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Twitter Question of the Week RESULTS: Which Character has the Coolest Origin?

We want to know which origins you guys love!

Welcome back to another edition Twitter Question of the Week! Every Monday, we ask our followers on Twitter a question about comic books and take their answers and place them neatly into this fine piece of art. This week was a little bit rushed, since we've headed out to WonderCon, so we didn't get to post the question as much as normal. However, we did ask "Which character has the coolest origin and why?" Here's a few of your answers.

Here's what our staff had to say!

Thank you to EVERYONE that participated this week. If you want to get in on the fun, make sure to follow us onTwitter where we post the question a few times on Mondays, and make sure to use #CVTQ when replying; otherwise, we'll have no clue you answered! If you really want to appear in this weekly article, make sure to answer why. Anyone can just say something, but you have to be able to explain your passion.

Do you have a response but don't have a Twitter account? Let us know whose origin you think is awesome in the comment section below.

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Posted by Renchamp

I meant to respond to this one. I pick Cable, a mercenary out of time that is older than his own father. The whole "who's the clone" stuff was icing on the cake.

Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18

OOOO this is a hard one.

I love Caps underdog story. Plus i count getting frozone to come to now time part of his origin.

Iron Man is my favorite Origin movie which made me really love the origin as quick as it may be.

Spider-Mans is very emotional but it get repetitive after the years they've basically been redoing his origin or making him go through the same crap over and over again

I think i have to go with Green Arrow. HIs whole trapped on an island learned to fend for himself went from the spoiled brat he was to the awesome hero he is now is very awesome.

Honroable metions to Star-Lord,Two-Face,Bascially any of the X-Men,Sinestro, and Hal Jordan.

Posted by Batman404

The Hulk. A puny, super intelligent man risks his life to save a complete stranger from a weapon he himself created and in the process loses everything and becomes the most dangerous being on Earth. Feared by most, he still acts like a hero even when hunted by the government.

Edited by SynCig

I personally think that Batman's origin is the most powerful. That may be because he is my favorite character but I think that the emotional impact of it earns the top spot. Dick Grayson probably earns my number 2 spot for the same reason. It is also great that they showed a different way of handling loss compared to Batman.

Posted by Jakkoaks

Mr freeze is the first one to pop into my head his motivations are clear and filled with tragedy.

Edited by Sifighter

Miles Morales, given powers similar to Peter Parker's , who didn't want to be a hero at all but then when Peter died in battle, he decided to become spider-man after questioning what would have happened had he been there and also to honor Peter's legacy.

Edited by Captain13

Power Man/Luke Cage. It took 50 issues to resolve. That's how you know it's good.

Posted by CantDance93

Black Hand.

Posted by GraniteSoldier

Spider-Man's is a very powerful origin of responsibility, accountability, and living up to a role models legacy.

Captain America is great because it's essentially a story showing there's a hero in everyone.

Wolverine's is interesting because most mutant origins are usually just being "born a mutant". Wolverine's involves a lot of soul searching and self discovery.

Despite not being a fan, I also find Supermans interesting as it is a classic immigrant story.

Posted by viin

I really like the new Green Arrow origin that Lemire has been putting together. Very grounded with alot of twists and turns.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Hmmm...this is a hard one...

Ultimate Venom is pretty cool. They took a guy who wanted to kill Spider-Man because he lost his job (pretty lame origin) and made him the dark reflection of Peter Parker.

Magneto is also a good example. He lived through one of the greatest massacres in human history, lost everything, and became one of the most powerful men alive!

The Ninja Turtles are another good one. Oh, you say Batman spent 12 years training to fight with the world's greatest masters? Well these guys trained their entire lives! In a sewer!

Posted by Gyardos


Edited by Jonez120

Iron Fist

Which is the coolest out of these 3? Getting bit by a spider, getting your parents murdered, or killing a freaking dragon?

Posted by LyraFay

Batman, tragic but powerful. Batman lives in a world of violent crime, so it makes sense that his origin is an violent crime of his parents getting murdered in front of him by a crook. Of course his origin also speaks a lot about death and resurrection, Bruce Wayne "dies," the same night as his parents and the Batman is born out of it.

Posted by DoctorThomasElliot

Rorschach, without a doubt. Such a sad, real and painful story for a character who's life is nothing but pain and loneliness. A perfect origin for a perfect character.

Posted by Crimsonlord53

O.K it may not be an origin but rouge's fight with Miss Marvel and stealing most of carol's self is an interesting start.

Edited by jackbensley777

wolverine, but taken a bit too far with romulus. not a huge fan of the character buts the history is cool, so is caps ww2 service

Posted by SorcererSupreme

Doctor Strange - Doctor becomes Wizard

Edited by ForeverMan

Galactus for sure. The only survivor of the pre-big bang universe.

Posted by Mapuia_Ralte

Wolverine has a pretty damn cool origin and I really really like Winter Soldier's origin too.

Posted by JetiiMitra

I need to start twitting for these things. I'm surprised Iron Fist isn't up there.

Posted by mjjoaa

Lobo and Doomsday have dark but cool origins. Doomsdays existence is one big ever unfolding origin.

Edited by 14NC3

It's between Wolverine, The Winter Soldier, Spider-man and Iron Fist for me.

Posted by ArturoCalaKayVee

Spider-Man and Daredevil have great origins.

Posted by PaypayTR

deadpool for me its really lol :D

Posted by Mezmero

I have a soft spot for the Silver Surfer origin. A man desperately trying to save his planet sacrifices his mortality to become a god of destruction and death who serves a being older than the universe itself. He has both the most and the least freedom in the Marvel universe because of the power he wields. Something about being lost amidst the whims of cosmic forces beyond your control that makes him one of the most compelling characters to me personally.

I also love the origin of Cutty Flam from One Piece. It's a very fresh take on the Iron Man origin within a more archaic age of technology. He loved building weapons but when they hurt his loved ones he swore that he could no longer take pride in what he had built. He had to turn himself into a cyborg while on a the brink of death in order to save his own life so the thing he has the most pride in now is his steam powered body which he's constantly upgrading for combat.

Edited by Spideysense44

Daredevil,Luke Cage,Iron Fist,Batman,Spiderman, and Green Arrow

Edited by Grimoire

@batman404 said:

The Hulk. A puny, super intelligent man risks his life to save a complete stranger from a weapon he himself created and in the process loses everything and becomes the most dangerous being on Earth. Feared by most, he still acts like a hero even when hunted by the government.

This. Completely agree and could not say it better myself.

Edited by braynehurricane

Sorry dude I couldn't resist.

I love Caps underdog story. Plus i count getting frozone to come to now time part of his origin.

Edited by braynehurricane

Magneto has a pretty strong origin. I love the ties to the Nazi Occupation; it gives the character an extremely powerful and sympathetic motive.

Posted by Lateralus

I like Magik's origin. Little sister of a super hero who was kidnapped by a demon in Limbo.

Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18
Posted by senglord

Billy Batson has the Origen that any kid would be hooked in by. Too bad I only heard about him in my mid twenties.

Edited by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I'm going to go with Daredevil as well. He's got an origin that's almost more suited to a supervillain.

Mom ran off, Dad dies, he's blinded. And the sad thing is that life doesn't get much better from there.

Posted by gunswordfist_

I didn't even know about Galactus' origin.

Posted by Oscuro

My answer for most questions is Blade and today will be no different. The idea of someone who had their humanity stolen from them before they ever took their first breath is both tragic and interesting. He was transformed into a monster essentially. Too human for the vampires and too much of a vampire for humans.

With that being said I also have to mention Superman. At the time he was the last survivor of a doomed civilization. That is a heavy thing to live with and to come here and become one of our greatest heroes says a lot about his strength of character, as well as his upbringing which I must admit is a bit too cookie cutter at times (depends)

Spiderman is another. Perfect origin. Nuff said

Edited by TheBlackHood

Magento. His story is what makes him one of the most interesting and dynamic characters in comic books. Unlike so many other villains that were given the hero treatment, his made sense because he always straddled that line between anti-hero and villain. Magneto exists in the world of grey and has never really touched either black or white.

Posted by DoctorXander

Mr Freeze

Posted by Cloakx14

The flash and black Panther.