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Tyrese "Mayhem" Comic Vine Exclusive Interview!

Tyrese brings 'Mayhem' to Comic Vine!

Tyrese brings 'Mayhem' to Comic Vine!

With over ten thousand units of the first issue of ' Mayhem' sold in its pre-sale alone, Tyrese Gibson proves that  you 'can't knock his hustle' in any industry; and that includes comics. By taking an unconventional approach to selling and promoting his comic book; hitting the streets and reaching out to comic book fans as well as a new demographic of fans who may have never read a comic book before in their life; Tyrese sold more units than many people anticipated. You can even say he sent shock waves through the industry. Not only was 'Mayhem' #1 one of the highest grossing comic books of the year; but it has transcended into a new medium and is officially the first comic to be sold on iTunes. With the official release of 'Mayhem' #2 today; the question on everyone's mind is whether or not 'Mayhem' #2 will see the same success in terms of sales, as its predecessor. I caught up with the man behind the 'Mayhem' at Outpost Comics in San Francisco, California yesterday where he was hard at work promoting the second issue. 
Is this just a ploy to sell a lot of comic books by riding on the coat tails of the 'Tyrese Gibson' brand name, or has the man in fact fallen in love with the comic book industry?  Whether people like it or not; it seems like he is here to stay. In fact, Tyrese gives us some exclusive information about his next big project, and makes it known that the comic book industry has only gotten a glimpse of all the 'Mayhem' he is prepared to bring. It is hard not to get caught up in the excitement and enthusiasm, the likes of which are so rarely seen in this sort of an industry. It's hard not to like the guy, too. 
You can order your copy of 'Mayhem' by calling it into your local comic store or by checking out the official website, or download it directly off of iTunes.
Also, in case you missed it, here's ComicVine's interview with Tyrese at Comic-Con 2009.
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Posted by Ultimate Lantern

You know got to love it when famous people exploit the comic industry.

Posted by FoxxFireArt
@Red L.A.M.P. said:
" Now I forgive him for calling you SuperWoman at Comic-con... he seems like a really funny dude.  Let's get him on our podcast!   "
Well, was he speaking of her costume at the time, or of Babs in general? =)
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wow those american girls were crazy 
@MysterioMaximus said:

" He's a really good sport. I can't lie, he seems genuinely nice and I can't hate anyone that's trying to get the comic industry more press. Props! "

personally i think he's to showy
Posted by TheSavageAssasin

Captain Underpants!

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He's a really good sport. I can't lie, he seems genuinely nice and I can't hate anyone that's trying to get the comic industry more press. Props! 
And I really gotta say, that store looks awesome!
Posted by Captain Cascader

Seems like a fun, energetic dude. The girl losing it at the end is what makes the video though.

Posted by Wolf0990

it seems like its gonna be good.

Posted by No_Name_

At the end of the day, I think he's doing something really different by marketing his book the way he is, which is a good thing! It was a lot of fun and he's such a down to earth guy.

Posted by Agent Buttons

Posted by Chocolate Lantern
@Ultimate Lantern said:
"You know got to love it when famous people exploit the comic industry. "

LOL! I wouldn't say he is exploiting the comic industry more like he is trying to get involved in something different than what any other famous person is getting into.  
Good interview and yes Tyrese you are a walking billboard. all he needs is a Mayhem clothing line (wouldn't be supprized if it comes out with the next issue)


p.s. what was with the White Sox hat and the Cubs hat and the St. Louis hat???? your in the Bay area there was way too much Mid West representation at that place lol

Posted by Riezner

Gotta respect what the guys trying to do, that's for sure.

Posted by Mutant X
@Riezner said:
" Gotta respect what the guys trying to do, that's for sure. "
So true. I'm really starting to like Tyrese. He seems like a really cool dude and his enthusiasm is overwhelming. I might have to pick both of these issues up.
Posted by Drafta

I may pick it up.

Posted by Anderson: Agent of SMITH

That Captain America bust was sick!  
Also: Eeeeeeww... ROMANCE....
Posted by Paragon

Tyrese seems like a very cool guy. He's actually convinced me to go buy it!

Posted by jakob187

Interesting video to say the least.  I have to say that I don't really know much about this dood other than the fact that he's a musician and he was in a couple movies.  However, if he's making comics and he is genuinely enthralled by them...and not just in it for the business aspect...then by all means, who can hate on him for it?

Posted by bx1

I flipped through his book. Motives aside, I do think he's serious about broadening readership. (And doing a movie. lol.) 

Posted by Bruce Vain
@Anderson: Agent of SMITH:
ha ha yes it is since I have that one and the Spider-Man one too.  

I still have no use for the book & the whole audio thing has been done before with Kingdom Come,Batman Knightfall, Death of Superman on tapes. Which for the life of me I can't find in my house ha ha. 
It's not that I dislike the guy - I just have no use for the book. 
I'm curious Babs , sine he said he reads the comicvine posts. Did he ask you about your review that you did on #1?
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Being one of the international people he spoke of I can't say I had heard of Tyrese Gibson before today but he seems like he's doing some revolutionary stuff. This may cause me to finally sign up for iTunes. Dugg.

Posted by Tyler Starke

You know what F**k it I'm going to pick up Mayhem now, Tyrese is awesome.

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Tyrese is badass. He seems really excited about something he helped create. Big ups dude, you're doing it big. Really cool vid Babs. You two both had alot of energy and enthusiasm.
Posted by Media_Master

He seems generally excited to sell his comic book, and his fans a nuts.
 Issue one got a low score here, so I don't see a reason to buy issue #2 unless it does better than a 3/5

Posted by Blue Star Warrior

Those are some pretty Sweet busts of Spiderman and Captain America!!!

Posted by FoxxFireArt
@Red L.A.M.P.: Thanks for adding the Digg link. Makes finding the story much easier. I'm rarely ever on there.
Posted by Bobby X

I like him and I really admire his enthusiasm. I think this a good thing he's doing. He genuinely seems passionate about this which is very cool and he seems so happy about this opporutnity that it makes you want to support him lol. I'm down with that...I just don't  know if this book is any good lol.
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"Get it in the blood stream!". Every single thing about this video is great.

Edited by suttercain

I respect the guy for pushing his comic and being passionate about the medium. You can't take that away from him. That said, the title itself was quite dreadful. Let's face it, this blog post, video, the Jim Lee cover, the Todd McFarlane stuff, nor these comments would exist if he wasn't a celebrity. I've read thousands of titles that are far superior to Mayhem that receive little or no coverage at all.
That said. I'm trying to win a DC Comics Contract. Vote, Rate, Favorite and Comment on "Revenge of the Homicidal Pumpkins" on
Posted by Decept-O

Posted by Agent Buttons
@Decept-O said:
"Whatever.  "

Posted by Kurrent

I've always liked Tyrese since Sweet Lady back in Glad to see a big name entertainer involved in comics and genuinly be excited about it. At the end of the video he was looking at Babs like she was juicy steak....hahaha

Posted by xerox_kitty

Was he saying that he's stalking CV?  ;)  And who was behind the camera?  Next time, stand them on a box ;)
I know people are sceptical about someone famous who wants to exploit their fame to get into comics.  Do those people seriously believe that when you reach the heights of success the next step is to make your own comic?  Comics really aren't that big, which is why he's trying to use his fame to get more kids reading.  Just like those girls at the end.  They'll carry on reading Mayhem (maybe even Lovesick too) because they've now got this amazing experience of meeting Tyrese.  Who knows, maybe they'll buy other comics at some point... 
Nice work, and congrats on the scoop!  :D

Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

reading is fundemental.

Posted by Green ankh

Funny. My local shop never gets any cute woman in !! But it is on the corner next to a gressy spoon and beer depot.  
It is cool to see someone bring interest back to the books.
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Fair play to him for trying somthing new.
Oh and get your coat Babs, you've pulled ;)

Posted by LastSon1027

You gotta love Tyreses branching out like that. I have a lot of respect for him and his passion for this industry. Tyrese FTW

Posted by Wallace Family

I'm really upset that my comic store is gone D:

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I found the video quite funny, its very interesting, it made interest from the beginning till the end.

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

that was random... lol

Posted by trence5

LOL, most of those folks(girls) probably only showed up because they knew TYRESE would be there.

Posted by LP

Cool. =)

Posted by Abnaxus

He seems like a nice guy

Posted by aouric

 Hey! I'm in line for all three issues! This sounds pretty cool and looking forward to seeing Mayhem on iTunes. 

Posted by aouric

No doubt about I'm picking up all three issues and checking it out on iTunes, this sounds pretty exciting!

Posted by Lantern Prime
@Riezner said:
"Gotta respect what the guys trying to do, that's for sure. "

Yeah not just for his comic series but also for the Comic Book industry as a whole and revitalize it.
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau
@Lantern Prime said:
" @Riezner said:
"Gotta respect what the guys trying to do, that's for sure. "
Yeah not just for his comic series but also for the Comic Book industry as a whole and revitalize it. "
I dont know about all that.
Posted by Lantern Prime
@Gambler said:
" @Lantern Prime said:
" @Riezner said:
"Gotta respect what the guys trying to do, that's for sure. "
Yeah not just for his comic series but also for the Comic Book industry as a whole and revitalize it. "
I dont know about all that. "

Why not? I think it has that kind of potiential given that hes Tyrese Gibson from pop culture world.
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he remembered. Maybe he was looking at Comicvine and saw about the superwoman/ wonderwoman thing lol so funny!
EDIT: He read some of our replies to superwoman lol

Posted by baynine

in reply to @trence5 & @xerox-kitty :) 
lol tbh, i waaas mainly only there for tyrese. (im the girl who was sadly freeking out at the end of the video) but don't get me wrong, ive picked up a few comics before just for the people who think i know nothing. i do commend tyrese for promoting the way he is though because if he hadnt shown up there then i never would have gone back, & i occasionaly go back there & am pretty good friends with one of the people who worked there who did get me into The Walking Dead. i<3zombies like no other female lol. & it was pretty awesome meeting Babs :) 
i wonder if tyrese is really going to follow through with LoveSick.. i hope its something i can look forward to cuz tbh, i didnt love mayhem all so much. :\