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Ultimatum #4...Finally. Hulk Smash Mumbo Jumbo

G-Man gives his thoughts on the penultimate issue.

The fourth issue is finally here.  More people are dying.  We've already been talking about Ultimate Spider-Man #133 and what happened to Peter Parker.  Who else dies here?


What do you think?  Is it possible that we're just going to have all these characters dying?  How do you think it's all going to end?  Will we get a magic/dream reset?  Will the dead characters somehow return?  Is the Ultimate Universe going to carry on with a lot less characters?  Is it possible that Loeb has something up his sleeve and will knock our socks off in issue 5?
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I would really like to see the ultimte word carry on with out the heroes who have died,It could build up to an intresting story afterwards. How will they cotinue after such great losses, will everyone stay in the hero line of work after seeing all this pain. Also great gorliaz T:D.

Posted by Dupe

The issue took long enough.. Honestly, I have no idea if Loeb himself knows where he's going with this. It seems like it's all just in the spur of the moment... And Dormamu? I thought it was Dormammu :p

Posted by Jamaican Jaguar

Nice Gorillaz shirt man.

Posted by adoggez1

i didnt like issue 4 as much as the other 3

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Is this series over yet ? they killed Dr. Strange this is some bull

Posted by themaskedhero

Somewhere it was said that if you read Ultimate Origins that it would help to make sense of this series and pretty much every Ultimate title. So, I get the Ultimate title part and I really enjoyed Origins. But how does it help this? I don't get it.

Posted by danhimself
themaskedhero said:
Somewhere it was said that if you read Ultimate Origins that it would help to make sense of this series ... [more]

good question....I read that too and so far this has had absolutely nothing to do with Ultimate Origins....was it supposed to and Loeb didn't get the memo?
Posted by Thimulus

It feels like Heroes season 3 "Villains" story arc ... too much characters and similar amount of deaths ... reader doesn't have any emotional connection with the the dead heroes or villans because all it is too sudden ... only felling that reader can fell is that some deaths are logic and cool in some way . Ther has been few interesting things when Stephen Strange died and i dont bealive that Peter is dead ...

Posted by Anderson: Agent of SMITH

Sure guys, let's go after Magneto! But first, let me get my metal shield!
Oooh, I got to get my sword, which is also made of metal!
What about my metal armor?
And my metal gun-crossbow thingies, which shoot metal arrows!
I hope Wolverine is there! I love his shiny metal claws!
Hey guys, you know what would be really cool? If Doom, Nick Fury, and Zarda all showed up with their metalarmour, metalguns, and that metalaxe thing!
Is Cyclops' visor made of metal? Cause just imagine if that puppy didn't come off when we go after Magneto?

So we all ready to go?


Posted by Tyler Starke
@Anderson: Agent of SMITH: hahaha glad someone said it, these issues just feel like a really realllly long drawn out what if... series, I like the shock value deaths because they look cool, well some of them, but as a story it's kinda lame, Ok call me crazy but if you look at this issue it looks like magneto " does something " to valkirie then on the next page the "something" he does didn't happen, yeah sorry for the cyrptic speak but I don't want to spoil anything.
Posted by Anderson: Agent of SMITH

Yeah, you're right. I just looked back at that, I didn't notice it the first time. Thanks.
Valk seems to have a thing about doing a certain thing with a thing to certain people. And you would think that the person she did that ceratin thing to in this issue would have stopped her before she did that certain thing to that certain person.

Posted by AngelFrost

Your just sooo adorable!

But I wish you'd tell us what happens! 

Posted by Slinger

I've been really enjoying Ultimatum so far. My only real complaint about this issue was that the beginning kind of came out of nowhere. I would have much preferred the reading of Ultimate Spider-Man to be less necessary to know what's going on, but that said, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. I do have a few questions though; first, who was the dark figure that found Doc Strange's body; and second, what's in Wolverine's box? I did think it was silly all the heroes going after Magneto had some sort of metal on them too, but it didn't really bother me much.

Posted by themaskedhero

Somewhere in my mind I expected this series to re-calibrate the Ultimate Universe, like Messiah CompleX helped to retool the X Universe. Not happening.

Posted by Anderson: Agent of SMITH
Slinger said:
I've been really enjoying Ultimatum so far. My only real complaint about this issue was that the beginning kind of ... [more]

1) It kind of looks like the guy who was in Valk's hallucination thing in Ultimates 3.
2) Drugs?
Posted by dan1509
Anderson: Agent of SMITH said:
Sure guys, let's go after Magneto! But first, let me get my metal shield!Oooh, I got to get my sword, ... [more]

PMSL so true, so true
Posted by sonofhercules95

I liked this one better than ultimatum #3

Posted by Nahero

nice gorillaz shirt

and as for the comic let see what happens

Posted by themaskedhero
sonofhercules95 said:
I liked this one better than ultimatum #3
You know, that is true. #3 was kind of boring from everything I remember about it. I like how you could have been reading Ultimate Spider-Man alone for the most part and be pretty well in on the know.
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I would love to see a list of everyone that has been killed/slain during this whole Ultimatum situation.  All I know is the little I have heard from friends and what's been shown on the video reviews.  I'm an Ultimate Marvel novice aside from Ult. Spidey 1-15 or so.  I think it'd be pretty interesting to see who all exactly Loeb has axed. 

....nevermind, i just found one. = )

Posted by War Killer

I agree with G-Man, Doc Starnge's death was funny, DS was like "I will stop you evil demon!" and then SPLAT! I like how the issue ended with all (Or I guess most of the big heroes) going after Magneto, I think Issue Five will be awesome, I just hope Loeb dosen't do what he did in Ultimates 3 with Black Pather and leave a few things out of the maen story and then fill it in in a lather issue (I hated that)

Posted by Comiclove5

You guys do no that Ultimate Spider- Man. Might not be died. Trust me I read the comic.

Posted by War Killer
Comiclove5 said:
You guys do no that Ultimate Spider- Man. Might not be died. Trust me I read the comic.
Everyone pretty much can bet that he's not dead, his book has been great from the first issue to the "last" look at UXM and UFF thier books kind of had there ups and downs, but Spidey's book has always been Marvels golden book in the Ultimate U, but like G-Man said, this isn't 616, so they could kill him off, but probably not, he may be gone for a while, but he'll probably be back
Posted by LastSon1027

I'm pretty sure Loeb has no clue what is going to happen he just makes this crap up as he goes along.

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no buy

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@Anderson: Agent of SMITH: ha.. i think that jeph loeb is writting these comics without really paying any attention to what he is doing. I mean come on.. SPIDERMAN??? WASP??? dude there are just certain people you dont kill.. Mandrox didnt have to die...And where has fury been?? Vacation??
Posted by marvel minimates

explain me this how come nightcrawler didnt just teleport away when the water was coming huh?