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Twitter Question of the Week RESULTS: Who's the Most Successful Villain?

This week, we asked our followers on Twitter "Who is the most successful super-villain, in comics, and why?"

Welcome back to the Twitter Question of the week! Every Tuesday, we ask our followers on Twitter a question about comic books and take your answers and put them into this nice little package. This week, we decided to figure out what you guys thought about certain super-villains, so we asked, "Who is the most successful super-villain, in comics, and why?" Here are a few of your answers.

Ruben starts us off with a controversial story line

Sola thinks it's Marvel's most egotistical villain

Eric knows there's a reason WATCHMEN is so dang amazing

Patrick knows one villain that hurt a whole family of heroes

Ryan's a 4th World Kind of Guy

Mateusz goes with an unconventional villain

Luis goes with old crazy Normy

Matthew likes his bad guys bald and intelligent

Finally, Sam totally is one of those guys

Here's what our staff had to say...

Wealth and power equal success to Tony

Gregg answered the question poorly

Finally, I just have a thing for Bullseye

There you have another week of answers about comic books. If you want to get in on the fun, make sure to follow us on Twitter where we post the question a few times on Tuesdays, and make sure to use #CVTQ when replying! We shortened it up a bit for you guys for future questions.

NEXT WEEK, we will be asking the #CVTQ on MONDAY afternoon. See you all next week!

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Posted by Overlander

The lack of Ozymandias disappoints me. He completed his master plan before he even revealed it. He outmaneuvered the most powerful heroes and forced them into retirement.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

The lack of Ozymandias disappoints me. He completed his master plan before he even revealed it. He outmaneuvered the most powerful heroes and forced them into retirement.

But.. Ozy is right there.

Posted by samyroc

Doom what else to say.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Ozymandias BY FAR!!!

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Ozymandias killed millions of people and convinced the world that their were squid-alien suicide bombers attacking the Earth, all to prevent World War 3, probably saving billions of lives. He never got caught and continued to be incredibly rich in his alter-ego, so...

Or Lex Luthor, because whenever one of his plans f*cks up, he still has billions of dollars.

Posted by iceslick

@inferiorego: Damn I'm bummed. :-( I don't think you saw mine, but if you did, it's a shame being that you love Ultimate universe and all, I thought you would have definitely liked mine. It's okay if you didn't though, I won't hate you like the others in this site. lol

Edited by scouts1998

I really like the joker but Ozymandias killed more people at once.

(I typed this comment 35 minutes ago)

Posted by PapiNacho

The Joker is the only villain who actually consistently succeeds. It has to be him, Ozzy is more of an anti-hero. Doc Ock is a close second thought, but he only has one great sucess. Norman comes close.

Posted by CheeseSticks

Magneto is my favorite villain, Joker is second and Doom is third.

BUT, the answer must be Thanos. I mean, look at what he's done. There's no other answer to this question.

Posted by TheFirstLantern

Yes! I got mentioned. Sweet.

Posted by kazekaine1

no mention of sinestro?

Posted by MatKrenz

Oh I made it. Sweet !

Posted by SoloKing

I'd like to think it's The Joker as well. Typically, when The Joker loses, he's always still won in a sense.

Posted by Bloxxeh

I'd say Ultimate Norman Osborne.

Edited by Mrfuzzynutz

I guess it really depends on what you define successful. Oz executed the perfect plan hands down, but he was one and done.

Deathstroke is feared among the superhero community for his fighting skills, so as a Merc whose business is to be paid top dollar to do the toughest job, you can't beat that kind of reputation.

Joker is just feared in general, and when your stomping ground is Arkham Asylum. Your stock is measured in body counts, being the craziest of the crazies hold alot of sway.

if you ask Lex Luthor, he is the most successful HERO as he is the only one committed to riding the world of the alien Super man, and returning earth to Man kind once again.

while Dr Doom is not only regarded as one of the brightest minds on the planet he rules his own sovereign nation.

But for sheer evilness, and longevity I have to give my vote to Darkseid. He has been ruling Apokolips and crushing souls under his boots for centuries

Edited by Cap10nate

Kang the Conqueror. He has an empire of hundreds if not thousands of worlds in his time period and throughout time with his only failure being present day earth which he did control for several months during Kang Dynasty.

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

Vandal Savage. He has achieved more than any other villain.
He may look rusty now.

Posted by Mucklefluga

I didn't think my one would get into the article ahahaha.

Posted by cmaprice

Lilly Caul from the Walking Dead. Not as an actual villain, but a reluctant and circumstantial antagonistic force. She was just trying to survive and ended up killing three major characters. Not only did she kill the protagonist's wife and daughter in an especially brutal and unexpected page, but in realizing what she'd done, she takes out her leader, the most recognizable antagonist in the franchise: the Governor. I actually adore that an ancillary character did this.

And yes. This post is only sort-of-tongue-in-cheek.

Posted by GodDamnIronMan

It's either Ozy, definitely Ozy...

Ozy killed millions and saved billions, persuade Dr.Manhattan to kill Rorschach, and solve Cold War tensions. Everyone else on the planet don't even know!

Joker maybe managed to scar Batman and family, but his ultimate goal is to break Batman, made Batman kill him.

Posted by Immortal777


He's the God of Evil, he's already conquered worlds and people worship him. All these other villains are eons behind Darkseid.

Posted by ngrey651

Nobody brought up Mephisto? The guy who screwed over Peter Parker, got exactly what he wanted, and in doing so created the biggest betrayal ever inflicted on a loyal comic book fanbase until Slott one-upped that by killing Peter and replacing his consciousness with that of a monstrous maniacal egomaniac who's idea of saving the day means "by any means necessary"? What a great way to honor the character who was lighthearted, well-meaning, kind and brave. You make him Hannibal Lecter with spider powers.

Posted by detective38

Deathstroke has manipulated and torn apart a team of titans, killed a whole hero team (freedom fighters), taken down a lineup of JLAers that included a lantern and a speedster, beat down batman and made green arrow beg for his life like a wimp and thats only some of his feats. I'd say he makes a pretty strong case

Posted by bloggerboy

But didn't the ending to Watchmen seem to imply that Ozymandias had failed? He postponed the nuclear annihilation, not stopped it. Rorschach's journal will probably start the whole mess all over again.

Posted by THORSON

between LOKI and galactus

i'll say LOKI wins.

Edited by HeckTate

Sinestro managed to start an entire Corps which opposes the Green Lanterns. Also in the current DCU his corps has the potential to be the strongest as Parallax is the only entity still known to be active.

Posted by MaccyD

@hecktate: Through his corps, he also rules dozens of planets.

Posted by ForeverMan

Ozymandias wins for me. He got the drop on everyone, even an omnipotent superman.

Posted by inferiorego

@iceslick said:

@inferiorego: Damn I'm bummed. :-( I don't think you saw mine, but if you did, it's a shame being that you love Ultimate universe and all, I thought you would have definitely liked mine. It's okay if you didn't though, I won't hate you like the others in this site. lol

I saw yours, but this week we had about 40 responses. I try to pick the most diverse ones each week, and I don't like to to do doubles or have the same person twice in a row, minus Sam because I finally get a chance to troll him after he's been trolling me for years.

Posted by iceslick

@inferiorego: Oh ok. lol I guess next time I will try to condense mine. That's if I can because I have a bad habit of making long sentences meaning I talk too damn much. lol

Posted by Mia26

Lex Luthor is the best ....

Posted by hart7668

Thanos has achieved omnipotence twice. I'm not sure you can get more sucessful than that.

Posted by IrishX

A good argument can be made for a lot of villains and I like the reasons people stated. I think Ozymandias is certainly right there as well as Lex, Doom, and one of my personal favorites Thanos.

I don't know about Bullseye though @inferiorego ...

Posted by

Ultimate Reed's a pretty good one. Except for the whole financial wealth thing. He's accomplished pretty much everything the other villains on this list have. And he's technically a newer character than all the other villains too.

Posted by HexThis

Dark Phoenix ate a star, killed an entire planet, took Jean from the X-men, cruelly comes back to taunt people, and hardly ever sticks around to catch crap for it.

Edited by nrgb2814

... KITE-MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just know he's out scheming somewhere... Plotting some kind of kite-themed mayhem to terrorize the citizens of the DCU!!!

Posted by SilverPool

Does the guy who said Ozymandias realize that it's implied that he didn't get away with it? Did he not read the final page of the book?

Edited by SilverPool

I think Reverse Flash is one of the more successful villains if you look at his goals. The guy just wants to make Flash's life a living hell, and he's done a pretty good job. Pre-Flashpoint he killed Barry's wife and in Flashpoint, his mother. That's probably something he's pretty proud of.

Joker could be as well, the guy never loses, even in DoTF, when it looks like Batman has finally got him.

Posted by spacemanspiff85

@hecktate: also, he killed the Guardians, which was his goal pretty much since he stopped being a Green Lantern the first time, I think. He lost Korugar though, so I'm pretty sure he'd consider himself a total failure.

Posted by Dstick88

Joker all the way his only goal is to cause chaos all around him and he always does that

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