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Twitter Question of the Week RESULTS: Who's the Most Successful Villain?

This week, we asked our followers on Twitter "Who is the most successful super-villain, in comics, and why?"

Welcome back to the Twitter Question of the week! Every Tuesday, we ask our followers on Twitter a question about comic books and take your answers and put them into this nice little package. This week, we decided to figure out what you guys thought about certain super-villains, so we asked, "Who is the most successful super-villain, in comics, and why?" Here are a few of your answers.

Ruben starts us off with a controversial story line

Sola thinks it's Marvel's most egotistical villain

Eric knows there's a reason WATCHMEN is so dang amazing

Patrick knows one villain that hurt a whole family of heroes

Ryan's a 4th World Kind of Guy

Mateusz goes with an unconventional villain

Luis goes with old crazy Normy

Matthew likes his bad guys bald and intelligent

Finally, Sam totally is one of those guys

Here's what our staff had to say...

Wealth and power equal success to Tony

Gregg answered the question poorly

Finally, I just have a thing for Bullseye

There you have another week of answers about comic books. If you want to get in on the fun, make sure to follow us on Twitter where we post the question a few times on Tuesdays, and make sure to use #CVTQ when replying! We shortened it up a bit for you guys for future questions.

NEXT WEEK, we will be asking the #CVTQ on MONDAY afternoon. See you all next week!

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