Methias

So I'm sitting at my desk... at Dark Horse HQ, so there is a good chance I might be assassinated when I post this, but Umbrella Academy was pretty lame.

Posted by SuperCoonce

cool looking art style.

Posted by Asymmetrical
Methias said:
"So I'm sitting at my desk... at Dark Horse HQ, so there is a good chance I might be assassinated when I post this, but Umbrella Academy was pretty lame."
notices the offline status

may you rest in peace

...but I thought the comic looked interesting, but this would be one of those cases where the movie would decide whether or not I pick up the comic
Posted by Da Talking Beaver

I happen to like Umbrella Academy but I'm not sure I want to see a movie of it.  

Posted by Toastalchemist

I think a movie would need major special effects and look fake. Also, there are so many better comics to make into movies.

Posted by goth_kiss666

despite how much i absolutely love the umbrella academy i do think that it being a movie is going to be the best thing for it atm i just dunno maybe im just worried they wont do it justice or something. there is alot that could go wrong in making this into a movie theres also the fact that many people only like this because of the fact that it was written by gerard way and alot of people that discredit for that same fact, so i think that it should maybe wait a while before becoming a movie.

Posted by academy_mcr_
hOla deseo mucho exito en el comic,todos son muy talentosos,aunque no soy seguidor de los comics m encantaria leer the umbrella academy
me encanta se ve super interesante,pero yo no encuentro sus tomos en donde vivo(mexico) cuentan con mi apoyo....................bye gracias a ustedes por crear esta historia ............................amo MCR te quiero gerard =)
Posted by Xion

Im very open minded about the movie, and to me so far it sounds pretty cool
Posted by SuperDoahBoy

I enjoyed the comic so I'm gonna reserve my judgement till I see if this is even made, but I agree with a few people here. This would be kinda hard to make without looking cheesy with CGI, and maybe there are other books that deserve there own movies but if they stay to true to the source material then it could turn out the least to the fans.